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Walking into November

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  • Wendy Bumgardner
    ======== Night Walking - 8 strategies to keep moving when the days grow short. http://walking.about.com/library/weekly/aa103000a.htm Volks-Ware Clothing for
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      Night Walking - 8 strategies to keep moving when the days grow short.

      Volks-Ware Clothing for Walkers http://www.webwalking.com/volksware
      New item: the Walker Warmer

      Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary Fall Walk AT2000/0316
      November 4, 2000
      City, State, Country: Lothian, Anne Arundel County, Maryland
      Host Club: Freestate Happy Wanderers (AVA-190)
      Distance and Trail Rating: 5 Km, AVA Rating 2, 10 Km, AVA Rating 3
      Start place address: McCann Wetlands Center, Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary,
      1361 Wrighton Road, Lothian, MD
      Start times: Anytime between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.
      Event description: Both trails are on natural surface paths and
      boardwalks which wander through the Sanctuary, a beautiful natural area
      on the Patuxent River. There are some short, steep hills and steps to
      negotiate. The trails follow parts of the old Chesapeake Beach Railroad
      right-of-way. Both trails have magnificent views of the river, the
      adjacent marshes, and historic sights in the area. Neither trail is
      suitable for strollers or wheelchairs.
      Award and fees: Therte is no special award for this event. The Friends
      of Jug Bay will be selling souvenir items at reasonable prices.There is
      a Park Entrance fee of $2.00 per person, which will be collected at the
      Start. Friends of Jug Bay members and children under 10 will be admitted
      free. The walk is free, unless you desire credit towards IVV awards, for
      which there is a $2.00 registration fee. The trail may be walked twice
      on the same day at no additional cost. There is no preregistration.
      Directions: From the Washington Beltway take Exit 11, Route 4
      South/Upper Marlboro. After passing Upper Marlboro and crossing over
      Route 301, continue south on Route 4 toward Prince Fredrick.
      Approximate;ly 1 mile after crossing the Patuxent River, turn RIGHT onto
      Plummer Lane. At first intersection (Soller's Church), turn RIGHT onto
      Wrighton Road. Proceed 0.7 mile and turn LEFT at the brown, wooden Jug
      Bay Wetlands Sanctuary sign. Follow the dirt road between the fields and
      into the woods. Continue straight to the Volksmarch Parking signs.
      Contact: Please do not call the Sanctuary for information or directions.
      If you have questions, contact Mike Quinlan, 301-805-4278.
      Email contact: mikemq@...

      Comments: PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE SANCTUARY. Binoculars, cameras,
      sturdy shoes, and walking sticks
      are recommended.

      4-5 November 2000 Two 10 KM VOLKSWALKS (6.2 MILES) 29 KM Volksbike (17.7
      Eastern Neck Island National Wildlife Refuge and Rock Hall, MD Kent
      A New Balance Supported Event Volkswalk Event Numbers: AT00/305,
      AT00/338 Volksbike Event Number: AT00/339
      Sponsor: Chesapeake Bay Country Wanderers, Inc. (AVA 616)
      Sanctioned by: The American Volkssport Association (AVA) and the
      International Federation of Popular Sports(IVV)
      Dates: 4-5 November 2000
      Start/FinishTimes: Register between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00p.m. Must finish
      by 4:00 p.m.
      Registration/: Registration for all three events is at the Rock Hall
      Civic Center, Civic Center Drive, Rock Hall, MD. See map at end.
      Distance: Both walks are 10 km events; there is only one optional 5km
      trail. The bike is 29 km.
      Trail Rating/Description: One walking trail is in the town of Rock Hall.
      The other walking trail is in the Wildlife Refuge; you will have to
      drive to the start point there. Both trails are rated1+, and are over
      paved, unpaved, and natural surfaces. The trails are not recommended for
      wheelchairs or strollers. The bike trail is rated 1 and intersects with
      our Chestertown YRE bike.
      Conditions: The event will be conducted regardless of weather
      conditions. Please, no littering along the trail. Pets must be leashed
      and cleaned up after. The use of an insect repellant is highly
      recommended, especially in the National Wildlife Refuge where ticks,
      chiggers, fleas, and mosquitoes may be present.
      Eligibility: Everyone is urged to participate in volkswalks to the best
      of their ability, and to the limits imposed by the trail. Children under
      12 must be accompanied by an adult.
      Registration/Start Card: AVA policy requires that all participants must
      register and carry a Start Card while on the trail. Obtain your card at
      the Start Location and return it to the Awards Table whether or not you
      complete the event.
      Fee: There is no fee to walk the trail unless you want to earn AVA/IVV
      credit and/or award. The fee for Credit Only is $2.00 per event. You may
      walk a trail a second time for distance credit at no additional fee.
      ALERT: Starting with its events in 2001, CBCW will no longer be able to
      subsidize free walkers. We regret this, but financial necessity brought
      on by rising costs and declining participation requires that we adopt
      the policy of imposing fees on every participant in our events.
      Therefore, we will adopt the policy of requiring all walkers and bikers
      over the age of 12 to pay a minimum fee of $1.00. This fee does not
      include IVV/AVA credit stamps. If a fee is not paid, then the walker or
      biker may not walk or ride our designated trail as an IVV/AVA
      participant. The fee for IVV/AVA credit will remain $2.00.
      Award: There is no special award for this event, but a variety of awards
      from previous events will be available. You are urged to support the
      Refuge by visiting their headquarters for information, exhibits, and
      possibly to purchase their merchandise. (Please sign their book.)
      Special Information: On a clear day, you will be able to see the Bay
      Bridge, Baltimore, and the Key Bridge from the Island. Three endangered
      species that live on or use Eastern Neck are the Delmarva Fox Squirrel,
      Southern Bald Eagle, and Peregrine Falcon.
      IVV/AVA Books: Participants for IVV/AVA credit are reminded to bring
      their IVV Record Books. New books and New
      Walker packets will be available for purchase at $5.00 each at the Sales
      REFRESHMENTS: Water and candy will be available for free at the
      Start/Finish and Control Points.
      DISCLAIMER: The sponsor of this event can not be held responsible for
      any lost or stolen items, nor any accidents or injuries at any time.
      Every reasonable effort will be made to make this event safe and
      The Refuge greatly appreciates donations and CBCW will gladly see that
      they get any you choose to make in recognition of the pleasure received
      by walking and biking there. Rest rooms are available at the
      Registration Point. Pets must be leashed while in the Refuge. Weather
      may affect trail difficulty. Don't miss the opportunity to take
      advantage of CBCW's YRE bike and walk in Chestertown.
      Contact for additional information: Jean or George at (410) 255-6350 for
      Volkswalk information the Ranger Station at (410) 639-7056 for Refuge
      information Mike at (301) 805-4278 for Volksbike information
      Directions to Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge
      >From the South and West: Take US 50/301 east across the Chesapeake Bay
      Bridge. Where US 50/301 splits, continue on US 301 to MD 213 North to
      Chestertown. In Chestertown, turn left on MD 291 and go approximately 1
      mile to MD 20. Turn right on MD 20 and go 14 miles to Rock Hall. In Rock
      Hall, at the blinking light, turn left on MD 445 for about three blocks.
      Look for the Civic Center sign on the right.
      >From northern Delaware and Philadelphia: Take US 301 south to MD 290
      South (Chestertown-Galena exit). Continue on MD 290 to MD 213 South in
      Galena. Take MD 213 to MD 291 in Chestertown and turn right. Go
      approximately 1 mile to MD 20 and turn right. Follow the above
      Info and map: http://www.sgt-inc.com/cbcw/nov/rockhall.htm

      11/09/2000 - 11/09/2000 - NIGHT WALK
      Event Number: AT2000/0360
      Write for more information to:
      4617 LINCOLN AVE
      BELTSVILLE, MD 20705-1524
      Contact: JOHN R. HOLLOMAN 301-937-3549

      11/11/00 - 11/11/00 - WALK
      Event Number: AT2000/0336
      Write for more information to:
      PO BOX 3716
      GAITHERSBURG, MD 20885-3716
      Contact: BILL LARSON 301-332-6410

      Memorial Stadium AT2000/0366 November 18 & 19, 2000
      City, State, Country: Baltimore, Md
      Host Club: Baltimore Walking Club
      Distance and Trail Rating: One 10 Km trail. AVA Rating is 1+
      Start place address: Northwood Plaza Shopping Center,Loch Raven Blvd and
      Argone Drive, Baltimore Md.
      Start times: 8:00AM to 1:00 PM both days. (finish by 4:00PM)
      Event description: This will be the last time we will be able to see
      Memorial Stadium in its fading glory! It is scheduled for demolation in
      December. (We are told there will be some equipment on site already when
      we walk by.) Trail will be on sidewalks, through the neighborhoods
      around the stadium and around Lake Montebello.
      Award and fees: We are working on a special awaed, but do not have
      details yet. Watch for the brochure(or our web site) or bring a couple
      extra dollars for a very special award!
      Directions: Baltimore Beltway tp Exit 29-Loch Raven Blvd; Go south on
      Loch Raven Blvd for 4 Miles to Northwood
      Shopping Plaza on the left corner of Argonne Drive. We will be set up
      near or in McDonalds. Look for IVV banner.
      Contact: Lynette Regan 8426 Pleasant Plains Road Baltimore Md. 21286
      Email contact: lynwalks@...
      Comments: OK for strollers ans wheelchairs. OK for dogs with responsible
      owners who clean up after them.

      11/25/2000 - 11/25/2000 - WALK
      Event Number: AT2000/0367
      Write for more information to:
      PO BOX 59652
      WASHINGTON, DC 20012-0000
      Contact: RIC NAUEN 301-587-2073

      11/25/2000 - 11/25/2000 - BIKE
      Event Number: AT2000/0368
      Write for more information to:
      PO BOX 59652
      WASHINGTON, DC 20012-0000
      Contact: RIC NAUEN 301-587-2073
      Wendy Bumgardner
      About.com Guide to Walking
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