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  • Wendy Bumgardner
    Aug 30 4:34 AM
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      City / State: Seattle, WA
      Event Name: Celebrate Labor Day on Capitol Hill
      Event Type: Walk
      Event ID: 93274
      Distance - Trail Ratings: 5/10K - 1A
      Description: In the Middle Ages society was divided into those who
      prayed (Orare), those who fought (Pugnare), and those who worked
      (Laborare). In honor of Labor day we will substitute walking (Ambulare)
      for the fighting as we walk Capitol Hill and pass by the churches of
      many denominations that distinguish the hilltop. The route is paved and
      generally flat. There will be an award patch depicting the Chapel of St
      Ignatius on the campus; award and credit will be $9. Credit walkers $3;
      free walkers must register and carry a start card.
      Amenities: Strollers: hard | Wheelchairs: NO | Pets: Yes |
      Restrooms: Yes
      Special Programs: Bakeries Family Owned, Celebrating Golden Cinemas,
      Fraternal Organization, Rainbow Color-Named Places
      Start Times: 9-12; finish by 3
      Location: Lower Mall (800 block of 11th Avenue), Seattle University,
      Seattle, WA 98122
      Start Point / Driving Directions: Lower Mall (800 block of 11th
      Avenue) on the campus of Seattle University.
      I-5 S'bound take exit 165A to James; turn left onto James. I-5 N'bound
      take exit 164A to James; turn right onto James. Drive up the hill and
      move to left lane. At Broadway turn left onto Broadway and drive two
      blocks north to Columbia Street. Turn right and then immediate left into
      the Seattle University Broadway Garage. Parking is free. After parking
      exit the garage to the north and walk down the stairs and hill to the
      start point on the University's lower mall near the University Services
      Building at 800 11th Avenue. Bus: Metro # 2 or 12. Exit trolley just
      past 11th & Madison; walk back to 11th and turn right onto campus.
      Follow the mall for 2 blocks to the start/ finish area.
      Awards & Fees: A Award
      Comments: Leashed pets okay but not in buildings; scoop laws of course.
      Host Club: Emerald City Wanderers
      Contact: David W. Madsen (206) 789-1960
      Website: www.walkingwithecw.org
      E-Mail Contact: dmadsen@...

      Shoreline YRE Move: Shoreline Haggens Pharmacy and Food store is
      closing. Moving the YRE box for walk #Y1390 effective 8/15/13.
      New location: Walgreens, 17524 Aurora Ave. N.,Shoreline, WA 98133
      I-5 exit #176 /N 175th, northbound Left, southbound Right, onto 175th.
      Right on Midvale Ave. Left to Walgreens parking lot.

      Edmonds Meadowdale Beach YRE Y396 had to be moved due to construction.
      New location 7500 196th SW Edmonds QFC store. New route and new name
      Five Parks.
      The other YRE Y1913 from Edmonds Harbor Square Athletic Club remains at
      the same location.

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      City / State: Camas, WA
      Event Name: Three Lakes Walk
      Event Type: Walk
      Event ID: 95298
      Distance - Trail Ratings: 5 km / 11 km - 2B
      Description: Hilltop and lakeside neighborhoods connect forested
      parks on nature paths and some rough trails along the shores of Lacamas
      and Round Lakes, and above Fallen Leaf Lake, part of Camas newest park.
      A rocky, tree-rooted forest path downhill from above Fallen Leaf Lake
      offers beautiful views of this little-known gem through the forested
      canopy. The 5 km route is rated 1B and includes smoother paths near and
      along all the lakes. Strollers are okay for the 5 km route only, and may
      have difficulty across the narrow Round Lake Dam and fish wheel.
      Amenities: Strollers: medium | Wheelchairs: NO | Pets: Yes |
      Restrooms: Yes
      Special Programs: Rainbow Color-Named Places, Walking America's
      Trails, WPA Works Projects Administration
      Start Times: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.; finish by 4 p.m.
      Location: Lacamas Lake Park, 3344 NE Everett Street, Overflow
      parking lot
      Start Point / Driving Directions: 3344 NE Everett Street, overflow
      parking lot. From I-5 or I-205, take SR-14 East, then Exit 10 (SE 192nd
      Avenue). LEFT at end of ramp and drive 2.6 miles to SE 1st Street
      (Camas). RIGHT on 1st, which soon becomes NW Lake Road, for 4 miles.
      LEFT on NE Everett Street. Pass main parking lot of Lacamas Lake Park
      and turn RIGHT on NE 35th Avenue. One short block to the parks overflow
      parking lot on the LEFT. Volkswalk signs will be posted.
      Awards & Fees: IVV Credit Only
      Comments: Hiking shoes and poles may be helpful on the rough trail,
      which is about 1.5 km long midway through the 11km route.
      Host Club: All Weather Walkers
      Contact: Jan Breneman (360) 835-9686
      Website: www.allweatherwalkers.org
      E-Mail Contact: breneman@...

      City / State: Mead, WA
      Event Name: Mt. Spokane State Park Walk
      Event Type: Walk
      Event ID: 95950
      Distance - Trail Ratings: 5k 10k 15k - 3C
      Description: The walk will consist of three 5 K loops. Any two of
      the loops can be walked for the 10 K option, and any of the loops can be
      walked for the 5 K option.
      Amenities: Strollers: NO | Wheelchairs: NO | Pets: Yes | Restrooms: Yes
      Special Programs: This event doesn't have any special Programs assigned.
      Start Times: 8:00 am - Noon
      Location: Selkirk Lodge, Mt. Spokane State Park
      Start Point / Driving Directions: From I90 take the US 2/US 395 exit
      and proceed north. At the Y stay right on US 2. Follow US 2 to WSH 206
      (Traffic Signal). Turn right and drive to Mt. Spokane State Park. The
      entrance to Mt. Spokane State Park is at the end of Washingon State
      Route 206. In the park the road becomes Mt. Spokane Park Drive. Follow
      the road until you reach Selkirk Lodge.
      Awards & Fees: IVV Credit Only
      Comments: Washington State Discover Pass or day use permit required
      for entrance into the park. Weather conditions could alter the rating.
      Mt. Spokane State Park is the largest park owned by the Washington State
      Host Club: Lilac City Volkssport Assn.
      Contact: Sue Lecoe (509) 710-8641
      Website: lilaccityvolks.com
      E-Mail Contact: sue7011@...

      City / State: Tacoma, WA
      Event Name: Tacoma Nature Center Snake Lake Guided Walk
      Event Type: Walk
      Event ID: 96184
      Distance - Trail Ratings: 10km/5km - 1B
      Description: Walk on dirt trails throughout Tacoma Nature Center
      around Snake Lake and partially paved trails in Delong and Franklin
      Parks. The remainder of the walk is on sidewalks and road shoulder
      through residential and business areas. Credit only is $3.00. Free
      participants are welcome, but all must register, carry and return a
      start card.
      Amenities: Strollers: NO | Wheelchairs: NO | Pets: | Restrooms: Yes
      Special Programs: Bakeries Family Owned, Baseball Walks
      Start Times: Guided Walk Start: 9:30a.m.
      Location: Tacoma Nature Center/Snake Lake
      Start Point / Driving Directions: 1919 S. Tyler St, Tacoma, WA. I-5:
      Exit 132 (SR 16). Take Exit 1B (Union Ave) on SR 16. RIGHT on Union Ave
      to S. 19th St. LEFT on S. 19th to S. Tyler St. LEFT on S. Tyler St.
      Entrance to Tacoma Nature Center is on LEFT. Vehicle parking at Nature
      Center may be limited due to other activities, at the Center. Additional
      parking is available across So Tyler St at Heidelberg - Davis Park.
      Awards & Fees: IVV Credit Only
      Comments: This is a Guided Walk. The walks starts promply at 9:30a.m.
      Host Club: Evergreen Wanderers
      Contact: Chuck Layton (253) 851-8756
      Website: evergreenwanderers.homestead.com
      E-Mail Contact: celayt@...

      City / State: Issaquah, WA
      Event Name: Autumn in Issaquah Highlands
      Event Type: Walk
      Event ID: 95768
      Distance - Trail Ratings: 6K/10K/14K - 2B
      Description: Enjoy early fall in the Highlands. We will start our
      walk at the picnic shelter in Central Park in the Issaquah Highlands.
      Beautiful walk on trails and sidewalks through the villages and parks of
      the Highlands. Grand views along the walk. Surface paved for about 2/3.
      Soft groomed trail for 1/3.
      Amenities: Strollers: NO | Wheelchairs: NO | Pets: Yes | Restrooms: Yes
      Special Programs: This event doesn't have any special Programs assigned.
      Start Times: 9:00am-12:00pm finish by 3:00pm
      Location: Issaquah Highlands Central Park
      Start Point / Driving Directions: 1907 NE Park Drive, Issaquah, WA
      From I-90 Eastbound take exit 18. Keep left at the fork to merge to
      Highlands Dr NE. Right on NE Federal Dr. Keep right at the fork to NE
      Park Dr. Turn right into Central Park. Right at College Way down the
      hill to the parking lot of Grand View School. After parking walk up the
      hill and cross Park Dr. RIGHT then LEFT to Picnic Shelter for walk
      start. There is very limited parking in the lot adjacent to the Picnic
      Awards & Fees: IVV Credit Only
      Host Club: Interlaken Trailblazers Volkssport Club
      Contact: Sharon Moats (425) 235-0528
      Website: www.interlakentrailblazers.org
      E-Mail Contact: atthepond3@...

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