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Cle Elum X-C Ski and Snowshoe

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  • Wendy Bumgardner
    =============== Walk of Life 10-Week Program Get fit, lose fat, feel great with this free daily program of walking, exercise, nutrition tips, and healthy
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2005
      Walk of Life 10-Week Program
      Get fit, lose fat, feel great with this free daily program of walking,
      exercise, nutrition tips, and healthy recipes.

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      SENSATIONAL SCANDINAVIA: Complimentary admission to Copenhagen's Tivoli
      Gardens with a special dinner in one of Tivoli's many fine restaurants
      OR $100 off the Finland Extension.
      EMERALD ISLE OF IRELAND (immediately following AVA Convention): Your
      choice of a one-of-a-kind, hand knit Aran Island sweater on the island
      of Inishmore.
      ICELAND: Complimentary horseback ride on the famed, easy-riding
      Icelandic horses OR admission to the soothing geothermally-heated waters
      of the Blue Lagoon along with an in-water massage OR $100 off the
      Greenland Extension.
      ALPINE EUROPE: $100 toward the purchase of a cuckoo clock in the Black
      Forest OR $100 off the IVV Olympiad Walking Festival Pre-tour in the
      Czech Republic.
      Call Janelle at 1 (800) 779-0353 by January 3 to reserve your place and
      qualify for the bonus!!

      January 8 & 9 2005 CLE ELUM Cross Country Ski & Snowshoe
      SPONSORS: Evergreen Wanderers Iron Horse Inn New Balance
      LOCATION: Iron Horse Inn 525 Marie Ave South Cle Elum, WA
      DISTANCE: 10km (6.2 miles)
      Rated 1. CROSS COUNTRY SKI Ski on level Iron Horse Trail past the old
      power house station, along Tilman Creek and the Cle Elum and Yakima
      Rivers. An outstanding beginner's ski trail.
      Rated 2. SNOWSHOE Walk on level Iron Horse Trail East past two pond
      with great views of Cle Elum Valley. A nice and easy trail.
      AWARD: Credit only is $3.00. All must register, carry, and return
      start card.
      MISC: Water and restrooms at start/finish.
      For lodging information call the Iron Horse Inn (509)674-5939
      Evergreen Wanderer President and trail master, Chuck Repik - (253)582-7474.
      Email: CREPIK@...
      I-90 Eastbound: Exit #84 (Cle Elum/S Cle Elum). Exit ramp crosses over
      I-90 and becomes 1st St. West. At bottom of hill turn RIGHT at the
      Information Center (corner of 1st St W and S Cle
      Elum Way). Continue 5 blocks and turn RIGHT on
      Madison St. LEFT on 6th St as it becomes Marie Ave to Iron Horse Inn.
      I-90 Westbound: Exit RIGHT onto Oakes Ave. LEFT on 1st St West. LEFT
      at Information Center. Continue as above.

      1/15/2005 - Winter Waddle Walk
      Event Number : 70749
      Start : The Commons (formally Sea Tac Mall), S 320th St., Federal Way, WA
      Event City: Federal Way
      Start 7 am - 8:30 am, finish by 11 am.
      5K/10K walk on sidewalks outside or come in out of the cold and rain
      into the mall. Choose one of three indoor or outdoor trails and walk
      the laps.
      ESVA meeting same day.
      Host Club : P.E.O. Pathfinders
      Write for more information to:
      34007 31st Ave SW
      Federal Way, Wa 98023
      Contact : Dina Johnson, (253) 661 - 7566
      E-Mail: dina_johnson@...

      February 5, 2005 (Saturday Only) Walk The Upper Skagit Bald Eagle Festival
      Two 11 km (6.8 mile) walks with 5 km alternatives in and around
      Concrete. Get a jump start on Festivals for the Washington State Challenge!
      Concrete High School
      7830 S. Superior Ave.
      Concrete WA
      Start Time: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
      Finish Time: 4:00 p.m.
      Sanction numbers:NW05-70711, NW05-70663
      Downtown Route. Rated 3+ (3C) WA State Challenge: Mountains/Trails.
      Downtowns/Festivals County: Skagit. Walk through historic Concrete and
      on narrow, unimproved trails through woods and country roads to a
      viewpoint where you can see the Lower Baker Dam and probably some Bald
      Eagles. A few sections are steep and may be slippery/muddy. Not suitable
      for wheelchairs and strollers.
      Skagit Valley Trail Route. Rated 2. (1B). WA State Challenge:
      Mountains/Trails, Festivals. County: Skagit. Walk along the Skagit
      Valley Trail. Easy route but rated 2 due to gravel trail and hill to get
      back to start/finish. Suitable for wide wheeled strollers.
      AWARD: Credit only is $3.00. Free walkers are welcome, but must
      register, carry, and return a start card. Free “B” patches to all
      registered children under 12 years old and all 1st time walkers.
      GROUP WALK: Want to walk with others? Be registered and ready to walk
      at 9:30 am. Group will meet just outside the front door of the school.
      REGISTRATION: Takes place just inside the entrance of Concrete High School.
      START TIME: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
      FINISH: 4:00 p.m.
      DOOR PRIZE: New Balance Shoes will be given away to a registered walker.
      MORE INFORMATION: John or Gail Boggs, 360-853-8347, Email:
      DIRECTIONS: I-5 to Exit 230; take Rt. 20 east to Concrete. Just inside
      the city limits of Concrete, turn right (south) at the Chevron gas
      station onto Superior Avenue. Continue on Superior under the school,
      and park as directed. The High School is immediately to the right of
      Superior. Map on Back.
      FESTIVAL INFORMATION: The Bald Eagle Festival is spread out through
      several towns and spots in the Upper Skagit Valley. There will be
      information displays, speakers and kids activities at the High School.
      The prime eagle viewing spots are only a few miles up the road. We
      encourage you to visit all of the festival locations. Remember: If it
      is a sunny day, you will have a beautiful day for a walk. If it is
      cloudy, you are more likely to see lots of eagles as they are more
      likely to be perched in trees rather than soaring.
      MISCELLANEOUS: Water and restrooms are available at start/finish and
      along the route. Pets are not permitted in buildings. There will be
      food/refreshments available at checkpoints and festival locations.
      A special Thanks to: Upper Skagit Bald Eagle Festival Organizers,Puget
      Sound Energy and Annie’s Pizza Station for providing a warm Start/Finish
      and Checkpoints! More Thanks to Puget Sound Energy for having warm
      drinks and cinnamon rolls at the checkpoints!

      2/5/2005 to 2/6/2005 Northwest Trek Wildlife Park
      City and State: Eatonville WA
      Host Club: Evergreen State Volkssport Assn.
      Distance and Trail Rating: 5 and 10 km 2+
      Start Point Address: 11610 Trek Dr. E, Eatonville, Washington,
      Event Description: TRAIL: (2) Walk on asphalt trails and woodland paths
      throughout the park. View native Northwest wildlife creatures in a
      natural setting. Strollers will have difficulty. The shorter trail is
      suitable for wheelchairs.
      Start Times: 8:00 am - 1:00pm
      Contact: JoAnn McAllister , (360 ) 681 - 2560
      Event Website: www.esva.org
      E-Mail Contact: jomac@...
      Awards and Fees:
      A 100% embroidered triangular patch designed by Dorman Batson, is
      $7.50. 50 AVAILABLE. NO REORDERS
      DIRECTIONS: I5: Exit 127 (SR512) east to SR161 (South
      Hill/Eatonville). RIGHT (south) on SR161 and follow Northwest Trek signs
      to the Park. SR167: South to SR 512 (Puyallup/Olympia) to sr161 exit.
      LEFT on SR161. Continue as above
      Strollers: Hard Wheelchairs: None Pets: No Restrooms: Yes

      2/12/2005 to 2/13/2005
      City and State: Olympia WA
      Host Club: Capitol Volkssport Club
      Start Point Address: Providence St. Peter Hospital Fitness Center
      Event Description:
      70831 Walk Distance and Trail Rating: 5 and 10Km 1+
      70833 Walk Distance and Trail Rating: 10Km 1+
      70834 Bike Distance and Trail Rating: 25Km 1
      Start Times: 8:00AM to 1:00PM
      Contact: Lloyd Berry , (360 ) 491 - 7266
      Event Website: www.geocities.com/buddbayy
      E-Mail Contact: leberry@...
      Awards and Fees:
      IVV credit is $3.00. Free walkers and bikers are welcome but must
      register, carry and return a start card.
      I-5: Exit #109 (Martin Way). Northbound turn left/Southbound turn
      right on Martin Way. Continue on Martin Way to Lilly Road and turn
      right. Go past the hospital and turn left into parking lot. The Fitness
      Center is downstairs at the back of the main building.

      2/12/2005 to 2/13/2005
      City and State: Littlerock WA
      Host Club: Four-Plus Foolhardy Folks
      Distance and Trail Rating: 10K 3
      Start Point Address: Evergreen Sportsman’s Club 12736 Marksman Road
      Directions: From I-5 take exit 95 (south of Olympia) towards
      Littlerock/Maytown. From the exit go Left (if exiting I5 Northbound) or
      Right (if exiting I5 Southbound) towards Littlerock. Proceed 3.1 miles
      to Littlerock. Continue straight for 0.7 miles to Waddell Creek Road. At
      Waddell Creek Road turn Left for 1.2 miles to Bourdeaux Rd. At Bourdeaux
      Rd turn Right for 1.0 miles to Marksman St. At Marksman St turn Right to
      start point.
      Event Description: A nice winter hike through the woods of Capitol
      State Forest (maintained by the Washington State Department of Natural
      Resources) on the Mima Falls trail. The trail is well kept and a fairly
      easy hike with a few minor elevation gains (approx 300’ total gain).
      This walk is suitable for all ages. There are a few spots that tend to
      be muddy in the wet months. After the walk, visit the nearby mysterious
      Mima Mounds that have been written up in many geological and unexplained
      publications. Gophers or ancient artifacts? Earthquakes or aliens? You
      Start Times: 8am-1pm Sat & Sun
      Contact: Donald Swab , (253 ) 531 - 2796
      Event Website: www.walkhappy.com/fourplusclub/
      E-Mail Contact: swabdl98@...
      Awards and Fees: "A" award patch designed by Dorman Batson is $7.00.
      Credit only is $3.00.
      Comments: Indoor start location. Restroom (pit) at trailhead. Water at
      the start/finish. Carry your own water on the trail. Pets are allowed
      but owners must obey leash and scoop laws. Not suitable for wheelchairs
      or regular strollers.

      February 19, 2005 Presidents’ Weekend Walk
      START/FINISH: McMenamins East Vancouver No. B-107 1900 NE 162nd Ave.,
      Vancouver, WA
      HOURS: Start 9:30 A.M. to 1:00 p.m.
      Finish by 4:00 p.m.
      TRAIL: Rated 1+. Choose 5K, 10K or 15K. Three 5K options which can be
      combined to make a 5K, 10K or 15K walk. Routes take you through
      established and new residential areas on quiet, tree-lined streets. OK
      for strollers and wheelchairs.
      Pets are permitted but NOT in McMenamins. Owners are responsible for
      leash and clean-up laws.
      REGISTRATION: This event is sanctioned by the American Volkssport
      Association (AVA), a member of the International Federation of Popular
      Sports (IVV) and counts toward acquisition of IVV Achievement Awards.
      Registration is on the day of event. Everyone is welcome. There will
      be no fee for non-credit walkers. IVV credit is $3.00. All walkers
      must register, sign the liability waiver and carry a start card.
      We will hold this event regardless of the weather. Fee refunds will not
      be offered. Please use good judgment if the weather turns severe.
      DISCLAIMER: We make every effort to provide a safe and enjoyable event,
      but the sponsors are not liable for injuries, accidents, thefts and/or
      material damages. Children under 12 must be with an adult.
      STIPULATIONS: When you register, you agree to abide by the guidelines
      for AVA volkssport events and to observe the principles of good
      PARKING: There is ample parking; however,
      please park away from the building to keep those spaces open for
      McMenamins customers.
      INFO: George and Nancy – 360-546-3243
      Email: nancy.v@...
      DIRECTIONS: From I-205 in Vancouver, southbound or northbound take Exit
      27 (Vancouver/West, Camas/East, Hwy. 14). Drive East on Hwy. 14. Use
      Exit 8 (SE 164th Ave.). Go north (left) on SE 164th Ave (which becomes
      NE 162nd Ave.) approximately 3 miles. Turn left on NE 18th St.
      Immediately turn right into the 162nd Place Shopping Center where
      McMenamins is located.
      Or, if traffic signals don’t bother you, from I-205 in Vancouver,
      southbound or northbound, take Exit 28 (Mill Plain Rd.) and follow Mill
      Plain East to 164th Ave. Turn north (left) on SE 164th Ave. (which
      becomes NE 162nd Ave.). Go approximately 1.4 miles. Turn left on NE
      18th St. Immediately turn right into the 162nd Place Shopping Center
      where McMenamins is located.
      MORE INFORMATION: To learn more about volkssporting and to meet our
      club members, we invite you to come to our monthly meetings. We meet on
      the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:15 p.m. at the Hazel Dell Sewer
      District meeting room, 8000 NE 52nd Court. Please contact Dick at
      360-573-6048 for additional information.
      A very special thanks to McMenamins for supporting volkssporting and the
      Vancouver USA Volkssporters.

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