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Fw: INFO: Kartunis Denmark mati terbakar ??

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  • Linda
    sah tidak berita nie... ada saper2 bole tolong sahkan? ... Assalamu alaikum. Berita menarik, sedih, takut ? Kematian kartunis Denmark yang menimbulkan bantahan
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
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      sah tidak berita nie... ada saper2 bole tolong sahkan?
      Berita menarik, sedih, takut ?
       Kematian kartunis Denmark yang menimbulkan bantahan seluruh dunia Islam,mungkin betul. Dia dikatakan terbakar di rumahnya secara misteri , tapi cuba disembunyikan oleh pihak berkuasa Denmark, demikian ditulis oleh akhbar Saudi. 
      Mungkin betul,.. mungin tidak. Adalah tidak mustahil bagi mereka yang memusuhi Allah dan Rasulnya, apatah lagi menghina Baginda, mendapat penghinaan di dunia lagi...   
      Allahu 'alam.
      Berita asal......
      Latest Headlines
      'Danish Editor burnt alive'

      The editor of the Danish newspaper ‘Jyllands Posten’ was burnt to death when a fire mysteriously broke out in his bedroom, a Saudi newspaper claims.
      According to the newspaper, the editor was sleeping in his bedroom when the fire ravaged his bedroom. He and his newspaper became controversial when it had published blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 
      The paper claims that the Danish govt is trying to cover up the news of the death. He was hit by divine retribution, the paper added. Muslims, all over the world, strongly denounced this blasphemous act and massive protests were held in all Muslim countries including Pakistan. Text messages and emails that claim that the editor or the cartoonist has been burnt alive have also been circulating since Tuesday, lending support to this report. The paper named the editor as Elliot Back. However, Back is merely a senior in Computer Science at Cornell University, who had published the caricatures on his website. Name of the culture editor of Jyllands Posten, who commissioned the caricatures, is Flemming Rose. Jens Julius is the name of one of the cartoonists that drew the images. There were 12 cartoonists in all, who according to the BBC have gone into hiding. – NEWS DESK
      Berita penuh. cuba klik di sini 
      The artist who drew the pictures of the Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H) has died in a fire. He was burned alive. Denmark government is hiding the news from the public and everyone has got to know. Plz spread this.... (Its the price one must pay 4 the insult of 's Prophet) plz copy and paste this as many ppl... Thank you for your cooperation.
      Why is it so hard to tell the truth... yet so easy to tell a lie, why .do we sleep in the mosque during jumaah service. but when the kuthbah is over we suddenly wake up? , why is it so hard .....to talk about .Allah... but so easy to talk about sex?, why are we so bored to look at a holy magazine and hard to read the Quran...but so easy to read a playboy magazine.....?, why is it so easy to delete a Godly offline messages ...yet we forward the nasty ones...? 
       .....think about it....
      are you going to forward.... this or delete it? .....
      Just remember Allah is watching you if u love Allah then send this to everybody.

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