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  • Wendy Bumgardner
    10/20/2012 City / State: Monroe, WA Event Name: Monroe Parks, River, Lake and Historic City Event Type: Walk Event ID: 93103 Distance - Trail Ratings: 5K
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2012
      City / State: Monroe, WA
      Event Name: Monroe Parks, River, Lake and Historic City
      Event Type: Walk
      Event ID: 93103
      Distance - Trail Ratings: 5K (3mi), 11K(7mi), 14K(8 - 1A
      Description: Explore Monroe Parks and green belts, Skykomish river,
      Historic city Main street and Lake Tye.
      Amenities: Strollers: medium | Wheelchairs: medium | Pets: Yes |
      Restrooms: Yes
      Special Programs: Bakeries Family Owned, Honoring Law Enforcement,
      Hooray for Hollywood, Main Street, Murals, WPA Works Projects Administration
      Start Times: 8am - 11am
      Location: East County Senior Center
      Start Point / Driving Directions: 276 Sky River Pkwy, Monroe, WA. From
      Seattle take 522 to Monroe Main St. RT on Main, RT on Village Way, RT on
      Sky River. From Everett take hwy 2 to Monroe. RT on 179th AVE, LT on
      Main, RT on Village Way, RT on Sky River. Park around parks away from
      Senior Center.
      Awards & Fees: IVV Credit Only
      Comments: Enjoy $5 Pancakes, French Toast, Eggs, Ham, Juice, coffee,
      milk Breakfast from 8am-10:30 at Senior Center
      Host Club: Interlaken Trailblazers Volkssport Club
      Contact: Bob Kunzmann (425) 788-2182
      Website: www.interlakentrailblazers.org
      E-Mail Contact: bobkunzmann@...

      YRE Updates:

      Grand Coulee Dam Seasonal Y1921 has to be closed due to construction.
      The original closing date was November 30, 2012. Construction won't be
      complete until after the closure date. This is the Grand Coulee Dam, WA

      YR0013 in Arlington, WA. Closed immediately.
      Port Gamble, Washington, walk (YRE 1685) is closed until further notice
      due to fire danger.
      CVC's Scatter Creek walk - register Rochester) will close Sept. 22nd for
      hunting. this is instead of Sept. 30th.

      Washougal year-round walk trail changes:
      The Gibbons Creek trail at Steigerwald Lake NWR is closed at this time,
      affecting the subject YRE 5/10km routes (remote starts only). A large
      wildfire burned 140 acres last Friday. It started on the east side of
      the trailhead; winds pushed the fire across the wooden boardwalk near
      the trailhead entrance, and then spread rapidly to the west. Repairs are
      currently being assessed and the refuge and trailhead are closed until
      further notice. The manager "hopes to have a plan for reopening in place
      by late next week," which is around October 20th. Be aware that is just
      a plan; it could be weeks or months to finish the reconstruction.
      In the meantime, walkers can do the 5k or an 11/13km route beginning
      directly from Papa's Ice Cream. An 11km route is possible by simply
      accessing the Columbia River dike trail and walking its length to the
      fish ladder (Mile Post 2) and back, without taking the turn through the
      wildlife refuge area.
      Notes will be in the walk box and I have already updated the walk
      details on the AVA website explaining these temporary changes. Will you
      please inform the walking community?
      Washougal YR1968 (AVA 90507)

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      AVA Centurion Challenge

      City / State: Woodland, WA
      Event Name: Cedar Creek Grist Mill
      Event Type: Walk
      Event ID: 89533
      SATURDAY ONLY -- OCTOBER 27, 2012
      START/FINISH: Green Mountain School, 13105 NE Grinnell Road, Woodland, WA.
      TIMES: Start any time between 10am - 1pm; Finish by 4pm.
      DISTANCE and RATING: 12km (7.4 miles), Rated 2B.
      TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Walk on rural asphalt roads with gentle rise and
      fall, curving through pastoral and forested areas along Cedar Creek.
      Midpoint is a short out and back on a steep hill to the historic Cedar
      Creek Grist Mill and charming covered wooden bridge. Enjoy colorful
      autumn foliage along the route.
      The Friends of Cedar Creek will be at the mill from 1-4 today. See
      working demonstrations, hear historical anecdotes, and learn about the
      wheat and corn milled on-site using only the power from Cedar Creek.
      The Cedar Creek Grist Mill is the only grain grinding mill in Washington
      state that has maintained its original structural integrity. The mill
      uses large, heavy stones for grinding and is powered by water. The mill
      grinds a variety of whole-grain flours and cornmeal, and has been known
      to grind about 8,000 pounds of apples at its annual Apple Press,
      scenting the air with cider.
      The mill was built in 1876 by George Woodham and his two sons. In the
      1950's, the State Fisheries Department bought the property and built a
      fish ladder. In 1961 the Fort Vancouver Historical Society leased the
      mill and placed it on the National Register of Historic Places. A group
      of local residents formed "The Friends of Cedar Creek Grist Mill" in
      1980 and authentically restored the mill in 1989 as a project to
      celebrate the Washington State Centennial.
      The Cedar Creek Grist Mill is now a working museum, where tours are
      given to show the inside workings of the mill during its heyday. The
      adjacent covered wooden bridge was constructed in 1995. This charming
      rural setting draws visitors from all over the United States.
      FEES: AVA Credit Only is $3. No refunds. Non-credit walkers are welcome
      to participate at no charge. All must register, carry, and return a
      start card. "B" award is available from a previous event -- a detailed
      3" medal depicting the historic mill.
      COMFORT: Water and restrooms at start/finish and checkpoint. Pets are
      permitted except in buildings. Owners are responsible for leash and
      clean-up laws.
      DIRECTIONS: From I-5: Exit #21 ( Woodland ).
      Northbound – turn RIGHT onto Lewis River Drive (unmarked). At next
      light, turn RIGHT onto NW Hayes Road . Continue from *** below.
      Southbound – turn LEFT onto Lewis River Drive (unmarked). Go under I-5
      to second light and turn RIGHT onto NW Hayes Road . Continue from *** below.
      ***Immediately cross the Lewis River and bear LEFT with NE Hayes Road ,
      which will become NE Cedar Creek Road . Continue for about 12.5 miles.
      Turn LEFT on NE Pup Creek Road . Go two miles and turn RIGHT (you’ll see
      a DEAD END sign) onto NE Grinnell Road to Green Mountain School .
      CONTACT INFORMATION: email Liz Connors, 360/798-6956 (cell).
      ELIGIBILITY: This event is sanctioned by the American Volkssport
      Association, part of the International Federation of Popular Sports
      (IVV), and counts toward the acquisition of IVV achievement awards.
      Everyone is welcome to participate. Children under 12 years of age must
      be accompanied by an adult.
      NEW WALKERS: This event is part of the AVA Achievement Awards Program.
      Participants can earn event and/or distance credits, then redeem
      completed books for a certificate, patch, and hatpin after certain
      milestones are achieved. Special New Walker Packets, including discount
      coupons at a bargain price, will be available at the registration table.
      DISCLAIMER: Although every effort will be made to make this a safe and
      enjoyable event, the sponsors are not liable for accidents, injuries,
      thefts and other material damages. By registering for this event, each
      participant agrees to accept the guidelines for Volkssport events
      published by the American Volkssport Association (AVA) and to observe
      the principles of good sportsmanship. This event will be held regardless
      of weather; adverse weather may increase the rating.
      Host Club: All Weather Walkers
      Contact: Liz Connors (360) 798-6956
      Website: www.allweatherwalkers.org
      E-Mail Contact: takeahike68@...

      City / State: Carnation, WA
      Event Name: Halloween on the Farm
      Event Type: Walk
      Event ID: 90434
      Distance - Trail Ratings: 5/10/13K - 1A
      Description: Water and restrooms at start/finish and at checkpoint on
      the 10K route. Pets permitted but NOT in buildings. Owners responsible
      for leash and clean up laws. Come in costume and be eligible for a
      prize. Watch for ghouls with goodies. Award is AVA National Volkssport
      Month Patch @ $7.00; 30 only and no reorders. Credit only is $3. Free
      walkers welcome but all must register, carry, & return a start card. The
      route is along the SVRT trail and through Carnation.
      Amenities: Strollers: NO | Wheelchairs: NO | Pets: Yes | Restrooms: Yes
      Special Programs: Rainbow Color-Named Places
      Start Times: 9-1, finish by 4
      Location: Remlinger Farms, Carnation, WA
      Start Point / Driving Directions: Remlinger Farms 32610 NE 32nd
      Carnation, WA
      I-5/I-405 (TOLL REQ'D) : Exit onto SR520 east to Redmond. Exit at
      Redmond Way to SR 202. RIGHT on SR202 for 71/2 miles. LEFT on Tolt Hill
      Rd. Cross SR203 to NE 32nd. Follow signs to parking area adjacent to
      Farm Store.
      I-90 (NO TOLL): Exit #22 (Preston-Fall City Rd). In 4 miles cross bridge
      and turn LEFT onto SR203 (5miles) to NE 32nd and turn RIGHT. Continue as
      Awards & Fees: A Award
      Comments: Remlinger's Farm Store, Restaurant, and Harvest Festival will
      be open.
      Host Club: Emerald City Wanderers
      Contact: Fran Carson (206) 788-7969
      Website: www.walkingwithecw.org
      E-Mail Contact: francarson@...

      City / State: Vancouver, WA
      Event Name: Veterans Day Walk
      Event Type: Walk
      Event ID: 92925
      Distance - Trail Ratings: 5 & 10 km - 1A
      Description: Walk route is 2 loops on sidewalks, road shoulders & paved
      trails. Loop A goes through the historic Post Cemetery & by the
      memorials & museum on the VA campus. Loop B follows the Veterans Day
      Parade route past historic Ft. Vancouver & Officers' Row.
      Amenities: Strollers: easy | Wheelchairs: medium | Pets: Yes |
      Restrooms: Yes
      Special Programs: Bakeries Family Owned, Forts of the United States,
      Murals, Rainbow Color-Named Places
      Start Times: 9:00 am to Noon. Finish by 3 pm.
      Location: Vancouver Administration Medical Center, Building 11
      Start Point / Driving Directions: 1601 E. Fourth Plain Blvd.
      I-5 NORTHBOUND: Exit #1C & follow signs to Fourth Plain Blvd. RIGHT on
      Fourth Plain Blvd. to 1st traffic signal. RIGHT into VA Medical Center.
      Follow signs to Bldg. 11.
      I-5 SOUTHBOUND: Exit #1D to Fourth Plain Blvd. & turn LEFT. Continue as
      SR14 WESTBOUND: At intersection with I-5 take exit heading north &
      follow directions for I-5 Northbound.
      Awards & Fees: IVV Credit Only
      Host Club: Vancouver USA Volkssporters
      Contact: Burt Paynter (360) 891-9411
      Website: www.vancouverusavolkssporters.org
      E-Mail Contact: walkeriii@...

      City / State: Edmonds, WA
      Event Name: Sound Steppers Turkey Trot
      Event Type: Walk
      Event ID: 93718
      Distance - Trail Ratings: 5k and 10k - 2A
      Description: Walk along Edmonds waterfront, past ferry terminal, to Town
      of Woodway and back thru Edmonds downtown with old store fronts and
      small charming businesses.
      Amenities: Strollers: medium | Wheelchairs: hard | Pets: Yes |
      Restrooms: Yes
      Special Programs: This event doesn't have any special Programs assigned.
      Start Times: 8:00 - 12:00
      Location: Edmonds United Methodist Church
      Start Point / Driving Directions: 828 Caspers St
      I-5 northbound exit 179 220th SW turn Left, I-5 southbound exit 179
      220th SW turn right. 220th SW to 9th Ave S turn right, turn left on
      Caspers, turn left into church parking lot.
      Awards & Fees: IVV Credit Only
      Host Club: Sound Steppers Volkssport Club
      Contact: Neil Smith (206) 214-5274
      Website: www.soundsteppers.org
      E-Mail Contact: neil.smith@...

      City / State: Mercer Island, WA
      Event Name: Pioneer Park and Southern Viewpoints
      Event Type: Guided Walk
      Event ID: 95144
      Distance - Trail Ratings: 10K - 2B
      Description: Explore the south part of Mercer Island. Nice paths in
      Pioneer Park, neighborhoods and waterfront parks. This is a guided walk.
      Club members will be leading different paced groups.
      Amenities: Strollers: NO | Wheelchairs: NO | Pets: Yes | Restrooms: Yes
      Special Programs: This event doesn't have any special Programs assigned.
      Start Times: 9:00am finish by 12:00pm
      Location: QFC 8421 SE 68th St
      Start Point / Driving Directions: 8421 SE 68th St. I-90 Westbound. Ext 7
      then left on to Island Crest Way. Continue 3 miles to SE 68th St. Right
      into the Parking Lot. Right just past Starbucks. Continue past the side
      of QFC. Left into the Parking area just past QFC. Look for our IVV Banner.
      Awards & Fees: IVV Credit Only
      Comments: Please arrive and be signed in by 9:00am.
      Host Club: Interlaken Trailblazers Volkssport Club
      Contact: S.Moats (425) 235-0528
      E-Mail Contact: atthepond3@...

      City / State: Olympia, WA
      Event Name: Capitol Holiday Walk
      Event Type: Walk
      Event ID: 92416
      Distance - Trail Ratings: 10 K w/ 5K option - 1A
      Description: New start point is at United Churches. Walk across Capitol
      campus, around Capitol Lake to West Bay Park, downtown Olympia, and
      return by way of Capitol Campus. Lighted ship parade starts at 6:00.
      Suitable for strollers
      Amenities: Strollers: medium | Wheelchairs: NO | Pets: Yes | Restrooms: Yes
      Special Programs: This event doesn't have any special Programs assigned.
      Start Times: 3:00PM - 6:00PM
      Location: 2012 Holiday Walk. The start is at United Churches, 110
      Eleventh Ave SE, Olympia. Join us for some good cheer at our traditional
      Holiday Walk.
      Start Point / Driving Directions: United Churches
      110 Eleventh Ave SE
      Olympia, WA
      I-5 (Northbound exit 105. Follow State Capitol signs. At roundabout turn
      right. Turn left at 11th St (second stoplight). At Washington St. (next
      stoplight) turn left and then again left into state parking lot..
      Parking is free. To start point - exit parking lot and turn right on
      Washington St. Cross 11th and continue to rear entrance of church.
      Additional parking is on Washington, just pass church.
      Awards & Fees: IVV Credit Only
      Comments: Flashlight strongtly recommended. Water and restroom at start
      finish and checkpoint. Coffee and cookeis at checkpoint and finish. Pets
      are permitted but not in buildings. Event pin is $3.50, patch is $3.00.
      Washington State Challenges: Thurston County, All Clubs, Bakery, State Park
      Host Club: Capitol Volkssport Club
      Contact: Susan Berry (360) 491-7266
      Website: www.capitolvolkssportclub.org
      E-Mail Contact: lsberry@...

      City / State: Spokane, WA
      Event Name: Annual Christmas Lights Walk
      Event Type: Walk
      Event ID: 93102
      Distance - Trail Ratings: 5K/10K - 1A
      Description: Walk on sidewalks and street shoulders in north Spokane
      neighborhoods enjoying the Christmas lights and decorations. Bring a
      flashllight and traction devices for your feet and be prepared for
      winter conditions in the Inland Northwest. Though this walk is rated 1A
      weather could increase the rating.
      Amenities: Strollers: hard | Wheelchairs: NO | Pets: Yes | Restrooms: Yes
      Special Programs: This event doesn't have any special Programs assigned.
      Start Times: 5:00-6:30 pm
      Location: Friends Church, 1612 W. Dalke Ave., Spokane, WA 99205
      Start Point / Driving Directions: From I-90 Eastbound take Exit 280
      (Maple Street Bridge) to Walnut Street. Turn Left on one-way grid and
      follow north to Dalke Avenue. Turn Left on Dalke and Frients Church is
      on your right. I-90 Westbound Take Exit 280 and turn right on Walnut
      Street and follow directions as above. NOTE: if you reach Francis you
      are one block too far. Turn left to Ash (1 Block) and left to Friends
      Church on your left.
      Awards & Fees: IVV Credit Only
      Comments: Enjoy homemade soups and breads before and/or after
      participating in the event. ESVA Challenges Towns/PO.
      Host Club: Lilac City Volkssport Assn.
      Contact: Susan Keehnen (509) 326-3575
      Website: lilaccityvolks.com
      E-Mail Contact: suekeehnen73@...

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