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  • Wendy Bumgardner
    =============== Stretching - Don t Bother? Not an April Fools joke! CDC researchers find no evidence stretching helps prevent muscle pulls.
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      Stretching - Don't Bother?
      Not an April Fools joke! CDC researchers find no evidence stretching
      helps prevent muscle pulls.

      Walking Adventures International: History, Culture, Scenery, and
      Walking...more than just a walking tour!
      The image of Ireland has long captivated the imagination of the American
      traveler. Perhaps it's the ancestral linkage many of us have to the
      “Old Country.” Possibly it’s the stories of irresistibly warm
      hospitality or pictures of rolling green countryside and dramatic
      coastal scenery. Maybe it’s the dynamic Celtic heritage artfully
      balanced by the playful obsession with music and dance. Join us as
      imagination becomes reality this summer on this brand-new 12-day walking
      adventure devoted to the Emerald Isle. 7 IVV walks included. July 24 -
      August 4, 2004. Plus, optional Scottish Highlands extension! Call today
      to receive more information or to register at 1-800-779-0353. You can
      also email fun@... or visit us online at

      Life is Simple: Eat, Sleep, Hike!
      Hand Made Doggie and People Bandanas
      Flip Flop Pendants for Summer


      Spring Weekend Walk in Glenelg
      April 3-4, 2004
      10 Km Distance, Rated 1+
      6 KM Distance, Rated 1+
      Start/Finish Location:
      Glenelg High School
      14025 Burnt Woods Road, Glenelg, Md 21737
      SPONSORED BY: The Columbia Volksmarch Club (AVA 264).
      SANCTIONED BY: The American Volkssport Association (AVA), a member of
      the International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV), promoting leisure
      sports in the interest of family health, recreation, fun and companionship.
      DISTANCE: There will be one 10-Km walking trail. The trail rating is 1+.
      There will be a 6-Km trail rated 1+ for those who do not desire to do
      10 Km.
      TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Roadways in residential areas of Western Howard County.
      START/FINISH: Glenelg High School, 14025 Burnt Woods Road, Glenelg, Md
      STARTING DATES & TIMES: Saturday and Sunday, April 3-4, 2004. Start
      anytime from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. You must complete the walk by 4 p.m.
      Note: Daylight Savings Time begins April 4, so plan your start accordingly.
      ELIGIBILITY: All are welcome to participate without charge, but must
      register at the start. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an
      adult throughout the entire trail.
      REGISTRATION: There is no pre-registration for this event. The
      participation fees are:
      · B Award and IVV Credit: $5.00
      · IVV Credit only: $3.00 **
      There is no fee to walk the trail without receiving the IVV Credit.
      ** Families: A $10 rate for famillies with minor children living together.
      CONDITIONS: The event will be held during all reasonable weather
      conditions, including rain. Littering along the trails is prohibited.
      Dogs are permitted on the trail but not inside buildings. County laws
      require that all pets must be leashed.
      PROCEDURE: Each participant will be issued a start card. It must be
      carried on the walk and presented for validation at each checkpoint.
      Only one start card will be validated per participant. Start cards must
      be turned in at the Finish Table after completing the event. Only those
      participants with a properly validated start card will be eligible for
      the Event Award and/or IVV Credit. The trail may be walked two times
      per start card on the same day at no additional cost.
      AWARD: B Awards (awards from previous events) only.
      REFRESHMENTS: Water and candy will be available at the checkpoint
      located along the trail. There are several restaurants/fast food
      establishments in the area. Rest rooms will be available at the
      Start/Finish point.
      DISCLAIMER: Neither the Columbia Volksmarch Club nor Glenelg High
      School shall be liable for accidents, theft, or material damage. Every
      reasonable effort will be made to make this a safe, enjoyable, and
      memorable event.
      INFORMATION: for more information, call (410) 313-8499 or email
      walkcolumbia@... or visit us on our website:
      Directions to Start Point:
      Glenelg High School High
      14025 Burnt Woods Road
      Glenelg, Md 21737
      From North and West: take 97 South. Take a left on Burnt woods Rd.
      School is on the right.
      From South and East: From I-95 or Rt 29, Rt. 32 North. Turn left on
      Burntwoods Rd. School is on the left.

      April 17, 2004
      City, State, Country: Catonsville, MD, USA
      Host Club: Baltimore Walking Club
      Distance and Trail Rating: One 10 km trail. AVA Rating is 1+.
      Start place address: Community College of Baltimore County -
      Catonsville, 800 South Rolling Road, Catonsville MD 21228
      Start times: 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
      Event description: Award and fees: No special award.
      Directions: IMPORTANT NOTE: I-95 directions are VERY DIFFERENT from
      I-695 directions.
      From the South I-95: Take the I-195 exit (exit 47B) toward Catonsville.
      to be supplied
      From the South I-95: Take the I-195 exit (exit 47B) toward Catonsville.
      to be supplied
      From the North I-695: Take the Wilkins Avenue exit 12C.
      to be supplied
      From the South I-695:
      Contact: Phone: 410-247-4524 Email: Jo Ann Barsda jbarsda@...
      Comments: A Community College of Baltimore County - Catonsville campus
      map is here.
      A neighborhood map showing the campus location is here

      Maryland Hall for Creative Arts
      Return to Event listings by state Other Clubs in this state
      City and State: Annapolis MD
      Host Club: Annapolis Amblers
      Distance and Trail Rating: 10K Trail rated 1
      Start Point Address: 801 Chase Street, Annapolis Md 21401
      Event Description: The route will take through some if the wetlands
      areas, as well as the Neighborhoods, parks, and recreational facilities.
      It will also follow the Eastport Heritage trail in this Maritime
      Community, continue over Spa creek to the Historic District, and go
      through the revitalized area of West Street. Strollers and wheelchairs
      should have minimal trouble on the trails. Pets must be leashed and
      cleaned up after.
      Start Times: 8:00 AM finish by 4:00 PM
      Contact: Diane Messer , (410 ) 224 - 0907
      Event Website: www.geocities.com/aamblers/index.html
      E-Mail Contact: dmesser@...
      Awards and Fees:
      Walk for free, IVV Credit $3.00 No A Award, B Awards available
      From the East: Take US Rt 50/301 across the Bay Bridge to exit 24,
      Rowe Blvd. Take Rowe Blvd south to the 2nd Traffic light, Taylor Ave.
      Turn right on Taylor and proceed to the traffic circle. Take second
      right Spa road. Take next left at sign for Maryland Hall for the
      Creative Arts. Start point in front of building. From the North: Take
      I-97 to US 50 East. Take exit 24, Rowe Blvd. Follow above. From South.
      Take Md Rt 2 north to the US 50 East. Take exit 24 Rowe Blvd. Follow
      directions above.
      This route will feature the newest portion of the Colonial
      Annapolis Maritime Heritage Trail, which is part of the Millennium
      Legacy National Trail System. The route will pass through wetland
      wilderness areas, parks, and more of the self-declared Maritime Republic
      of Eastport. Along the route, walkers will see GreenScape 2004
      Volunteers working on projects to improve the parks and paths of Annapolis.

      Fairlands Sports and Aquatics Complex
      City and State: Laurel MD
      Host Club: Freestate Happy Wanderers
      Distance and Trail Rating: 5/10 KM 1+
      Start Point Address: Fairland Regional Park, 13800 Old Gunpowder Road,
      Laurel, MD
      Event Description: Trails are on sidewalks, paved pathways and natural
      surface paths going along a trail in the Fairland Regional Park and
      around the park in Prince George's and Montgomery Counties. The natural
      surface portions are not suitable for strollers or wheelchairs.
      Start Times: 9 am - 12 noon; finish by 3 pm
      Contact: Donald Conway , (301 ) 572 - 5574
      Event Website: www.ava.org/clubs/freestate
      E-Mail Contact: donjoy@...
      Awards and Fees:
      Award $4.50-All participants both IVV Credit & Non-IVV (Not for
      Credit). Fees are $3.
      From Washington's Capital Beltway: (1) Take 495 West to I-95
      North. (2) Take Rte. 212 East (Exit 29A) towards Beltsville. (3) Turn
      left at first traffic light onto Old Gunpowder Road. (4) Continue
      approx. 2.1 miles and turn left at the Fairland Sports and Aquatic
      Complex. (5) Continue to far end of building. Start/Finish is in the
      Storm Water Management Building on your right. From Baltimore Beltway
      (695): (1) Take I-95 South to Route 198 West (Exit 33B). (2) Turn left
      at second traffic light onto Old Gunpowder Road. (3) Continue approx.
      1.5 miles and turn right at the Fairland Sports and Aquatic Complex. (4)
      Continue to far end of building. Start/Finish is in the Storm Water
      Management Building on your right. From Route 29: (1) Take Route 198
      East toward Laurel. (2) Turn right at Old Gunpowder Road. (3) Continue
      approx. 1.5 miles and turn right at the Fairland Sports and Aquatic
      Complex. (4) Continue to far end of building. Start/Finish is in the
      Storm Water Management Building on your right.
      No charge for IVV Credit for Youth Walkers. The event will be
      held regardless of weather. Each participant must register at the start.
      Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult throughout the walk.
      Pets are allowed but must be leashed on PG County trails. Water and
      restrooms will be available at the Start/Finish and at the first checkpoint.

      Agricultural History Farm Park
      City and State: Derwood MD
      Host Club: Seneca Valley Sugarloafers
      Distance and Trail Rating: 5k/10k 3
      Start Point Address: 18400 Muncaster Road, Derwood, MD 20855
      Event Description: This walk introduces Volksmarchers to a relatively
      unknown park in Montgomery County. Trails are on natural terrain and
      rough paths, with some moderate hills. Some areas may be damp. Not
      suitable for wheels. The Farm Park is the site of the Magruder-Bussard
      Farm, established as a tobacco plantation in 1734 by John Magruder. The
      park is also the site of Newmantown, a post-Cival War African American
      kinship community established in 1879 by Albert Newman and his wife,
      Mary. The buildings of Newmantown no longer exist.
      Start Times: 9:00am - 11:00am. Finish walk by 3:00pm
      Contact: Joseph Ginther , (301 ) 926 - 4985
      Event Website:
      E-Mail Contact: josephginther@...
      Awards and Fees:
      IVV credit and "B" Award is $5.00. IVV credit is $3.00.
      From I-270, north or south, take exit 9A. Approaching from the
      north, follow sign "9A 370 EAST - METRO STATION." Approaching from the
      south, follow sign "9A-B METRO STATION - SAM EIG HIGHWAY", then "9A 370
      EAST - METRO STATION". Continue on 370 EAST approx. 2.4 miles to exit at
      MILL RD. Turn right onto MUNCASTER MILL RD, then 0.3 miles to MUNCASTER
      RD (no street sign; 7 - ELEVEN store ahead on left at intersection).
      Turn left onto MUNCASTER RD., go 1.3 miles to park entrance on left.
      Follow entrance drive to parking areas and Start/Finish. The park can
      also be reached from the east via Rt. 108. From Rt. 108, take MUNCASTER
      RD 2.1 miles to park entrance on right.
      Water and a portable toilet are available at the Start/Finish
      Point. Hiking boots or sturdy shoes, long pants, and a walking stick are
      suggested. Pets are welcome on the trial but must be leased at all
      times. Please no littering along the trails.

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