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Re: Back after crash.

Hi Lisa, Welcome back. When I saw the subject line I was fearing you had been in a crash. Glad it was not so! Terry "My heart has joined the Thousand, for my
Terry Webb
May 31

Back after crash.

HI All, I've had no computer for ages and now am back. i read wd again and was again taken in to the wonderful world of rabbits. I wonder what did happen to
Lisa Hayes
May 30

Interview with Mr Adams in the Oxford Mail (UK)

Dear all, Here is an interview of Richard Adams in the Oxford Mail.There will be a book signing at Blackwells' in Oxford around 3pm on the 20th of December as
Aldo Galli
Dec 19, 2014

Amusing Historical Anecdote

Yesterday I saw a program about American history and, in one segment, it told of a Captain in the NYPD who sought to expose a fraudulent medium in 1952 and his
Dec 17, 2014

Interview with Mr Adams in the Daily Telegraph (UK)

Hello! (Yes, I'm still around too, if very inactive these days.) Apologies if anyone has already mentioned this (Yahoo Groups doesn't offer the easiest
Dec 8, 2014

Re: discussions on WD

Interesting, thanks for posting that. I might have to give it a go :)
Nov 20, 2014

Re: discussions on WD

Ohh, interesting... I am amused to see that almost all of the locations on their otherwise thoughtfully useful geography page are in the category of "close,
Nov 20, 2014

discussions on WD

You guys might want to participate in these discussions on WD: http://www.mythgard.org/academy/watership-down/ Watership Down | Mythgard Institute ... I've
Cristina Montes
Nov 20, 2014

Re: Is anyone even out there?

Hi, I live in Highland, California a long way away from the real Watership Down but there are places in Yucaipa which I like to call the Magic Places where
Vivian Marquez
Nov 19, 2014

Re: Is anyone even out there?

Yep! Recent former hlessi made this his new home, here. Name's Chris. How's it going? Sad to hear the group hasn't had much new content lately, I feel partly
Chris McMahon
Nov 17, 2014

Re: Is anyone even out there?

I'm still around, but also haven't seen any discussions  for quite some time. Introducing some new people to the book though! Jo-Anne(previously known as
Jo-Anne Barclay
Nov 16, 2014

Re: Is anyone even out there?

I think we''re all just busy havn't forgotten this group though. Lisa Hayes www.nutrimetics.com.au/lisahayes ... From: deepseasiren69@... [watershipdown]
Lisa Hayes
Nov 16, 2014

Is anyone even out there?

It's been a long time since I've posted or anyone has posted. Is this group all but dead??
Nov 15, 2014

A Nice Watership Down Fan Site

I was sent this link through my Deviantart account. Check it out fans! http://www.animationsource.org/watership/en/
Ava Lee
Sep 9, 2014

Re: Cowslip's warren joing the watership warren.

I should also add that because Cowslip was so deeply in denial he may not have given Hazel and his compatriots a second thought after what happened at the
Sep 2, 2014
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