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Millard Cooper Park - Annapolis Oktoberfest - Falls Church

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  • Wendy Bumgardner
    ================ Walking 30 Minutes a Day Cuts Diabetes Risks http://walking.about.com/cs/diabetes/a/diabetesstudies.htm South Beach Diet Diary - Week 5
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2003
      Walking 30 Minutes a Day Cuts Diabetes Risks
      South Beach Diet Diary - Week 5

      Walking Adventures International: History, Culture, Scenery, and
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      walker’s introduction to the historic, cultural, and scenic highlights
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      mansions, the historic settlements of Williamsburg and St. Augustine,
      New Orleans’ French Quarter, Kennedy Space Center, and more! Including:
      Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina,
      South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. March 5 - 14 (7 AVA walks) or
      March 12 - 24 (8 AVA walks) or combine both into one BIG adventure!
      Space now available on both departures. Contact us to receive a free
      brochure or to register at 1-800-779-0353 or fun@...
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      Hurricane Isabel-related YRE/Seasonal Walk Problems:
      - Jamestown, VA year round event is cancelled indefinitely due to storm
      damage to the start point.
      - The Greenbelt YRE trail (YR0296) is temporarily closed due to damage
      from recent hurricane. Call the Park Ranger to obtain an updated status
      - VA: Westoreland State Park Seasonal - Closed Early
      - Havre de Grace MD YRE - contact club to see about conditions and trail
      routing (unconfirmed posting to Walklist on boardwalk damage)
      - The Buxton/Cape Hatteras walk - YR602 - is inaccessible until further
      - NC Highway 12 south of US Highways 158 and 64 at Nags Head is closed to
      all but verified residents/property owners.
      The NC Ferries that run from Cedar Island and Swan Quarter to Ocracoke
      are running for emergency and recovery vehicles only; and Hatteras Inlet
      service (Ocracoke Island to Hatteras Island) is suspended indefinitely.
      - Walks at Corolla, YR1139, Elizabeth City, YR895, Morehead City, YR 896,
      and New Bern, YR1140 are open.
      Each of these locations have damage from the storm, but the roads,
      streets, and sidewalks are reported as open and useable.

      Millard Cooper Park, Springfield Avenue
      City and State: Sykesville MD
      Host Club: Piedmont Pacers
      Distance and Trail Rating: 10/5 1+
      Start Point Address: Cooper Drive, Sykesville, across from 7301
      Springfield Avenue
      Event Description: Trails are on natural surfaces, roadsides, and
      sidewalks. Event occurs during Sykesville Fall Fest.
      Start Times: 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon, finish by 3:00 p.m.
      Contact: Chuck Merkel , (410 ) 795 - 7855
      Event Website:
      E-Mail Contact: cbm95@...
      Awards and Fees:
      $3 for IVV credit
      Take I-70 to Exit 80 and proceed north, toward Sykesville, on MD
      Rt. 32. Turn left onto Cooper Drive (watch for signs.) Cooper Park will
      be on the right. Use parking lot at Sykesville Middle School (7301
      Springfield Avenue) or park along Cooper drive.
      Credit for Civil War walk.

      13th Annual West Annapolis Oktoberfest
      City and State: Annapolis MD
      Host Club: Annapolis Amblers
      Distance and Trail Rating: 10K Trail rated 1+
      Start Point Address: Annapolis Street across from Reginia's Restaurant
      Event Description: 10K/6.2 miles with a trail rating of 1+. The walk is
      through the historic city of Annapolis,which is also the Capital of
      Maryland and the home of the U.S. Naval Academy. The route follows
      sidewalks and road shoulders. Annapolis pavements are rough, which is
      part of the historic flavor of the city. They are suitable for
      wheelchairs and large-wheeled strollers. Dogs are welcome on the trail.
      Please remember to pick up after them.
      Start Times: 8:00 AM finish by 4:00 PM
      Contact: Diane Messer , (410 ) 224 - 0907
      Event Website: Annapolis Amblers
      E-Mail Contact: dmesser@...
      Awards and Fees:
      Ambler hat pin $3.00, IVV credit $3.00
      From North: Take I97 South or Route 2 South. From South: Route 2
      North. From East or West: Route 50 towards Annapolis. From Route 2 or
      I97, merge onto Route 50/301, Take Exit #24 marked Route 70 South-Rowe
      Blvd. Take bridge over Weems Creek, Turn left at first traffic light
      onto Melvin Avenue. Drive two blocks to Annapolis Street (the street
      will be closed due to Oktoberfest activities). Parking is Available on
      nearby streets or 3 blocks west of walk start/finish point at US Naval
      Academy Stadium off Rowe Blvd. Once parked, walk to Regina's Restaurant
      on Annapolis Street. Start table will be right across the Street.
      Theme: The West Annapolis Octoberfest begins at 12 noon with a
      variety of food, music and unique entertainment. Tha Volksmarch walk
      begins at 8:00 AM.

      October 4 - 5 , 2003
      Falls Church, Virginia
      The design for the award patch is the old Falls Church railroad station
      on the W&OD line.
      Start Point: Cherry Hill picnic shelter, Falls Church Community Center,
      223 Little Falls St, Falls Church, VA 22046.
      Start Times: Register and start walking between 8am and 1pm both days.
      Finish by 4pm.
      There will be two 10 KM trails and two IVV credit stamps. Each trail
      will have a 5 KM option. The Western Trail will cover the W&OD segment
      east of the easternmost segment covered in NVV's last W&OD walk
      (starting in Vienna in October 2001). The trail will also visit some
      pleasant residential neighborhoods in the city of Falls Church and in
      the Idylwood area of Fairfax County.
      The Eastern Trail will include the W&OD segment east of the Western
      Trail. It will pass through a nice Falls Church neighborhood and then
      proceed on the W&OD trail east into Arlington, visiting several
      delightful parks, including the Bon-Air Rose Garden. The route will
      return via the Four Mile Run, Custis and Falls Church City blacktop
      trails and the bluestone Crossman Park Nature Trail.
      Both trails are suitable for wheelchairs and strollers, although passage
      on the bluestone trail may be difficult if it has rained recently.
      Award: The award for this event will be a colorful 3" diameter patch
      depicting the old Falls Church railroad station on the W&OD line. Only
      75 patches have been ordered and there will be no reorders. Awards from
      previous NVV events will also be available for an appropriate fee.
      Fees: There is no charge to participate in these events.
      Pre-registration for the event award and IVV credit received by
      September 29 is $ 6. Registration for the award and credit at the event
      is $7. The fee for IVV credit only is $3.
      Pre-registration: The pre-registration deadline is September 29, 2003.
      Fees cannot be refunded for those who pre-register and do not walk.
      Stipulations: Pets must be under control at all times and must be picked
      up after. Pets are not allowed in the start point and in other buildings
      along the trails. Everyone is welcome. Participants may walk, jog, or
      run. An adult must accompany children under 12. Restrooms and water will
      be available at the start point and at various locations along the
      trails. Food can be purchased at a number of restaurants and fast food
      establishments along the Western trail.
      Contact Info: Barry Plott, 703-352-5135,contact email
      From the West and south via the Capital Beltway and I-66: Use exit 49B
      from the Beltway to head east on I-66 East. Take Exit 66, VA-7 east
      toward Falls Church. Drive for 1.4 miles on VA-7, which becomes Leesburg
      Pike and then Broad Street, to Little Falls St. which is just past a
      small strip mall on your left. If you reach Washington Blvd/US-29, you
      have gone two blocks too far. Turn left on Little Falls Street. Cross
      Park Ave after one block and turn left in the next block into the
      community center parking lot or find street parking nearby. *To reach
      the start point from the parking lot, walk away from the community
      center building toward the Cherry Hill picnic shelter.
      From the North (including Maryland) via the Capital Beltway and I-66:
      Use Exit 45B (exiting to the left) from the Beltway to head east on
      VA-267 to I-66. From I-66, take Exit 69 (US-29/Washington Blvd). Bear
      right off the ramp and turn right to head south on US-29 toward Falls
      Church. Drive for .5 miles to the second traffic light at Park Ave. Turn
      right and drive for two blocks to Little Falls St into the community
      center parking lot or find street parking nearby. Follow from * above.
      From the East on I-66: Use Exit 69 (Sycamore St) from I-66. Turn right
      at the end of the ramp and then bear left to immediately turn left at
      the next traffic signal onto Washington Blvd. Drive on Washington to the
      next traffic signal at US-29. Turn left to drive on US-20 for 0.6 miles
      to the third traffic light at Park Ave. Turn right and drive for two
      blocks to Little Falls St. into the community center parking lot or find
      street parking nearby. Follow from * above.

      10/11/2003 - Walk
      Event Number : 57713 5/10K
      Start : Greenbelt Park 6565 Greenbelt Rd.
      Event City: Greenbelt
      Host Club : Great Greenbelt Volksmarchers, Inc.
      Write for more information to:
      4617 Lincoln Ave.
      Beltsville, MD 20705
      Contact : John R. Holloman, (301) 937 - 3549
      E-Mail: salva_h@...

      Rocky Gap State Park
      10/11/2003 to 10/12/2003
      City and State: Flintstone MD
      Host Club: Appalachian Trekkers
      Distance and Trail Rating: 10K/5K 1+
      Start Point Address: Rocky Gap State Park
      Event Description: Both walks are on natural park trails with some
      rugged areas and on paved park roads. Not suitable for wheelchairs and
      Start Times: 8AM-12NOON
      Contact: Judith S. Lipski , (301 ) 729 - 6916
      Event Website:
      E-Mail Contact: judel@...
      Awards and Fees:
      $3.oo for credit --no awards
      From East take Route 70W to Route 68 W toward Cumberland. Rocky
      Gap is Exit 50. From West take Route 68E to Exit 50. Follow signs to
      start point.
      Hoping the leaves will be spectacular. Pets allowed on leash.
      Cleanup required. Water, candy available. Restrooms only at start/finish.

      10/11/2003 Rock Creek Park Walk, DC
      Start: Carter Barron Amphitheater Parking Lot, 16th and Colorado Ave,
      NW, Washington,DC.
      City and State: Washington DC
      Host Club: Washington DC Area Volksmarch Club, Inc.
      Distance and Trail Rating: 5/11KM 11 KM is rated 2+ and 5 KM is
      rated 2.
      Event Description: You are invited to join us and walk Rock Creek Park.
      Start Times: Register between 8 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and finish by
      Contact: Marshall Hansen , (301 ) 588 - 1913
      Event Website: http://www.pollow.com/wdcavc
      E-Mail Contact: Limerick77777@...
      Awards and Fees:
      Credit only is $3.00.
      Via I-495 Beltway: Take the Beltway (I-495) north into Maryland
      and exit at Connecticut Ave/MD 185 South and proceed southbound toward
      Chevy Chase. At the fourth traffic light after exiting Chevy Chase
      Circle, turn left onto Military Road. Take the exit for 16th Street and
      turn right towards Downtown. Turn right onto Morrow Drive or Colorado
      Avenue and follow signs for Carter Barron Parking. From Memorial Bridge
      on the Virginia side: Stay in the right hand lane while crossing
      Memorial Bridge. Follow the lane as it curves under the bridge and onto
      Rock Creek Parkway heading north. (You'll be parallel to the Potomac
      River). You'll pass the Kennedy Center and Thompson Boat Center.
      Eventually you will see a sign for Beach Drive. Stay in the appropriate
      lane and continue north on Beach Drive following ALL SIGNS for Beach
      Drive. After the traffic light at the intersection of Tilden Street/Park
      Road and Beach Drive, take the first right onto Blagden Avenue. Turn
      left onto 17th Street and then right onto Colorado Avenue. Turn left
      into entrance for Carter Barron Parking.
      11 KM trail, rated 2+, is available. Trail follows natural
      surfaces or paved paths through Rock Creek Park. Some hills are
      included. Shorter 5 KM trail, rated 2, is also available on request.
      Trails are not suitable for strollers, wheelchairs or wagons.

      Fifth Regiment Armory
      City and State: Baltimore MD
      Host Club: Baltimore Walking Club
      Distance and Trail Rating: 10 km 1+, on city streets
      Start Point Address: 219 29th Division Street, Baltimore
      Event Description: This marks the renewal of our popular Octoberfest
      walk featuring the city of Baltimore and the festivities of the German
      Start Times: 8 am to 1 pm, finish by 4 pm
      Contact: Judy Melton , (410 ) 685 - 1387
      Event Website:
      E-Mail Contact: james_melton@...
      Awards and Fees:
      B awards, no participation fee, IVV credit $2 (yes, still $2)
      from I-95 take the exit #53 for I-395. Follow the signs to the
      entrance ramp for MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. BLVD. Follow MLK Blvd and turn
      left onto Eutaw St. (13th light) to 29th Division St. From north of
      Baltimore take I-695 to JONES FALLS EXPRESSWAY SOUTH (I-83). Exit JFX at
      North Ave. exit #6. Go through the traffic light – you are now on Mt.
      Royal Ave. Go through 3 lights. Just before the next light, turn right
      on Cathedral St. (Md. Institute – College of Art on your right.) Go to
      Preston St. and turn right. Cross Howard St. and go to Eutaw St. Turn
      left on Eutaw St. Park and walk to the Armory.
      Enjoy the walk and the city then stay for the Octoberfest in the

      Watkins Mill High School
      City and State: Gaithersburg MD
      Host Club: Seneca Valley Sugarloafers
      Distance and Trail Rating: 5K/10K See above.
      Start Point Address: Watkins Mill High School, 10301 Apple Ridge Road,
      Gaithersburg, MD 20879.
      Event Description: This is the third walk in a series to introduce the
      volkssporting community to one of Maryland newest public trails: the
      Seneca Creek Greenway Trail. There is an 11K and a 6 K trail rated 2+
      and a 5K trail on hard surface rated 1+
      Start Times: Registration begins at 8am and ends at 12 noon. M
      Contact: Ed Branges , (301 ) 340 - 9418
      Event Website:
      E-Mail Contact: ebran@...
      Awards and Fees:
      Free for those just wanting to walk but not receive credit. Credit
      is $3 . Credit and a "B" award
      Take I-270 to Gaitherburg, Exit 11 East, Montgomery Village Ave
      (Rte 124) to Frederick Road (Rte 355). Left on Frederick road to Watkins
      Mill Rd. (third traffic light). Right on Watkins Mill Road and continue
      for two miles to Apple Ridge Road past Montgomery Village Center on your
      right. Left on Apple Ridge Road to Entrance to Watkins Mill High School
      at traffic island. Turn right to enter school parking lot and follow
      signs to Start/Finish.
      Pets are welcome but must be leashed and cleaned up after. A
      portable toilet will be available on the traills at the 1 Km point, but
      not at the start/finish. Water and cancy will be available. Please bring
      your water bottle.

      OCTOBER 18 & 19, 2003
      through Patuxent River Park and Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary
      EVENT SANCTION # - GB03/0008 & GB03/0009
      DATES: Saturday & Sunday - October 18th & 19th
      START/FINISH POINT: UPPER MARLBORO, MD. At the "Group Camp" area inside
      Patuxent River Park, just South of Upper Marlboro, MD off Rt 301.
      DIRECTIONS: I-495 (Beltway) to the East Side. Take Pennsylvania Avenue
      (Rt 4) East 8 miles to Upper Marlboro. RIGHT on Rt 301 South 3.8 miles.
      (*) LEFT on CROOM ROAD (East) at light. After 3.1 miles, during which
      road turns South, LEFT on CROOM AIRPORT ROAD (Rt 382). Follow signs to
      Patuxent River Park (2.1 miles). Follow "Volksmarch" signs 1 mile to
      GROUP CAMP area. From the North, take Rt 301 South past Upper Marlboro
      3.8 miles and follow directions above (from *).
      START TIMES: 9 am - 2 pm. FINISH TIME: 5 pm
      EVENT 1 - Patuxent River Park 10 Kilometers (6.2 miles)
      EVENT 2 - Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary 10 Kilometers (6.2 miles) ALTERNATE
      - 5-km trail available
      SANCTIONED BY: The American Volkssport Association (AVA) and the
      International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV). IVV Event and Distance
      Award Credit available.
      EVENT SPONSORS: Bolling Air Force Base's Outdoor Recreation Division and
      the Potomac River Volksmarching Club.
      FOR ADDITIONAL EVENT INFORMATION: Contact Lee Gause at 202.767.9136 or
      Skip Coburn at 202.483.1925 (email skipcoburn@...)
      TRAIL RATINGS: The Patuxent River Park trail is rated is 1+. The Merkle
      Wildlife Sanctuary trail is rated 1. A shorter 5-km trail will be
      available. Easy walks on mostly well-maintained wood chip trails and
      scenic boardwalks. A little awkward for strollers and possibly not
      suitable for wheelchairs (due to surface). BEAUTIFUL TRAILS and
      boardwalks winding through natural wildlife habitats. Bring binoculars
      and camera.
      AWARDS and IVV CREDIT: GLOBAL XXIII Event Pins will be available for the
      first 700 participants. "B" medals from previous walks and GLOBAL
      Patches will also be available. Those paying the optional event credit
      fee will be eligible to receive IVV Event and Distance Credit stamps.
      PRE-REGISTRATION: There is no Pre-Registration for these events.
      CONDITIONS: Pets are not permitted in Merkle Sanctuary. Pets in Patuxent
      River Park must be on a leash at all times. Any deposits made by pets in
      the special boardwalk wildlife habitat area must be removed by the pet's
      owner. Please come prepared to deal with this requirement. Littering is
      prohibited. Walkers must stay on the trails and boardwalks. Do Not
      Disturb the wildlife. Federal, State, Park, and other applicable laws
      and policies must be observed. Events will be held regardless of weather
      DISCLAIMER: Every effort will be made to make events safe and enjoyable.
      The parks and sponsors are not responsible for accidents, or any lost
      property. Insurance requires that a Start Card be carried with you on
      the trail, and be turned in at the Awards Table when you finish the walk.
      COST: These Volksmarches are open to the public. Everyone is welcome to
      walk the trails and enjoy each event for a $1 participation fee.
      Children under 12 walk for free. Optional commemorative medals from
      previous events and patches will be available at a minimal charge for
      those desiring them.
      REFRESHMENTS: There will be food and refreshments at the Start/Finish
      point. Water and trail treats will be available at checkpoints along the
      START CARDS: On arrival at the Start, go to the Registration Table for a
      Start Card. Insurance rules require that this card be carried with you
      on the trail, and be turned in at the Awards Table when you finish. If
      you want to participate for free, just ask for a "Walk Free" Start Card.
      WEATHER: These events will be held regardless of weather conditions.
      IVV BOOKS: Remember to bring your IVV Event and/or Distance Record
      Books. New IVV Event and Distance Record Books may be purchased at the
      ELIGIBILITY: Anyone is welcome to participate. All walkers are eligible
      to receive an optional medal, patch, and/or IVV Credit for a small fee.
      Children under twelve must be accompanied by an adult. Everyone can
      walk, jog, or run the trails at their own pace.
      VOLUNTEERS: The Start/Finish Point and checkpoints will be manned by
      volunteers from Bolling Air Force Base, the Potomac River Volksmarch
      Club, and other local Volksmarching clubs.
      VOLKSMARCHING: A non-profit, non-competitive, family-oriented,
      recreational activity. These hiking events are organized as a public
      service to promote health and fitness and to encourage enjoyment of the
      great outdoors. They are open to all, and everyone is eligible to
      participate for free.
      VOLKSMARCHING INFORMATION: For additional information on Volkssporting
      in general, and details about other upcoming Volksmarching, Swimming,
      Biking, Skiing, and other Volkssporting events, contact:
      Potomac River Walking Club
      P.O. Box 19524
      Alexandria, Virginia 22320-0524

      Ocean Pines Swim and Racquet Club
      57050 2003/0312
      City and State: Ocean Pines MD
      Host Club: Freestate Happy Wanderers
      Distance and Trail Rating: 5/10km 1+ National Volkssporting Month
      Patch available
      Start Point Address: Ocean Pines Swim and Racquet Club, Seabreeze Road,
      Ocean Pines, Maryland
      Event Description: There will be a 10km trail, with a 5km option, both
      with a rating of 1+. The trail is suitable for jogger strollers but
      wheelchairs may have some difficulty. The majority of the trail is on
      paved surface and the reminder on cinder walking surface.
      Start Times: Between 9 AM and 12 noon, finish by 3 PM
      Contact: Jim & Judy Wallace , (410 ) 208 - 0876
      Event Website: http://www.ava.org/clubs/freestate
      E-Mail Contact: moonshell8@...
      Awards and Fees:
      $3.00 for IVV Credit - Children under 12 receive IVV credit
      courtesy of Freestate
      From the WEST: Route 50E to Route 90E(North Ocean City) Exit Route
      90E to Route 589 (Ocean Pines) Exit Left on to Route 589N-Right at 2nd
      traffic light into North Ocean Pines (Ocean Parkway) *** Continue on
      Ocean Parkway for approximately 1.8 miles. Left onto Seabreeze Road to
      Ocean Pines Swim and Racquet Club. FROM THE EAST: Route 90W to Route 589
      Right on Route 589N Right at 1st traffic light into North Ocean Pines
      (Ocean Parkway) Continue following directions at ***. FROM THE
      NORTH:Route 113South to Route 589 (Ocean Pines) Left on Route 589South
      Left at 2nd traffic light into North Ocean Pines (Ocean Parkway)
      Continue following from directions***. FROM THE SOUTH: Route 113North to
      Route 90E, Route 90E to Route 589 (Ocean Pines) Exit Left onto Route
      589N-Right at 2nd traffic light into North Ocean Pines (Ocean Parkway)
      Continue Following from directions***.
      Eastern Shore Weekend-Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on Saturday and
      Sunday October 25 and 26, 2003 First State Webfooters-Enjoy 12 events on
      the Eastern ShoreWeekend

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