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  • twofingerwonder_2000
    Are you sure you are not a rep for BCTI??? ... for ... lots ... and ... income ... is ... in ... to ... happen.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 4, 2002
      Are you sure you are not a rep for BCTI???

      --- In washingtonwicca@y..., "Shawn" <shawnw24@y...> wrote:
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Poly_Pagan_Community/
      > There seams to be a bit of confusion as to this group. So I am
      > writing this email to the groups I am associated with to aid in
      > clearing up the misunderstanding. I am in independent worker.
      > Almost always have been, I was fired from a rogues gallery of
      > typical American jobs, and decided that this did not work at all
      > me. So instead of continuing to beet myself up about the job
      > situation, I decided to go out and look for another kind of job.
      > Well I can tell you for more then 10 years experience there are
      > of independent jobs out there. Some require lots of schooling and
      > knowledge of how to do them, and others require only a little time
      > to learn what it is that you need to know to do the job.
      > Depending on your talents, skills, and abilities you can do
      > anything. This group is all about finding your own way, finding
      > others that have gone there own way, and aiding those that want to
      > go there own way. We all come together write tips as to the
      > application of how we accomplished applying our talent to the
      > outside world. Support each other in the way of yes we are not
      > alone in the struggle to be independent workers.
      > Jobs that are included in the independent working field.
      > Writer.
      > Editor
      > archiver
      > Construction worker
      > Artist
      > Graphic artist
      > Computer repair
      > Sometimes computer programmer
      > Photography
      > Film maker
      > Psychic
      > Reverend
      > Counselor
      > model
      > There are literally dozens more.
      > So if you have ever wanted to be one of the above. Or can think of
      > other jobs that go into that category, let me and I will post it
      > join this growing group.
      > Poly, Latin "Many"
      > "Paganus" (from the Latin, "pagus" meaning, "rural," "from the
      > countryside") contemptuously to describe non-combatants.
      > Community. A group of people who get together with similar ideas,
      > ideologies, philosophies, and the like.
      > I Created this group to have another voice in the pursuit of our
      > individual dream. Ever since I found out that there was a thing
      > called independent working I have always done that job, be it
      > working as a psychic, spiritual counselor, independent contractor,
      > graphic artist, artist, independent film maker, and photographer.
      > Just to name a few of the jobs that I have produced income for
      > myself in.
      > Now There is a difference when it comes to having independent
      > and a fly by night money making scheme. The first bain of an
      > independent worker is the reputation of being a hustler. Honesty
      > the best policy to have when dealing with working independently,
      > your reputation is everything.
      > This group is dedicated to the independent spirit that is the
      > independent worker. The country dweller, the person who may live
      > a city but, does not have a typical city job. A person who earns
      > work no matter how much time or how little, would rather use there
      > own talent and work for themselves then to work a regimented
      > schedule for someone else. This group is here for independent
      > workers to come together and share tips of the trade, and for new
      > people to learn how to do what you have always wanted to do and
      > quite your 9-5 typical job and work for yourself.
      > Tips in this group,
      > add your resume. So that we can know what your talents and skills
      > are. So if someone on the group needs your skill trade can
      > Post it both live to the email list and the resume section in files.
      > Second ask question of how to go about getting into working for
      > yourself. Building a knowledge base is the point. The more tips
      > the better we can all assist each other.
      > Third, there are no dumb talents, skills, abilities, or questions.
      > The only dumb thing is not asking or thinking that your ____ is not
      > good enough to have an answer. So feel free to post question and
      > your talents.
      > Shawn
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Poly_Pagan_Community/
      > www.wellinggallery.com
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