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Fw: Blessingstead Psychic Fair

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  • mgriffin
    Blessingstead Psychic FairI m sure this will be a fun event. Blessingstead Psychic Fair Saturday August 16th 10-8:30pm 28517 SE Mud Mountain Rd Enumclaw Wa
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2003
      Blessingstead Psychic FairI'm sure this will be a fun event.

      Blessingstead Psychic Fair
      Saturday August 16th 10-8:30pm
      28517 SE Mud Mountain Rd Enumclaw Wa 98022
      Use Yahoo maps for directions and call James to verify

      Blessingstead and Crystal Energies will be holding a psychic fair for the first time together this August. Blessingstead is an established healing retreat in Enumclaw owned by James Lowe. They have monthly events, sweat lodges, and a variety of other workshops and events. Blessingstead consists of a large home and property in a magical setting along the river. There is plenty of space to roam and walking in the door always feels like coming home. James and Emily welcome everyone to attend and enjoy the days events.

      It is free to attend the event and workshops. There will be merchants, readers, and healers on site. Crystal Energies will be offering a variety of rare and common minerals at discount prices.

      For those who have a long drive to Enumclaw or just want to spend the night we will be offering beds/rooms for $10 per bed/person.

      There is one room with a queen bed that will be $20. First come first serve. One room with 4 bunk beds (bunks are $10 each). A couple of full futons downstairs ($10 each). If you would like to pitch your own tent (no indiviual firepits, but one to be shared) for camping or just stretch out your own sleeping bag on a mat on the floor downstairs, that woud run $5.

      We will be having a lunch and dinner potluck to keep us all well fed. Food can be prepared on site if needed.

      Please look below for the highlights of this event

      10 am - Doors Open
      11 am to 12 pm - Words of Power and Crystals - How to more effectively send out positive thoughts for self growth. Facilitated by Emily Edwards

      12 to 1pm - Lunch potluck
      1 to 3pm - Drum, Dancing, and Music circle outside under the cedars
      4 to 5pm - Workshop by James Lowe - Toning for health - Basics of overtoning and a Toning Circle.
      6 to 7 pm - Dinner Potluck
      7 to 8:30 pm - Healing/Meditation Circle - The circle will decide on a topic, and send healing energies in support of that topic.

      For more information contact
      James Lowe at 360-802-2988 (home) / 425-704-2377 (work) jlowe@...
      Emily Edwards at 425-788-9926 or crystalenergies@...
      Readers & Merchants please contact Emily for info regarding spaces

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