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  • Wendy Bumgardner
    =============== Walk of Life 10-Week Program Get fit, lose fat, feel great with this free daily program of walking, exercise, nutrition tips, and healthy
    Message 1 of 121 , Jan 6, 2005
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      Walk of Life 10-Week Program
      Get fit, lose fat, feel great with this free daily program of walking,
      exercise, nutrition tips, and healthy recipes.

      A Sale You Won't Believe! $5 and $10
      Steady Yourself - Selection of Hiking Sticks and Poles
      Protect Yourself - BlisterShield Powder and Roll-On

      Walking Adventures International…Volume 2 of our 2005 Adventure Planner
      Catalog is now available!! Register between now and JANUARY 3 and
      you'll receive the following Registration Bonus:
      MEDITERRANEAN ANTIQUITIES (Greece & Turkey): A free hot air balloon ride
      over the fantastic, time-eroded landscape of Cappadocia OR $100 off the
      Greece tour price.
      SENSATIONAL SCANDINAVIA: Complimentary admission to Copenhagen's Tivoli
      Gardens with a special dinner in one of Tivoli's many fine restaurants
      OR $100 off the Finland Extension.
      EMERALD ISLE OF IRELAND (immediately following AVA Convention): Your
      choice of a one-of-a-kind, hand knit Aran Island sweater on the island
      of Inishmore.
      ICELAND: Complimentary horseback ride on the famed, easy-riding
      Icelandic horses OR admission to the soothing geothermally-heated waters
      of the Blue Lagoon along with an in-water massage OR $100 off the
      Greenland Extension.
      ALPINE EUROPE: $100 toward the purchase of a cuckoo clock in the Black
      Forest OR $100 off the IVV Olympiad Walking Festival Pre-tour in the
      Czech Republic.
      Call Janelle at 1 (800) 779-0353 by January 3 to reserve your place and
      qualify for the bonus!!

      Year-Round Walks in Maryland

      Year-Round Walks in DC

      Year-Round Walks in Virginia

      January 22-23, 2005 Inaugural Walks
      Washington, DC
      This event event is our fifth inaugural event with the award paying
      homage to the winner of the election the previous November.
      Start Point: Old Post Office Pavilion, 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW,
      Washington, DC. location map. The start point will be on the second
      level of the central atrium.
      Start Times: Start between 8am and 1pm on Saturday and 9:30am and 1pm
      on Sunday. . Finish by 4pm. Bring picture identification.
      This event commemorates the second inauguration of President Bush and
      Vice President Cheney by offering two trails that radiate out from the
      marveously restored Old Post Office Building. Both trails are 1+ and are
      10KM (6.2 miles) in length, with 5KM (3.1 miles) options. Both are
      suitable for strollers and wheelchairs and offer restrooms. water.food,
      and shopping opportunities.
      The "Inaugural Trail" includes the route used for the Inaugural
      Procession from the Capitol to the White House on January 20 as well as
      other cultural and historic sites in the Capitol area and northwest
      The "Georgetown Trail" explores areas to the west of the start point,
      including museums, Embasssy Row, the C & O Canal, and Georgetown.
      Award: The award for this event will be Samantha, a plush 6" tall eagle
      with a jersey commemorating this quadriennal event; the award is shown
      above. Only 72 eagles will be ordered and there will be not reorders.
      Fees: There is no charge to participate in these events.
      Pre-registration for the commemorative award and IVV credit is $7.
      Registration for the award and credit after January 15th is $8. The fee
      for IVV credit is $3.
      Pre-registration: Pre-registration ends January 15, 2005. Fees cannot
      be refunded for those who pre-register and do not participate.
      Stipulations: Pets must be under control at all times and must be
      picked up after. Pets are not allowed in the start point and in most
      other buildings. Restrooms and water will be available at the start
      point. Water will be available at checkpoints. Food can be purchased at
      numerous restaurants and food stores along the trails. Because it is
      likely to be cool on the days of the events, participants are urged to
      bring water that they can carry with them.
      Contact Info: Barry Plott 703-352-5135 or Tom Baerwald
      Best way, use Metro. Blue/Orange line: Take an Orange or Blue line train
      to the Federal Triangle station. As you exit the station on the only set
      of escalators, make a U-turn and walk to 12th St (no sign in the middle
      of the block). Carefully cross 12th Street at the traffic light and turn
      left to walk to the southwest side entrance to the Old Post Office Pavilion.
      Yellow/Green line: Take a Yellow or Green line train to Archives/Navy
      Memorial station. As you leave the station on the only set of
      escalators, continue straight, walking west along Pennsylvania Ave. Walk
      west for four blocks to 12th Street, crossing Pennsylvania to the left
      (south ) side of the street at any of the traffic signals. Walk around
      to the far corner of the Old Post Office Pavilion to enter throuhg the
      southwest-side entrance.
      From the west via I-395: Drive northeast on I-395, crossing the Potomac
      River on the 14th Street Bridge. Just after crossing the river, exit
      I-395 to the left following signs for US-1(Downtown). Drive north on
      US-1 (14th Street) for 0.8 miles through 6 traffic signals. Turn right
      at the 7th traffic signal to head east on Pennsylvania Ave to 12th
      Street. The Old Post Office Pavilion is on the far right corner of this
      intersection. If you have not found a legal place to park on the street,
      turn left at the 3rd traffic signal to head north on 12th Street for
      1-1/2 blocks. The entrance of a commercial parking ramp is on the left
      side of 12th St between E and F Streets. Bring your life savings to pay
      for 3 hours of parking.

      2/19/2005 - Walk
      Event Number : 70826 5 KM and 10 KM
      Start : Vansville Community Center
      Event City: Beltsville, MD
      Host Club : Freestate Happy Wanderers
      Write for more information to:
      3411 Dunnington Road
      Beltsville, MD 20705
      Contact : Donald Conway, (301) 572 - 5574
      Club Website: www.ava.org/clubs/freestate

      Subscribe to the Atlantic TRAILMASTER!
      Your BEST source for self-paced, individual and family-friendly Walks in
      the Atlantic Region, which is comprised of the states of Delaware,
      District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and
      West Virginia. Each issue includes an event schedule of all
      sanctioned events, year round/seasonals, health and fitness tips, as
      well as regional, national and international news on walking.
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    • Wendy Bumgardner
      Salem, Oregon AVA National Convention June 13-21 http://www.nationalavaconvention2015.com/ Pre-registration due by May 18, but you can register on-site.
      Message 121 of 121 , Jun 19
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        Salem, Oregon AVA National Convention June 13-21
        Pre-registration due by May 18, but you can register on-site.
        Workshops - Socials - Meet walkers from around the USA and around the world
        City / State: St. Michaels, MD
        Event Name: St Michaels Maryland
        Event Type: Walk
        Event ID: 101709
        Distance - Trail Ratings: 5Km, 10Km - 1A
        Description: COMMENTS FROM PREVIOUS WALKERS ?The best walk I?ve been
        on in ten years.? ?Outstanding, one of the walks I?ll never forget.? ?If
        you could bottle this walk and sell it, you?d make millions.? ?This walk
        captures the true essence of life on the Chesapeake Bay.? Come and see
        for yourself what the talk is all about.
        Amenities: Strollers: medium | Wheelchairs: medium | Pets: Yes |
        Restrooms: Yes
        Special Programs: National Register of Historic Places, You'll Never
        Walk Alone
        Start Times: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, finish by 3:00 PM
        Location: St. Michaels Elementary School Parking Lot, 200 Seymour
        Ave., St. Michaels, MD 21663
        Start Point / Driving Directions: From Baltimore, Annapolis, or
        Washington DC ?
        1. Take 50/301 across Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
        2. Bear right at the 50/301 split.
        3. Follow Route 50 East.
        4. Upon approaching Easton, bear right onto the Easton
        Bypass (Route 322).
        5. Follow Route 322 through three traf?c lights.
        6. At the fourth light bear right onto Route 33 (St. Mi-
        chaels Road).
        7. Follow Route 33 for nine miles to the town of St. Mi-
        8. Watch for school traf?c signs. St. Michaels Elementary
        School parking lot is on the right.
        Awards & Fees: IVV Credit Only
        Comments: For $2.00 swim after your walk next door at Bay Hundred
        Community Pool
        Host Club: Annapolis Amblers
        Contact: John Carolus (410) 224-0907
        Website: www.annapolisamblerswalkingclub.com
        E-Mail Contact: johncarolus@...

        Walking Adventures International
        Contact us at 800.779.0353 or
        Join our MarylandWalking Facebook Group

        Follow Me on Twitter
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