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Vancouver Discovery Walk Apr. 25-27, USA - Discount till Mar. 15

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  • Wendy Bumgardner
    We invite you to join us once again at the 12th Annual International Discovery Walk Festival, Vancouver, WA, USA April 25-27, 2008. Discount Registration
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      We invite you to join us once again at the 12th Annual International
      Discovery Walk Festival, Vancouver, WA, USA April 25-27, 2008.

      Discount Registration Through March 15
      Our discount registration rate of $8 per person per event is available
      through March 15. You can register online or by mail. Registration is
      open through the event for the regular rate of $10 per person per event.
      Children age 12 and under are always FREE, but each group of children
      must be accompanied by an adult registered for the event.
      All events are IVV sanctioned. There is no "credit-only" category, or
      free adult category, all pay the award price and receive an award for
      each event.

      Group and Team Discounts:
      If you have friends looking to save money on the Discovery Walk Festival
      registration, our Team Rate is in effect through the day of event. Teams
      of 10 or more get the rate of $5 per event per person (the same as our
      Earlybird Rate). They must register together at the Group Registration
      Table, or pre-register. Teams who pre-register will receive a Team Award
      as well as individual awards for the walks, bikes, or swims.

      Group Packet: Through March 15, we extend that same low rate of $5 per
      event to anybody who registers themselves and friends for a total of 10
      events - which could be 3 people for 3 events and one more for just one
      event - any combo you can think of. This rate is only available through
      March 15. Use the Group Packet rate to buy 10 event coupons you can use
      amongst yourself, friends and family for this low rate.

      FRIDAY, APRIL 25: Mayor's Friendship Walk
      Opening Ceremony 3:45 pm.
      Start times: Anytime 4 - 6 pm. Finish by 9 pm.
      Enjoy an easy 5 or 10 km walk seeing historic and scenic areas of Vancouver.

      SATURDAY, APRIL 26: Walks
      Choose your distance - Marathon 42K, 32K, 21k, 11K or 6K. Trail rated 2
      (moderate) on paved surfaces with some hills. The 6K and 11K are
      suitable for wheelchairs and strollers. The walk visits Vancouver parks,
      greenways, and neighborhoods. Runners/racewalkers should start at the
      end of their start period and carry their own water and snacks.
      42K & 32K: start 7- 7:30 am, finish by 4 pm.
      21K start 8-9 am, finish by 4 pm.
      6K/11K start 8 am-12 pm, finish by 4 pm.
      Family Fun 6K Walk: a special 10 am start time for our 6K (3.8 mile)
      route will include fun for everyone.

      SUNDAY, APRIL 27: Walks, Bikes, Swims
      Choose your distance - 32K, 21K, 10K or 6K. Trails rated 2 (moderate) on
      paved surfaces with some hills. The 32/21K distances will include a bus
      shuttle – no dogs allowed on the bus. The 6K and 10K are suitable for
      wheelchairs/strollers. The bike routes tour the western areas of
      Vancouver. Helmets required, some rental bikes available. Two 300 meter
      swims in the afternoon at Hough Pool (shuttle provided).
      32K: board shuttle bus 6:45 – 7 am, finish by 4 pm.
      21K: board shuttle bus 7:45 – 9 am, finish by 4 pm.
      6K/11K start 8am-12 pm, finish by 4 pm.
      25K/50K Bike start 9 am - 12 pm, finish by 4 pm.
      Swims start 1:30-3:45 pm, finish by 4 pm.
      Closing Ceremonies: 3 pm

      Our registration, start, and finish will be in the Discovery Ballroom of
      the Vancouver Hilton Hotel, which is to the left when you enter the
      Hilton Convention Center.

      We hope you enjoy the spring weather and get in some good walking! We
      will see you in America's Vancouver in April!

      Discovery Walk Festival

      You can print the attached brochure, register online, or print the form

      2008 Vancouver Discovery Walk Registration Form

      New ____ Returning ____ Birthdate: ____/_____/_____

      Name: ______________________________________________________


      City, State, Zip, Country: _______________________________________

      Phone: _____________________________________________________

      Email Address: _______________________________________________

      If Team give Team Name:______________________________________
      For Team, please write in the price of $5 per person per event and send
      in all registrations together. You can add more people at the event or
      transfer registrations to other people.

      Check days/distances:
      ( ) Friday Walk ( )5K ( )10K
      ( ) Saturday Walk ( )6K ( )10K ( )21K ( )32K ( )42K
      ( ) Saturday 6K Family Fun Walk (starts 10 am - same as 6K)
      ( ) Sunday Walk ( )6K ( )10K ( )21K ( )32K
      ( ) Bike Sunday ( )25K ( )50K
      ( ) Swim Sunday ( )300m ( )600m Earn award and 1 IVV credit for 300m, 2
      credits for 600 m.

      Prices - Circle your choices
      Price/person by by March. 15 / after March 15
      1 day of walking $8 / $10
      2 days of walking $16 / $20
      3 days of walking $24 / $30
      Bike Sunday $8 / $10
      Swim Sunday $8 / $10
      (swim includes 1 award, and 2 IVV credits for one price if you swim twice)
      Child 12 and Under - Any Event FREE / FREE
      T-Shirt - CIRCLE SIZE -- S M L XL 2XL 3XL $15 / $15
      Group Packet: $50 / NA
      (10 coupons each good for any 1 event, split them up amongst your
      friends as you desire.)
      Total :

      Print and mail with payment payable to:
      International Walk Fest
      PO Box 2009
      Vancouver, WA 98668

      All US walkers must pay at the time they register.
      Walkers outside of USA: Register by the dates shown and pay that price
      upon arrival.
      Credit cards are only accepted via our online form, do not email us or
      mail us your credit card information.
      Registration is not refundable, but you may transfer it to another

      Group Packet Information:
      Online Registration at:
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