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Baltimore - Damascus - Oktoberfest Date Change

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  • Wendy Bumgardner
    ============= Walking Magazine Dies What can walkers read instead? http://walking.about.com/library/weekly/aa090101a.htm Volks-Ware has the color in the 50
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2001
      Walking Magazine Dies
      What can walkers read instead?

      Volks-Ware has the color in the 50 states shirts, sweats and patches.
      Check out our popular hooded sweatshirt for fall and winter. We have
      plenty in stock right now!
      The Columbia Plaza Pharmacy, Start/Finish point for the Washington, DC
      Monuments YRE, closed on 14 August 2001. The owner is an elderly
      gentleman and he was suddenly taken ill.
      he Start Box has been relocated to the Columbia Plaza Apartments
      Reception Desk at 2400 Virginia Avenue. The Reception Desk is located
      across from the garage mentioned in the directions in the
      Starting Point. A notice on the door of the Pharmacy redirects
      participants to the Reception Desk.
      To add to the confusion, considerable construction has been started
      around the Columbia Plaza location. This is a bridge renovation project
      which has taken away all the meter parking on the street in front of
      Columbia Plaza. There is still some street parking, and the Metro is
      highly recommended.

      09/07/2001 - 09/07/2001 - WALK
      Relay AT01/0351 September 7, 2001
      City, State, Country: Baltimore, MD, USA
      Host Club: Baltimore Walking Club
      Distance and Trail Rating: One 10 km trail, rated 2. A shorter 5 km
      trail will be available.
      Start place address: Catholic Community at Relay, Cedar Avenue, Relay MD
      Start time: 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Finish by 9 p.m.
      Event description: This is one of the Baltimore Walking Club's Friday
      night walks around the Beltway.
      Award and fees: No special award.
      Directions: I-95 to Exit #47 UMBC/Catonsville. Pass the park and ride.
      Turn left on Rt. 166 East, Rolling Road, toward Arbutus. After crossing
      over the I-95 bridge, Rolling Road becomes Selford Road. Continue on
      Selford Road to the stop sign at Cedar Avenue. Turn right to Catholic
      Community, two blocks on the left.
      Contact: Bill Simmons 410-592-8440 wsimmons2@...
      Comments: Since this is a night walk, you are advised to wear light
      colored clothing and bring a flashlight.

      09/08/2001 - 09/08/2001 - WALK
      Event Number: AT2001/0336
      Write for more information to:
      PO BOX 3716
      GAITHERSBURG, MD 20885-3716
      Contact: PEGGY SCHLOSBURBG 301-598-4959

      Chesapeake Beach- Calvert County Maryland AT2001/0342
      September 15, 2001
      City, State, Country: Chesapeake Beach, Maryland USA
      Host Club: Freestate Happy Wanderers
      Distance and Trail Rating: 5 Km and 10 Km Rated 2
      Start place address: Beach Elementary School, Old Bay Road, Chesapeake
      Beach, Maryland
      Start times: Start between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Finish by 4 p.m.
      Event description: Trail is on roads, sidewalks and boardwalks. Bay
      views for most of the walk. One brief downhill section rated 2+ on road
      surface. Majority of trail on level surface. Much of the trail is in
      North Beach and goes by historic homes, antique stores, marshland and
      another boardwalk.
      Award and fees: An event Tee-shirt saluting the historic railway
      stations of Maryland.
      Directions: From Washington's Capital Beltway (I-95). Take Route 4 South
      into Calvert County. go to direction 3. below.
      From Baltimore Beltway I-695) 1. Take the I-97/Route 3/Route 301
      corridor south to Route 4, near Upper Marlboro. 2. Go south on Route 4,
      toward Prince Fredrick. 3. Just across the Calvert County Line, take a
      left on Route 260. 4. Proceed approximately 5 miles to Chesapeake Beach.
      5. When Route 260 intersects with Route 261 at traffic light, turn
      right. 6. Beach Elementary School is on the right, about 0.8 miles from
      Contact: Bob Caldwell 301-860-0165 or Linda Hassell 410-437-2164
      Email contact: wahasse@...
      Comments: About Chesapeake Beach - The Town of Chesapeake Beach began in
      the late 19th Cenury as a grand resort. It had a racetrack, beachfront,
      hotels, casino, and a 1600 foot entertainment boardwalk built over the
      water. In 1891 a charter was granted to the Chesapeake Beach Railway
      Company which was unveiled on June 8, 1900. The train operated until
      1935. The station was reopened in 1979 as the Chesapeake Beach Railway
      Museum. Although the casino and race track and roller coaster are gone,
      Chesapeake Beach retains its scenic views, great restaurants and a
      recently completed boardwalk. This is a great walk event.

      EVENT SANCTION # - GB01/0001 & GB01/0002
      DATES: Saturday & Sunday - Sept 15th & 16th
      START/FINISH POINT: UPPER MARLBORO, MD. At the "Group Camp" area inside
      Patuxent River Park, just South of Upper Marlboro, MD off Rt 301.
      DIRECTIONS: I-495 (Beltway) to the East Side. Take Pennsylvania Avenue
      (Rt 4) East 8 miles to Upper Marlboro. RIGHT on Rt 301 South 3.8 miles.
      (*) LEFT on CROOM ROAD (East) at light. After 3.1 miles, during which
      road turns South, LEFT on CROOM AIRPORT ROAD (Rt 382). Follow signs to
      Patuxent River Park (2.1 miles). Follow "Volksmarch" signs 1 mile to
      GROUP CAMP area. From the North, take Rt 301 South past Upper Marlboro
      3.8 miles and follow directions above (from *).
      START TIMES: 9 am - 2 pm.
      FINISH TIME: 5 pm
      EVENT 1 - Patuxent River Park 11 Kilometers (6.8 miles)
      EVENT 2 - Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary 11 Kilometers (6.2 miles)
      ALTERNATE 5-km trail available
      SANCTIONED BY: The American Volkssport Association (AVA) and the
      International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV).
      EVENT SPONSORS: Bolling Air Force Base's Outdoor Recreation Division and
      the Potomac River Volksmarching Club.
      FOR ADDITIONAL EVENT INFORMATION: Contact Lee Gause at 202.767.9136 or
      404.8896 or Skip Coburn at
      202.483.1925 (email scoburn@...)
      TRAIL RATINGS: Patuxent River Park's trail rating is 2. Merkle Wildlife
      Sanctuary's trail rating is 1. These are easy walks on mostly
      well-maintained wood chip trails and scenic boardwalks. A little awkward
      for strollers and possibly not suitable for wheelchairs. TWO BEAUTIFUL
      TRAILS wind through natural wildlife habitats. Bring your binoculars and
      MEDALS: GLOBAL Medals will be available: Silver for those completing 20
      km and Bronze for 10 Km. "B" medals from previous GLOBAL Walks & GLOBAL
      Volkssports Patches will also be available at these events.
      GLOBAL EVENT CREDIT: There are GLOBAL events at over 100 locations
      worldwide. Each GLOBAL event is a separate IVV-sanctioned activity.
      Volksmarchers may receive EVENT and DISTANCE credit at each location.
      COST: Volksmarches are open to the public for free. Anyone may walk the
      trails and enjoy the events without charge. Optional commemorative
      medals and patches are available at a minimal charge for those desiring
      PRE-REGISTRATION: If you walk for Free or for IVV Credit Only,
      Pre-Registration is not necessary. Pre-Registration is to reserve a
      medal at a lower cost. Those desiring an award may Pre-Register for
      Medal and IVV Credit ($5), Medal only ($5), or IVV Credit only ($2.00).
      The Pre-Registration Form may be found here. Address Pre-Registration
      Forms and make checks payable to: Outdoor Recreation, 11th Support Group
      Services Division (SVRO), OUTDOOR
      RECREATION - GLOBAL, 12 Brookley Avenue, Bolling AFB DC 20332. Unclaimed
      Pre-Registrations will be forfeited.
      LATE REGISTRATION: The deadline for Pre-Registration is 12 September.
      Anyone registering at the Event may receive a Medal and IVV Credit for
      $6, Medal only for $6, or IVV Credit only for $2.00.
      START CARDS: On arrival at the Start, go to the Registration Table for a
      Start Card. Insurance rules require that this card be carried with you
      on the trail, and be turned in at the Awards Table when you finish. If
      you want to participate for free, just ask for a "Walk Free" Start Card.
      AWARDS: Each participant who has paid the appropriate fee will receive a
      Medal and/or an IVV Credit Stamp in exchange for a validated Start Card.
      If medals run out, additional medals will be mailed within 6 to weeks.
      WEATHER: These events will be held regardless of weather conditions.
      REFRESHMENTS: Food, sodas, and other refreshments will be at the Start
      point. Water and snacks will be available at the Checkpoints along the
      IVV BOOKS: Remember to bring your IVV Event and/or Distance Record
      Books. New IVV Event and Distance Record Books may be purchased at the
      ELIGIBILITY: Anyone is welcome to participate for free, however, all
      walkers are eligible to receive an optional medal, patch, and/or IVV
      Credit for a small fee. Children under twelve must be accompanied by an
      adult. Everyone can walk, jog, or run the trails at their own pace.
      VOLUNTEERS: The Start/Finish Point and checkpoints will be manned by
      volunteers from Bolling Air Force Base, the Potomac River Volksmarch
      Club, and other local Volksmarching clubs.
      SPECIAL PROVISIONS: Children under 12, persons over 55, and individuals
      with a walking handicap may earn a 20 Km Silver Medal, even if walking
      the 10-km distance. However, in accordance with AVA/IVV rules, only the
      actual distance covered can be credited in IVV Distance Record Books.
      CONDITIONS: Animals are not permitted in Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary.
      Animals in Patuxent River Park must be kept on a leash at all times. Any
      deposits made by a pet in the special boardwalk wildlife habitat area
      must be removed by the pet's owner. Please come prepared to deal with
      this problem. Discarding litter is prohibited. Walkers must stay on the
      trails and boardwalks and must refrain from disturbing the wildlife.
      Federal, State, Park, and other applicable laws and policies must be
      DISCLAIMER: Every effort will be made to make these GLOBAL events safe
      and enjoyable. Neither the parks nor the sponsors are responsible for
      accidents, or any lost, damaged, or stolen property.
      VOLKSMARCHING: A non-profit, non-competitive, family-oriented,
      recreational activity. These hiking events are organized as a public
      service to promote health and fitness and to encourage enjoyment of the
      great outdoors. They are open to all, and everyone is eligible to
      participate for free.
      VOLKSMARCHING INFORMATION: For additional information on Volkssporting
      in general, and details about other upcoming Volksmarching, Swimming,
      Biking, Skiing, and other Volkssporting events, contact:
      Potomac River Walking Club
      P.O. Box 19524
      Alexandria, Virginia 22320-0524

      Jones Falls Expressway Walk AT01/0329
      September 16, 2001
      City, State, Country: Baltimore, MD, USA
      Host Club: Baltimore Walking Club
      Distance and Trail Rating: 5, 10, and 20 Km trails will be available.
      The AVA Rating is 2.
      Start place address:
      University of Baltmore Bolton Yard Parking Lot
      Corner of Oliver St and Mt Royal Avenue Baltimore Maryland
      Start times: 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM.
      Event description: Walk a segment of Jones Falls Expressway (I-83)
      closed to vehicles for the occasion, explore a Jones Falls community,
      and finish up at the Jones Falls Valley celebration. This one day event
      shows you a part of Baltimore usually passed by at 65 miles per hour.
      Award and fees:
      Participation is free and open to everyone. There is no special award
      for this event. Optional IVV credit is $2 per person.
      By public transit: Take Baltimore's METRO, free on Sunday mornings
      throughout September, to the STATE CENTER station; from escalator go
      straight ahead on Preston, left on Howard, right on Preston again,
      crossing light rail, and left on Cathedral to our start in the UB Bolton
      Yard parking lot.
      By auto: From west (I-70), north (I-83), or northeast (I-95) take
      Baltimore Beltway/I-695 to Exit 23 and head south on the Jones Falls
      Expressway/I-83 about 8 miles to Exit 5, Maryland Ave. Curve to right on
      ramp and merge with Oliver St.
      Continue straight through traffic light across Maryland Ave., pass
      Postal Service Maintenance Facility on right, and turn right into Bolton
      Yard parking lot.
      From south on I-95 use Exit 53 to take I-395 into the city. Follow signs
      to stay in lanes for Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Stay on MLK through 14
      traffic lights, the last three being McCulloh, Madison, and Eutaw. Stay
      right to be in right lane at Eutaw.
      After 1/2 block bear right to cross Howard St, instead of turning left
      onto Howard with most lanes of traffic. As you cross Howard bear
      slightly left on Chase, then slightly left again to be on Park as Chase
      turns abruptly right, and slightly left a third time to be on Cathedral
      as you cross Biddle. Cross Preston and turn left on Mt. Royal to corner
      of Oliver and Bolton Yard parking on right. Don't try to take I-83 north
      from downtown - that's the section which will be closed!
      Ric Nauen
      9008 Queen Maria Court
      Columbia, MD, 21045-2402
      Email contact: RicNauen@... -or- link to
      Comments: This event is popular and not limited to volksmarchers. Arrive
      early to get a good parking spot. Prizes for oldest walker, youngest
      walker, walker who comes from farthest away, and club with most walkers.
      Water and candy or cookies are free at the checkpoint and at the
      start/finish. Port-a-pots will be at start/finish and on festival
      grounds. The trails pass restaurants, food vendors at the festival, and
      other indoor and portable restrooms. Leashed pets are permitted in
      accordance with the laws of Baltimore.

      Volksmarch AT2001/0319
      September 29, 2001
      City, State, Country: Ft. Detrick - (Frederick County) Frederick, MD -
      Host Club: Piedmont Pacers Volksmarch Club of Carroll County
      Distance and Trail Rating: 10Km & 5Km trails, both rated 1
      Start place address: Blue/Gray Field, Ft. Detrick , Frederick, MD
      Start times: Start: 8AM to 11AM; Finish: 2PM
      Event description: Relatively flat on paved and gravel surface paths,
      sidewalks and roadsides around the perimeter of Ft. Detrick, very little
      Award and fees: No award for this event. To walk is FREE, for IVV credit
      the fee is $2.00.
      Directions: From the South, East and West: take Interstate I-70 to
      Frederick, MD, Exit onto US 15 North towards Gettysburg. Take the Ft.
      Detrick/7th Street exit. Turn right on 7th Street and follow signs to
      Ft. Detrick. From the North: Travel South on US 15 to the Ft.
      Detrick/7th Street exit. Exit and turn right on 7th St. Follow signs to
      Ft. Detrick and proceed straight on to the Post.
      The Blue/Gray field is just inside the gate on the far left corner.
      Contact: POC: Chuck at (410)795-7855
      Email contact: cbm95@...
      Comments: The Volksmarch is being held in conjunction with Ft. Detrick's
      annual Fall Fest. A garage sale/flea market starts at 8AM. At 11AM the
      activities begin, music, German style food and drink, crafts and rides
      for children.

      Annapolis Oktoberfest Walk DATE CHANGE to October 7
      You all know what they say about the best laid plans? Well, that's what
      happened to the Annapolis Amblers and their fabulous 11th annual
      Oktoberfest walk. After being sanctioned and distributing tons of
      brochures, we just found out that the date of the West Annapolis
      Oktoberfest event has been changed fron Sunday, October 14 to
      Sunday,October 7. Since it's such a fun occassion and we have already
      planned for a new trail to feature some of the lesser known and traveled
      jewels of Annapolis, the decision was made to have the event on the new
      date. All
      the other info on the events site of the AVA is correct except the date.
      For those of you who may have put the incorrect date on you calendar
      months ago, we apologize.
      We hope everyone can attend our premier event of the year. Normally the
      weather is fabulous, the food, music and German beers are superb, and of
      course, the walk is well worth the drive. See you all on October 7th!
      Any other questions, feel free to contact Adele Degnan at
      City, State, Country: Annapolis, MD
      Host Club: Annapolis Amblers (AVA 595)
      Distance and Trail Rating: 10K, trail rated 1+
      Start place address: Regina's Continental Delicatessan and Restaurant,
      26 Annapolis St., Annapolis, MD
      Start times: 8 AM to 1PM. Must be finished by 4 PM
      Event description: This volksmarch is held in conjunction with the West
      Annapolis Oktoberfest. Good food, Germam beer, music and dancing.The
      walk is through the historic city of Annapolis, which is also the
      Capital of Maryland and the home of the U.S. Naval Academy. The route
      follows road shoulders and primarily sidewalks. Annapolis pavements are
      rough (part of the historic flavor) but suitable for large-wheeled
      strollers. Dogs are welcome on the trail.
      Award and fees: B Awards available.
      Directions: The major routes to Annapolis are I-97 from the north,
      US-50/301 from either east or west, and MD-2 from either north or south.
      When near Annapolis, I-97 and MD-2 will merge into US 50/301. Continue
      on US-50/301 and take exit 24 marked MD-70 South, Rowe Blvd., Annapolis.
      Continue South on Rowe Blvd., cross Weems Creek and turn left at first
      traffic light onto Melvin Ave., go two blocks to Annapolis St. (street
      will be closed for Oktoberfest activities), turn right, then one block
      to Regina's Restaurant on the left. Parking is available on nearby
      streets or three blocks west of start/finish at the US Naval Academy
      Stadium off Rowe Blvd.
      Contact: Jim or Barbara Fons (410)757-6983, or Bob Schmick (410)
      Email contact: marktim@... or fons@...
      Comments: 2001 Oktoberfest path will be new to all previous Oktoberfest
      walkers. You will travel through the Naval Academy and historic
      downtown, and through the lovely Tawes Garden. Return to Regina's for
      Germam food, beer, music and dancing and arts and crafts. An Annapolis
      Oktoberfest tradition!

      Discover America on Foot Columbus Day Walk AT2001/0308
      October 6, 2001
      City, State, Country: Glenn Dale, Maryland, USA
      Host Club: Freestate Happy Wanderers
      Distance and Trail Rating: 10 km with 6 km option, both Rated 1
      Start place address: Glenn Dale Community Center, 11901 Glenn Dale
      Boulevard, Glenn Dale, MD
      Start times: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., finish by 4 p.m.
      Event description: Out and back on the new Washington, Baltimore, &
      Annapolis (W.B.&A.) Recreational Trail. The trail is paved, smooth, and
      has no significant hills. There are four bridges and one tunnel on the
      section being walked. The trail is suiotable for strollers and
      Award and fees: There is no specific award for this event. The walk is
      free and open to the public. Participants desiring credit towards
      International Federation of Popular Sports awards must pay a $2.00 fee.
      Directions: From the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, exit at Route
      193/Greenbelt Road East. *
      From the Capital Beltway, either direction, take Exit 23 (Kenilworth
      Avenue) to Route 193 East/Greenbelt Road. *
      * Follow Route 193/Greenbelt Road East, past the Goddard Space Flight
      Center. Continue on Route 193, crossing Route 564/Lanham-Severn Road.
      Route 193 becomes Glenn Dale Boulevard at this point. Continue east on
      Glenn Dale Boulevard for approximately 1.4 miles. The Glenn Dale
      Community Center will be on your right, across from the Glenn Dale Fire
      Contact: Mike Quinlan, 301-805-4278
      Email contact: mikemq@...
      Comments: The trail is located on the abandoned railbed of the former
      W.B.&A. Railroad. This electric railroad served a commuter function
      between 1908 and 1935. The W.B.&A. Trail forms a segment of the East
      Coast Greenway and the American Discovery Trail, both designated as
      National Millennium Trails.
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