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No Evidence Of Crashed Polar Lander

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  • tkreevesjr
    Aerial search turns up no trace of Mars Polar Lander
    Message 1 of 3540 , Jan 1, 1999
      Aerial search turns up no trace of Mars Polar
      <br><br><a href=http://cnn.com/1999/TECH/space/12/31/mars.search/index.html target=new>http://cnn.com/1999/TECH/space/12/31/mars.search/index.html</a> <br><br>December 31, 1999<br>Web posted at: 11:26
      a.m. EST (1626 GMT)<br><br>(CNN) -- Scientists trying
      to track down the Mars Polar Lander reported this
      week that an initial search conducted last week failed
      to find any trace of the lost probe.
      <br><br>Scientists at Malin Space Science Systems in San Diego aimed
      a powerful camera on the orbiting Mars Global
      Surveyor at the lander's intended touchdown site, but the
      images it captured showed no sign of the $165 million
      spacecraft. <br><br>"We completed the initial search
      Christmas Eve," said Mike Revine, Advanced Projects Manager
      for Malin. "They (the images) came down fine and we
      don't find anything in the picture that looks like the
      lander or the parachute." <br><br>The Polar Lander was
      supposed to land December 3 for a 90-day mission to
      analyze the martian atmosphere and search for buried
      water. NASA lost contact with it after it started its
      descent. <br><br>Looking for a parachute in the martian
      dust <br><br>Spotting the lander itself was considered
      a long shot, but scientists had hoped Global
      Surveyor would be able to spot the lander's white,
      65-foot-long (21-meter-long) parachute, which would have
      contrasted with the planet's red dust. <br><br>"It was worth
      doing," Revine said. "It wasn't a good bet, but it was
      about the only possibility we had." <br><br>Revine said
      scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena,
      California, will now examine the data gathered by Surveyor
      and decide where to go from here. <br><br>"It was a
      lot of work to do this," he said. "But it's in
      everybody's interest to find out what happened to the
      lander." <br><br>Using Pathfinder as a test
      case<br><br>The Global Surveyor satellite entered orbit around
      Mars on September 11, 1997, for a two-year mission to
      map the entire planet by taking high-resolution
      pictures of the martian surface. But it wasn't designed to
      search for lost objects. <br><br>To practice looking for
      the lander, scientists are trying to photograph
      another probe, one they know they can find -- the Mars
      Pathfinder. <br><br>Global Surveyor was a highly successful
      NASA spacecraft that landed on Mars on Friday, July 4,
      1997. Scientists know where Pathfinder is located, so
      it should be much easier to spot than the Polar
      Lander. If Surveyor can spot Pathfinder, those images
      will be used as a "test case" to determine Surveyor's
      ability to take pictures that show small objects on the
      surface of Mars. <br><br>It's a "test case of how well
      this thing (Surveyor's camera) can image things on the
      ground," said Revine. He said it would help scientists
      decide whether or not they're wasting their time using
      Surveyor to search for the missing probe. <br><br>Revine
      said Surveyor already had one try at snapping the
      Pathfinder. If flew over it December 26 and snapped some
      pictures, but missed Pathfinder by a couple of miles.
      <br><br>The next photo op for Pathfinder is at the end of
      next week. Revine said the weather on Mars looks good
      and if it holds, scientists may get a good picture.
    • jefftibb
      The SEDS site has a short list of Messier Marathon locations where people will congregate to count the Messier Objects. If you would like to join a
      Message 3540 of 3540 , Mar 13, 2002
        The SEDS site has a short list of Messier
        Marathon locations where people will congregate to count
        the Messier Objects.<br><br>If you would like to join
        a group and do it check out this
        site:<br><br><a href=http://seds.lpl.arizona.edu/messier/xtra/marathon/mm2002.html target=new>http://seds.lpl.arizona.edu/messier/xtra/marathon/mm2002.html</a><br><br>Many will be happening this weekend.
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