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[WAOE Views] WAOE Feb-March 2001 Board Meeting Summary

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  • Steve McCarty
    The World Association for Online Education (WAOE) held a Special Board of Directors Meeting asynchronously in a WebBoard from February 14th to March 7th,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2001
      The World Association for Online Education (WAOE) held a
      Special Board of Directors' Meeting asynchronously in a WebBoard
      from February 14th to March 7th, 2001. The five Directors,
      Cyber-Parliamentarian, officers and other members attended.

      Among the highlights, officers on the WAOE Coordinating Ring
      now represent ten countries with the following appointments:
      1) Ms. Begum Mohamed Ibrahim, Mara University of Technology,
      Melaka, Malaysia -- Online Academic Conferences Committee,
      WAOE Chapter and Website in Malay; 2) Rafael Molina-Velazquez,
      Florida, distance education and e-business, from Montemorelos
      University, Mexico -- WAOE Latin American Chapter and
      Website in Spanish; 3) Bill Purdy, non-traditional student
      of distance education, George Mason University -- Membership
      Committee / WAOE Electronic Bulletin (WEB) e-newsletter staff;
      and 4) Roberto Mueller, Universidade Federal de Vicosa, Brazil
      -- who already maintains a WAOE Web page in Portuguese --
      promoted to Online Educator Development Committee Chair.

      WAOE will co-sponsor an e-learning conference in Mexico
      led by Rafael Molina-Velazquez. WAOE is also affiliated
      with the Symposium on Online Learning in Kuala Lumpur
      (September 2001), whose sponsors include the University of
      Malaysia Sarawak and the Malaysian Ministry of Education.
      The WAOE President has been invited to the conference to
      conduct online teacher training in computer rooms with
      broadband Internet. For details on the above actions, see:

      The Board meeting also began plans for the mid-2001
      Annual Members' Meeting along with elections for WAOE
      President and Treasurer. Online Academic Conferences
      Committee Chair Keiko Schneider is willing to conduct
      online events in parallel with meetings and conferences
      affiliated with WAOE.

      WAOE officers had been utilizing free versions of Blackboard,
      MetaCollege and virtual organization environments such as
      QuickTeam for online educator development. MetaCollege
      discontinued its free courseware but offered a reasonable
      price for its Advanced Site to WAOE as an NPO, so WAOE
      agreed to adopt it for officers and possibly members to
      design online courses. WAOE dues were abolished in mid-2000
      thanks to sponsorship from the Child Research Net in Tokyo:
      in English, see: http://www.childresearch.net/
      or in Japanese: http://www.crn.or.jp/

      WAOE had also changed to an ISP with the potential for
      membership databases and efficient communication
      channels. There were technical delays before needed
      action could be taken to make WAOE a virtual organization
      with responsiveness and a sense of community despite
      the great geographical separation of members. Websites
      in many languages and on various online education issues
      can now be consolidated at the central Website. Besides
      the current mailing lists for the general public, members,
      and officers, there will be e-mail accounts and aliases
      @... for officers and committees. For example,
      a membership enquiry will then be forwarded to several
      relevant officers for their action. Officers will have
      directories at the WAOE Website for their duties and
      subdirectories for their own use as an incentive.
      Please join in or visit: http://www.waoe.org/

      Collegially, Steve McCarty, Professor, Kagawa JC, Japan
      President, World Association for Online Education (NPO):
      waoe@... - http://waoe.org/president/index.html
      Online Publications (Asian Studies WWWVL 4-star site):
      In Japanese: http://www.kagawa-jc.ac.jp/~steve_mc/
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