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Discovery Walk Festival Workers Walks

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  • Wendy Bumgardner
    Feb 7th & 8th Vancouver Discovery Walk Festival Workers Walks You must be a volunteer for the Discovery Walk Festival to participate. We have all-new trails
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2009
      Feb 7th & 8th Vancouver Discovery Walk Festival Workers Walks
      You must be a volunteer for the Discovery Walk Festival to participate.
      We have all-new trails for 2009!
      Workers walks will be: Feb 7th & 8th --- March 7th & 8th ---
      March 28th & 29th
      The start for the worker walks will be at the Hilton Hotel from 8-10 am,
      301 W. 6th St, Vancouver, WA. You may do any of the walks on the above
      DWF Volunteers are part of the DWF Team and will receive the team
      registration discount rate for the event.
      Volunteer info: Phone: 360-891-9411 Email: romapaynter@...
      Discovery Walk Festival

      Walking Adventures International presents:
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      sanctioned IVV walks as well!
      If you would like to reserve a spot on our first Walking Adventure to
      this fabled and timeless corner of the planet, and receive priority
      updates on the results of the planning trip, contact us now to submit a
      refundable $50 Early Bird deposit! 800.779.0353; fun@...
      Click here to view a sample itinerary of what we are working on for
      Egypt and Jordan: http://walkingadventures.com/EgyptJordanSummary.pdf
      Click here to view a slideshow** of Walking Jordan: Crossroads of the
      Middle East:
      **Walking Jordan photos courtesy of Jordan Tourism Board NA.
      Walking Adventures International * PO Box 871000 * Vancouver WA 98687 *
      www.walkingadventures.com * 800.779.0353 * fun@...

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      2/14/2009 Redmond, WA
      Event Type: Walk
      Event ID: 82644
      Distance - Trail Ratings: 10km -
      Location: Redmond Town Center Corner of Leary Way and Bear Creek Way.
      Start time: 9 am - noon
      Host Club: Northwest Striders
      Contact: Dick O'Connor (425) 746-9641
      Website: www.ava.org/clubs/northweststriders/

      2/21/2009 - 2/22/2009
      City / State: Eatonville, WA
      Event Name: 24th Annual Northwest Trek Walk
      Event Type: Walk
      Event ID: 80658
      Distance - Trail Ratings: 10 KM / 5 KM -
      Location: NW Trek Widlife Park
      Start time: 8 am - 1 pm
      Start Point / Driving Directions:
      Host Club: Four-Plus Foolhardy Folks
      Contact: Dorm Batson (253) 838-3554
      Website: www.ava.org/clubs/esva
      E-Mail Contact: Lv2walk@...

      2/28/2009 Woodinville, WA
      Event Name: Spirits Walk
      Event Type: Walk
      Event ID: 83167
      Distance - Trail Ratings: 11km, 6km - 1+
      Description: Walk Distance and Trail: (1+) 11km (1) 6 km. Walk from Red
      Hook Brewery along trail, road shoulders and sidewalks, passing along
      the Sammamish River Trail, cemetery, local wineries and brew pub
      (walking spirits), noting historical markers. Tours and tastings
      available. Not suitable for strollers or wheelchairs.
      Amenities: Strollers: NO | Wheelchairs: NO | Pets: Yes | Restrooms: Yes
      Special Classifications: Authors and Literary Landmarks, Cemetery
      Stroll, Firehouses, Native American Culture, Railroad Heritage,
      Riverwalk America
      Start Times: Start 9am-12pm, Finish by 3pm
      Location: Red Hook Brewery, 14300 NE 145th St, Woodinville, WA
      Start Point / Driving Directions: Directions: I-405 Exit #23, head east
      (SR522) to Monroe/Wenatchee. Take first exit (for Hwy 202 east) to
      Woodinville. Turn right onto NE 175th, cross RR tracks, to stop sign,
      and turn left. Follow for approx 1.6 miles (202 curves into 145th), and
      turn Left into Red Hook parking lot. Follow signs to back of lot.
      Awards & Fees: IVV Credit Only
      Comments: Miscellaneous: Water and restrooms at start/finish and at
      checkpoint. Pets are NOT permitted in wineries or brew pub.
      Award: Credit only is $3.00. Free participants are welcome and all must
      register, carry and return a start card.
      State Challenges: King County, All Club (IT), History (Cemetery,
      Historical Register)
      U.S. Challenges: Authors, Cemetery Stroll, Firehouses, Native American
      Culture, Railroad Heritage, Riverwalk America, 50 States (WA), A-Z
      Host Club: Interlaken Trailblazers Volkssport Club
      Contact: Diane Hildebrand (253) 813-1776
      Website: www.ava.org/clubs/interlaken/
      E-Mail Contact: walkin-crazydi@...

      Seabreeze Weekend at Ocean Shores, WA, on Mar 7-8, 2009
      It's been four years since the last Seabreeze Weekend, and now the
      Capitol Volkssport Club is continuing the fun tradition started by the
      Hopkins Telephone Pioneers. The Ocean Shores Convention Center,
      co-sponsor, is also hosting the Beachcomber Fun Fair with great exhibits
      and talks the same weekend. There will be 5 walks and one bike, with
      late finish times both days. If this isn't enough walking for you,
      there are also two YRE's in Ocean Shores and one in Aberdeen on your
      way. Better plan to stay a couple nights at least.
      Location: Ocean Shores Convention Center, 121 Chance-A-La-Mer, Ocean
      Shores, WA.
      Start both days: 8:00-1:00
      Finish both days: 5:00
      Friendship walk (group walk): 10:00
      These are MAP ONLY events.
      Event descriptions:
      Beach Walk, 10 K and 5 K, Rated 1, goes along the beach in Ocean Shores.
      Not suitable for strollers and wheelchairs.
      Bayside Walk, 11 K and 5 K, rated 1. Walk along roadsides on the bay
      side of Ocean Shores. Suitable for strollers and wheelchairs.
      Seabrook Walk, 10 K, rated 2+ Drive to this one and walk along the
      bluff across from the new community of Seabrook and then down the stairs
      to the beach. Bring boots for this one. Not suitable for strollers and
      Damon Point Walk, 6 K, rated 2. Walk beside the river and along the
      marshes in Damon Point State Park. Tide determines start times for this
      walk. Not suitable for strollers and wheelchairs.
      Interpretive Center Walk, 18 K, rated 1. Walk along the beach, across
      Point Brown and back down the bay side. Not suitable for strollers and
      Seabreeze Bike, 25 K, rated 1. Ride the entire perimeter of the
      peninsula and back up the middle to the Convention Center.
      Award: Embroidered patch is only $5.00. "B" awards available.
      No pre-registration
      Misc.: Water and restrooms at start/finish. Pets permitted, but not in
      buildings. Owners responsible for leash and clean up laws.
      The CVC doesn't recommend one motel over another; however there are
      discounts for the frugal walker. Lodging Discounts: Identify yourself
      as a "Seabreeze Walker", when you make your reservations at these
      places: The Sands (accepts pets) 1-800-841-4001; the Ramada (all
      waterfront rooms) 1-360-289-7700.
      Directions: I-5 Northbound and Southbound, Exit 104. West to Ocean
      Shores through Aberdeen and Hoquiam. Entrance to Ocean Shores is Point
      Brown Ave. Turn right on Chance-A-La-Mer at first stop sign.
      Convention Center is just past McDonald's on right. Walkers should park
      in West lot on ocean side of Center.
      For additional info or to receive an information packet, with lodging
      rates, Capitol Volkssport Club YRE's in the area, and Beachcomber Fun
      Fair schedule, contact: Sue Cook Sioux@... or Caroline Ford
      For info on the Ocean Shores and Aberdeen YRE's check out the club
      website at www.geocities.com/buddbayy/

      3/14/2009 Kalama, WA
      Event Name: PI WALK
      Event Type: Walk
      Event ID: 80821
      Distance - Trail Ratings: 10 km - 3+
      Description: 3+. Mostly on pavement and up some hill. There will be
      many opportunities to shop for antiques other than the start/finish.
      Challenge codes: RA, LC, NAC, Clubs, Counties, A-Z, Water(river)
      Amenities: Strollers: medium | Wheelchairs: NO | Pets: Yes | Restrooms: Yes
      Special Classifications: This event doesn't have any special
      classifications assigned.
      Start Times: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, finish by 4:00 p.m.
      Location: 413 N. 1st St
      Start Point / Driving Directions: 413 N. 1st St, Kalama, WA (Antique Mall)
      I-5 North or South. Take Exit 30. Follow the service road to downtown.
      Parking is in the lot next to the antique mall.
      Awards & Fees: IVV Credit Only
      Comments: Flat apple pie will be served at the checkpoint under the
      Host Club: Border Crossers
      Contact: Sam Korff (503) 728-0400
      E-Mail Contact: korffs@...

      3/22/2009 Vancouver, WA
      Event Name: World Water Day
      Event Type: Walk
      Event ID: 83534
      Distance - Trail Ratings: 5/10 km - 1+
      Description: This event is held in conjunction with World Water Day.
      Co-sponsors of this event are the City of Vancouver and Water Africa
      (World Vision). The walk will start at the museum and a 5 km loop in the
      Ft. Vancouver area will be made before a second 5 km loop will be made
      to the Columbia River. Several high school sports teams are planning on
      having their athletes partcipate in this event and all high school teams
      have been invited. At the finish there will be vendors and other
      activities relating to World Water Day.
      Amenities: Strollers: medium | Wheelchairs: hard | Pets: Yes |
      Restrooms: Yes
      Special Classifications: America's Gardens, Artistic Heritage, Forts of
      the United States, Museums, Native American Culture, Railroad Heritage,
      Riverwalk America, US Presidents, Veteran Memorials
      Start Times: noon to 2 pm
      Location: Pearson Air Museum
      Start Point / Driving Directions: 1115 E. 5th Street From I-5
      northbound take exit 1-C Mill Plain. Turn right to Ft Vancouver Way.
      Right on Ft. Vancouver Way to 5th Street. LEFT on 5th Street to the
      Pearson Air Museum. I-5 southbound take exit 1-C and turn left on Mill
      Plain to Ft Vancouver Way. Right on Ft Vancouver Way to 5th Street. Left
      on 5th Street to Pearson Air Museum.
      Awards & Fees: IVV Credit Only
      Comments: Aa a part of the walk, volkssporters will have the
      opportunity to carry a small amount of water from the Columbia River to
      the Pearson Air Museum, a distance of about 1.2 km. The water will be
      measured and the walkers will be informed on the amount they were able
      to carry. Donations from this walk will be used to help sponsor a water
      well in Africa. The well will cost $12,000 US but there is a matching
      grant so it is hoped that $6,000 can be raised by the various groups
      that are participating. $35 provides a lifetime supply of water for one
      person. With the matching grant, that means for every $17.50 raised, one
      person will have water for their lifetime.
      Host Club: Vancouver USA Volkssporters
      Contact: Dick Baker (360) 573-6048
      Website: www.VancouverUSAVolkssporters.org
      E-Mail Contact: dickbkr@...

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