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Vancouver Veterans Day Parade Walk

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  • Wendy Bumgardner
    11/8/2008 Vancouver Veterans Day Parade Walk City and State: Vancouver WA Event Name: Vancouver s Veterans Day Parade Host Club: Vancouver USA
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2008
      11/8/2008 Vancouver Veterans Day Parade Walk
      City and State: Vancouver WA
      Event Name: Vancouver's Veterans' Day Parade
      Host Club: Vancouver USA Volkssporters
      Distance and Trail Rating: 5/10 km 1+
      Start Point Address / Driving Directions: VA Medical Center, Building
      D7, 1601 E. Fourth Plain Blvd. From I-5 north or south bound take 4th
      Plain exit 1-D. If south bound, turn left on 4th Plain, if northbound
      turn right on 4th Plain to stop light at St. John's Rd/VA Medical
      Center. Turn right into VA Medical Center. At the first intersection
      turn right staying on the road as it curves slightly left. The road dead
      ends at a flagpole. You can park in either large lot and proceed to the
      atrium of building D7, The Barnes Rehab Center, to register.
      Event Description: There are 5 & 10km distances and both are rated 1+
      (easy). The routes allow walkers to view the annual Veteran's Day Parade
      in Vancouver, WA. The 10km walk goes across the new Vancouver Land
      Bridge before reaching the downtown area where the parade takes place.
      The walk also takes you by a cemetary, college campus, parks and other
      historical points of interest. To see the parade, start walking about
      9:30 to 10:30.
      Start Times: 8am to noon (9:30-10:30 to view the parade)
      Contact: Hope Rolland , (360 ) 571 - 0316
      Event Website: www.home.earthlink.net/~vuvwalkers/
      E-Mail Contact: smchope@...
      Awards and Fees: IVV Credit Only
      Strollers: medium Wheelchairs: NO Pets: Yes Restrooms: Yes
      Event Special Classifications
      Veteran Memorials
      Riverwalk America
      Cemetery Stroll
      US Presidents
      College Campus
      Artistic Heritage
      America's Gardens
      Printable page:

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      11/29/2008 Edmonds WA
      Host Club: Sound Steppers Volkssport Club
      Distance and Trail Rating: 5k, 10k and 20k 2
      Start Point Address / Driving Directions: Port of Edmonds meeting room
      2nd floor. 336 Admiral Way, from I-5 Northbound or Southbound exit 177
      (NE 205th) SR 104 to Edmonds ferry ticketing, turn Left on Dayton St,
      Left on Admiral.
      Event Description: 20th Annual Turkey Trot, 5k, 10k and 20k routes. 5k
      & 10k thru downtown and along the waterfront. 20k route a tour of
      Edmonds includes 4 parks, trail around Golf course, city sidewalks.
      Start Times: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
      Contact: Neil Smith , (206 ) 214 - 5274
      Event Website: Soundsteppers.org
      E-Mail Contact: neil.smith@...
      Awards and Fees: IVV Credit Only
      Strollers: medium Wheelchairs: hard Pets: Yes Restrooms: Yes

      12/6/2008 Olympia WA Capitol Holiday Walk
      Host Club: Capitol Volkssport Club
      Distance and Trail Rating: 10K w/ 5K option 1+
      Start Point Address / Driving Directions: Capitol Building. I-5 (North
      or South) Exit #105. Follow State Capitol signs to Capitol Campus. Free
      parking is at Visitors Center.
      Event Description: Start 3:00 to 6:00 pm; finish by 9:00 pm. Walk
      begins at the decorated Christmas tree in the State Capitol Building.
      Continues through decorated historic neighborhoods and downtown Olympia
      beneath lighted trees, along the waterfont and around Capitol Lake.
      Lighted ship parage starts at 6:00 pm.
      Start Times: 3:00 to 6:00 pm Finish by 9:00 pm
      Contact: Susan Berry , (360 ) 491 - 7266
      Event Website: www.geocities.com/buddbayy/index.html
      E-Mail Contact: lsberry@...
      Awards and Fees: IVV Credit Only
      Comments: New hat pin for 2008 is $3.25. Capitol Holiday embroidered
      patch is $3.00. FLASHLIGHT STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Water and restroom at
      start/finish and checkpoint. Coffee and cookies at checkpoint. Pets are
      permitted but NOT IN BUILDINGS. Owners are responsible for leash and
      cleanup laws. ESVA Challlenges: Thurston County; All clubs; MN, HR, MU,
      BR, LK, OS
      Strollers: medium Wheelchairs: NO Pets: Yes Restrooms: Yes

      12/13/2008 Longview WA Anniversary Walk
      Host Club: Border Crossers
      Distance and Trail Rating: 10 km 1
      Start Point Address / Driving Directions: 1902 E. Kessler Blve I-5
      Northbound/Southbound: Exit 36. Follow signs to Longview. Turn RIGHT on
      Oregon Way (at Arco Station). Go 1 block to Douglas Blvd and turn LEFT.
      Douglas becomes Kessler. The school is on right in three blocks.
      Event Description: Trail is rated 1. There is a 10 km and a 5 km
      alternate route. Walk will pass the historic Longview Library, the
      Monticello Hotel, and the current City Hall. Walk will go through an old
      neighborhood as well as the dirt trail by Lake Sacajawea. It is suitable
      for strollers but wheelchairs will have considerable difficulty on the
      lake trail. 5 km route will be an abbreviated verision of the 10 km route.
      Start Times: 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Finish by 4:00 p.m.
      Contact: Sam Korff , (503 ) 728 - 0400
      E-Mail Contact: korffs@...
      Awards and Fees: IVV Credit Only Water and restrooms at start/finish.
      Pets permitted but NOT in building(s). Owners responsible for leash and
      clean up laws. Walk is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Longview
      Border Crossers. An anniversary cake will be available.
      Strollers: medium Wheelchairs: hard Pets: Yes Restrooms: Yes

      12/13/2008 Spokane WA
      Host Club: Lilac City Volkssport Assn.
      Distance and Trail Rating: 5k,10k
      Start Point Address / Driving Directions: Spokane Friends Church, 1612 W
      Contact: Sue Keehnen , (509 ) 326 - 3575
      E-Mail Contact: srkeehnen@...

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