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Jul 19, 2011

Some More Satire from Walk-Off

WP's satirical political books were such a success last year, we branched out into supernatural satire with a new set of blank books. All of them are in the
Nov 21, 2009

Two Satirical Politics Books - Available Soon on Amazon

Walk-Off comes out of retirement (and off the bench) with a pair of satirical blank books, just in time for the election: John McCain's Sure-Fire Plan to Win
Steve Sullivan
Oct 14, 2008

Re: Appearing at It Came from Lake Michigan Film Festival

That was, of course, supposed to be "appetite." I was not eaten by some nameless abomination while typi... Rrghlll! -- Stephen D. Sullivan -- Award-winning
stephen sullivan
Oct 14, 2007

Appearing at It Came from Lake Michigan Film Festival

The It Came from Lake Michigan film festival is back this year. (Yay!) They've relocated from Racine to Milwaukee, which means losing the lovely view of the
    stephen sullivan
    Oct 14, 2007
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    group message not from me

    This morning, I got a message from my Walk-Off and StephenDSullivan yahoo groups soliciting writers for an online anthology. The message was from someone
    stephen sullivan
    Sep 6, 2007

    Re: intro

    Thanks, Bob. It's funny what your brain does when you're not looking. And your spell-checker fails to catch. Of course, it could be other authors leaving
    stephen sullivan
    Aug 3, 2007


    Hey, Steve, A bit of a Freudian slip in the intro. I think you mean"exciting" rather than "exiting" unless it's in the PT Barnum sense of "see the egress,
    Aug 3, 2007
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