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  • M.A. Aljohari
    Mar 20, 2014

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      while we continue pray for MH370 we have to be open minded and rational about the various hypothesis ( not yet theories ) being flogged over social media and the mainstream media. Pls note that evry day new hypothesis and conjectures that surfaced brings more questions than answers and more grief to thebfamilies.
      The latest is about the pilot, a proud product if PFS and his co pilot.

      This article in the NST should shed some light on how media works  especially  the   western media with their media framing agenda.


      adi..3 sides of a coin..yours,  mine and the truth.

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      Date: Mar 18, 2014 1:27 PM
      Subject: [oldfrees] (NST) A fall guy to cover other lethal scenarios
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      A fall guy to cover other lethal scenarios

      By Azmi Anshar

      AFTER conclusively establishing that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 consciously veered off course with the avionics deliberately disengaged, the foreign media's assault on the motive of that inexplicable flight divergence has gone both barmy and ballistic.

      The foreign media topped this high on their conjecture list: conveniently insinuating Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and his co-pilot, Fariq Abdul Hamid, as the bad guys in MH370's mysteriously elongated disappearance.

      From the Western media's singularity, they sensationalised that Zaharie's fanatical political leanings, home flight simulator, police raid and a departing wife with three children in tow a day before the incident add up to a horrific outcome.

      Zaharie's alleged meltdown to sabotage and hijack his own aircraft as a political response is mind-bogglingly the wildest conjecture out there.

      Sure, MH370's hijacking hypothesis is what's compelling the authorities to focus on pilot liability, which unfortunately provides fodder for the cynical media to envision conjecture beyond the wildest imaginations.

      But if Zaharie can be cast as the potential culprit, we, too, can play this blame game, so to be fair to him, let's explore other plausible scenarios correlating to an accident and foul play.

      That MH370 intentionally veered off course on March 8 has two propositions: the pilot shenanigan as portrayed by London's Daily Mail on Sunday, a scenario described as thoroughly outrageous and dismissed by anyone who knew Zaharie.

      Or this: a never-before massive, all-encompassing avionics, navigation and mechanical malfunction that forced the plane to aggressively climb beyond the stratosphere, causing decompression that blacked out everyone on board.

      And, as MH370 descended, the recovering but dazed pilots, unable to send a Mayday because avionics were knocked out, hung on to dear life, possibly switching to autopilot that allowed the plane to fly as low as 5,000 feet above ground and eventually crashing either towards Kazakhstan or somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

      This crash scenario triggered a major search-and-rescue mission that is burdened with an indefinite timeline or, worse, where recovery of wreckage, debris and bodies is next to impossible.

      The crash scenario would also supersede the foul play theory, except for one troubling prospect: passengers sensing doom would have despatched frantic calls or texts to loved ones, except that no one has reported such SOS calls or texts.

      Or maybe the avionics failure triggered a massive electromagnetic field zap inside the plane that killed telco roaming and broadband, too?

      However, avionics and telco failure points optimistically to this flight deviation scenario: who's to say that a gun wasn't indirectly pointed to Zaharie's head, forcing him to manipulate the avionics and mask MH370's flight and digital trajectory or risk harm to his family?

      Zaharie would have received orders to land the Boeing 777-200ER at an unmarked airstrip or even a long highway, where his supreme flying skills would be useful, for these reasons:

      MH370 carried a payload extremely valuable to Zaharie's blackmailers that would be retrieved after the plane landed and by now masked or stripped off its MAS identity while passengers' smartphones have been effectively jammed;

      PASSENGERS with high emotional or security risks to certain foreign government leaders used as leverage to get something else in return -- release of political prisoners or a fabulous ransom negotiated secretly; and,

      BY the way, that massive malfunction of avionics and navigation would be so deeply embarrassing to the Western manufacturers that their governments audaciously launched a massive cover-up to shield the aircraft manufacturer reputation.

      How's that for a myriad of conjectures to at least match the one against the helpless Zaharie and his cockpit crew?

      Going back to the conjecture imagining Zaharie's meltdown, to sabotage and hijack your own plane with lives at stake is lunatic or evil cunning, even for the severest of nut-case Malaysians.

      Such premeditated planning in the same manner of a political extremist/terrorist does not square up with the typical Malaysian derring-do, whose most extreme left-wing thoughts are the pseudo-anarchic wannabes grating to topple a democratically elected government by street violence ala the Arab Spring.

      For now, Captain Zaharie's reputation and that of his cockpit crew have been blotched beyond belief but the implications of sabotaging and hijacking the aircraft he pilots for a living, unless backed by incontrovertible evidence, is for all Malaysians, still ridiculous and indigestible.

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