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Alexandria Walks and Bike

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      Fort Hunt Park, Alexandria, Virginia
      Two walks and a bike
      August 3-4, 2002
      Start Point: Picnic Park B, Fort Hunt Park, Alexandria, Virginia Fort
      Hunt Park
      Start Time: Register and start walking between 7:30 and 12 PM. Finish
      by 3PM.
      Trails: There are two walking events and one biking event. These
      trails provide an opportunity to walk through Fort Hunt Park and
      nearby residential neighborhoods of southeastern Fairfax County or to
      bike on the along the Potomac River between Old Town Alexandria and
      the Mount Vernon Estate.
      Both walks are 10K (6.2 miles) in length and are rated 1+, an
      indication that they are fairly flat. Paved surfaces are used for most
      of the segments on both trails, although both inlcude some short
      jaunts on natural surface paths through woodlands.
      The Waynewood trail wanders through the park and a pleasant
      residential community to the north. The Stratford trail ambles along
      the shores of the Potomac across from Fort Washington and explores
      neighborhoods to the west. There is a shorter 5K (3.2 miles)
      alternative trail for each event for those who want to take a shorter
      The bike event is 32K (20 miles) in length and follows the Mount
      Vernon Trail between the Mount Vernon Estate and Old Town Alexandria.

      Awards: The award for this event will be a colorful 3" diameter patch
      depicting the NVV mascot Charging Charlie engaged in some activity
      appropriate to commemorate Fort Hunt's history. Only 100 patches will
      be ordered; there will be no reorders. Awards from previous NVV events
      may be available for purchase. Fees: Pre-registration for the event
      award and IVV credit is $5; pre-registration ends July 27, 2002.
      Registration for the award and credit the day of the event is $6. The
      fee for IVV credit is $ 2. There is no charge to participate in these
      events, though each participant must sign the liability waiver and
      carry a start card. Stipulations: Everyone is welcome. Participants
      may walk, jog, or run. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an
      adult. Pets are allowed on the trails. Fairfax County has leash and
      pet clean-up laws, as does the National Park Service. Restrooms and
      water will be available at the start point. Water will be available at
      a checkpoint. Because it is likely to be warm on the days of the
      event, all participants are urged to bring water to carry with them.
      There are no restaurants along the trail, but some neighborhood
      restaurants are within a few minutes drive.
      Directions: From the east (Prince George's County and Baltimore area):
      Take the Washington Beltway across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and
      immediately take Exit 177C (George Washington Memorial Parkway).
      Continue straight for one block at the end of the ramp and turn right
      at the traffic signal to head south on the GW Parkway for 5.7 miles.
      Turn right for Fort Hunt Road/Fort Hunt Park. ** At the end of the
      ramp, bear left to drive into the park. Go one block and turn right to
      go counter-clockwise on the park's ring road. Drive for about 3/10
      mile and turn left into the parking lot for Picnic Area B. From the
      west: Take the Washington Beltway towards the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.
      Take Exit 177A (US1 South/Fort Belvoir). Stay in the right lane as you
      merge onto US1 and then immediately bear right onto traffic lanes that
      will lead you onto Fort Hunt Rd at the next traffic signal. Turn left
      at the signal to cross US-1 and proceed south on Fort Hunt for 7/10
      miles. Turn left at the second traffic signal onto Belle View Blvd and
      drive to its end at the GW Memorial Parkway. Turn right to head south
      on the GW Parkway for 5 miles. Turn right for Fort Hunt Road/Fort Hunt
      Park. Follow instructions from ** above. From the south via US-1:
      Drive north on US-1 to Mount Vernon Memorial Highway. Turn right and
      follow the highway to and around the traffic circle at Mount Vernon.
      Continue on what now is the GW Memorial Parkway for 2.8 miles. Turn
      right for Fort Hunt Rd/Fort Hunt Park. Follow isntructions from **
      above. Contact: Thomas Baerwald 703/765-3128 (h) 703/292-7301 (w)

      Summer Walk in Kings Contrivance Columbia, MD Howard County
      August 10, 2002 AT2002/340
      5 km rated 1+ 10 km rated 1+
      SPONSORED BY: The Columbia Volksmarch Club (AVA 264). SANCTIONED
      BY: The American Volkssport Association (AVA), a member of the
      International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV), promoting leisure
      sports in the interest of family health, recreation, fun and
      COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: There is one event for each walk: 10 km with a
      shorter 5-km option. The trail for each event is mostly on sidewalks
      and road shoulders in quiet residential neighborhoods. Wheelchairs
      and strollers should not have difficulty. Walk on paths and sidewalks
      into the communities of MacGills and Elkhorn. TR 1+ TR = Trail
      Rating on scale of 1 (easiest) to 5 (hardest)
      PROCEDURE: Each participant will be issued a start card. It must be
      carried on the walk and presented for validation at each checkpoint.
      Only one start card will be validated per participant. Start cards
      must be turned in at the Finish Table after completing the event.
      Only those participants with a properly validated start card will be
      eligible for the Event Award and/or IVV credit. The trail may be
      walked two times per start card on the same day at no additional cost.

      AWARD: There are no awards for these walks. Some pretty nice B Awards
      for previous events will be available for purchase. Sponsor: New
      Balance REGISTRATION: There will be no pre-registration for these
      events. · The participation fee for IVV Credit only is $2. ·
      There is no fee to walk the trail without receiving the IVV
      credit or award.
      START: Kings Contrivance Village Center, Amherst House, 7251 Eden
      Brook Drive, Columbia, MD S
      TARTING DATES & TIMES: Saturday, August 10. Start any time between
      7:30 to 9:00 a.m. (to beat the heat). Must finish by noon.
      REFRESHMENTS: Restrooms will be located at the start points. Water
      and candy will be available at the checkpoints located along the
      trail. CONDITIONS: The events will be held during all reasonable
      weather conditions, including rain. Littering along the trails is
      prohibited. Dogs are permitted on the trail but not inside buildings.
      DISCLAIMER: Neither the Columbia Volksmarch Club nor the River
      Hill, Dorsey Search, or Kings Contrivance Villages shall be liable for
      accidents, theft, or material damage. Every reasonable effort will be
      made to make this a safe, enjoyable, and memorable event.
      INFORMATION: call (410) 313-8499 or e-mail
      WalkColumbia@... CVC Web Page:
      DIRECTIONS: To Kings Contrivance Village Center (August10) From
      I-95: Take Route 32 West toward Columbia. Take the second exit,
      Shaker Drive, and turn right to go over Route 32. Continue straight
      onto Eden Brook Drive past two traffic lights. At the second entrance
      to Village Center, turn left to the start at Amherst House. From
      Route 29: Take Route 32 towards Fort Meade. Take the first exit,
      Shaker Drive. Turn left at the traffic light onto Eden Brook Drive.
      Go straight through the next traffic light. At the second entrance to
      Village Center, turn left to the start at Amherst House. Full
      Version PDF Brochure

      Walk at Kentlands AT2002/0352
      Saturday, August 10, 2002
      City, State, Country: Gaithersburg, MD Host Club: Seneca Valley
      Sugarloafers (AVA 419)
      Distance and Trail Rating: 10K with a shorter trail available, Trail
      rating 1+
      Start place address: Seattle's Best Coffee, 121 Market St.
      Gaithersburg, MD
      Start times: 7 AM- 9AM. Finish walk by Noon. Event description: The
      trail is mostly on sidewalk roads, and some natural trails around a
      few lakes. There are a few hills.
      Award and fees: The walk is free. IVV credit is $2.00. B award is
      Directions: From the South: Take I-270 North to exit 9, I-370. On exit
      ramp, bear left onto Sam Eig Highway. Proceed 1.5 miles to Great
      Seneca Highway, Route 119. Turn right onto Route 119. Proceed 1.6
      miles to traffic light at Kentlands Blvd., and turn Left. * Proceed
      0.2 miles to traffic circle at Market St. Go 3/4 way around the circle
      and Enter Market St. Start point is on corner of Market Street and
      Center Point Way (one block). Parking is along street and large lots
      one block on either side along Center Point Way from Start Point (Zany
      Brainy/ Petsmart on one side and Bally's on the other.) From the
      North: Take I-270 South to Exit 11, Route 124/ Quince Orchard Rd. Bear
      right, heading south on Route 124. Proceed 1.9 miles to Route 119,
      Great Seneca Highway. Turn left at traffic light onto route 119.
      Proceed 0.5 miles on Route 119 to traffic light at Kentlands Blvd.
      Turn right onto Kentlands Blvd. and proceed from * above.
      Contact: Kevin Shaw- (301) 977-9547, or Dena Forster- (301)530-8173
      Email contact: Kevin_D_Shaw@... or desta2@...
      Comments: Restrooms, water and candy are available at the
      start/finish. Great coffee and baked goods are also available for sale
      at the start/finish. Pets on leash are permitted on trail but not
      inside start/finish. Although there are a few hills, the trail is
      generally wheelchair and stroller friendly.

      08/17/2002 - 08/17/2002 - Walk
      Event Number: AT2002/0309
      Start: Buddy Attick Park, Greenbelt, 10km
      Host Club: Great Greenbelt Volksmarchers, Inc
      Write For More Information To:
      4617 Lincoln Ave
      Beltsville, MD 20705-1524
      Contact: Salva Holloman 301-937-3549

      08/17/2002 - 08/18/2002 - Walk
      Event Number: AT2002/0353
      Start: Gunpowder Falls State Park, Kingsville, 5/10km
      Host Club: Baltimore Walking Club
      Write for more information to:
      7905 Omega Ct
      Kingsville, MD 21087
      Contact: Frank Kupres 410-592-3171 - E-Mail:

      08/17/2002 - 08/18/2002 - Walk
      Event Number: AT2002/0354
      Start: Gunpowder Falls State Park, Kingsville, 5/10/20km
      Host Club: Baltimore Walking Club
      Write for more information to:
      7905 Omega Ct
      Kingsville, MD 21087
      Contact: Frank Kupres 410-592-3171 - E-Mail:

      Volksmarch Hagerstown, MD Washington County
      August 24, 2002 Credit Only Event
      11 KM Trail Rating 1+ 6KM Trail Rating 1 AT2002-335
      Sponsor: Piedmont Pacers Volksmarch Club - AVA-476
      Start Time: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 Noon, finish by 3:00 p.m.
      Start/Finish: At the FEST Tent, which is opposite the parking deck.
      The parking deck is located on N. Potomac St., 1/2 block South of
      Franklin St. (US-40 West) and 1/2 block North of Washington St. (US-40
      East). Potomac St. is ONE WAY going South. The "Augustoberfest" Fest
      Tent will be directly across Potomac St. from the parking deck.
      Distance: Two trails are offered: a 11 Km and a 6 Km. Walk, jog, or
      run at your own pace. Walk the trails a second time for distance
      credit for no additional fee.
      Trail Rating/Description: The 11 Km trail is rated 1+ on a scale of
      difficulty ranging from 1 (easy) to 5 (very strenuous). The 6 Km trail
      is rated 1. The trails are on sidewalks and roadsides through the city
      of Hagerstown. You will pass by stately homes, churches built in the
      late 1700's to 1800's, the City Farmers' Market, over the dry bridge,
      the historic Hager House/Museum, through City Park, Washington County
      Fine Arts Museum, The Mansion House Art Center, Rose Hill Cemetery and
      the Welcome Center. The trails are user friendly to wagons,
      wheelchairs and strollers though some difficulty may be encountered
      where there are no curb cuts.
      Eligibility: EVERYONE!! Children under 12 must be accompanied by an
      adult. Groups are welcome.
      Registration/Fees: This event is FREE for those who wish to
      participate without receipt of IVV credit or award. Fee for IVV credit
      is $2.00.
      Pets: Not permitted in Rose Hill Cemetery. Pets may be taken on the
      trail. They must be leashed. Walkers with pets will skip the cemetery
      and earn 10 Km for distance. You must clean up after your pet.
      Procedure: At the start point each participant is required to sign a
      waiver. You will receive a start card, which is personally carried,
      presented, and stamped at the check point. The individual start cards
      will be turned in at the finish table after completing the walk.
      Award: There will be no award for this event.
      Conditions: This event will be held regardless of weather conditions.
      Please, NO LITTERING on the trail.
      Disclaimer: Neither the sponsors of the event, employees of the City
      of Hagerstown, MD, nor "Augustoberfest" employees and volunteers can
      be held responsible or liable for any lost, stolen or damaged items,
      any accidents or injuries at any time. Every effort will be made to
      make this event safe, enjoyable and memorable.
      Refreshments: Water and candy will be available at the start and
      control point. Food may be purchased at many places in the city and at
      the "Augustoberfest".
      IVV Books: This event counts toward IVV achievement awards. New books
      will be available for purchase for $5.00 each.
      Information: For further information contact Chuck at (410) 795-7855,
      or visit the Hagerstown and/or Augustoberfest links.
      Restrooms: Available at the start/finish and at various locations on
      the trails.
      From the East, take I-70 West to Exit 32B (US40), exit and proceed
      approximately 3.2 miles to Potomac Street, which is just past Mulberry
      Street and Locust Street, in that order. Turn left on Potomac, parking
      deck is 1/2 block on the right.
      From the North, South & West, get on I-81 and get off at Exit 6 to US
      40 East towards Hagerstown, which is Washington Ave., ONE WAY
      eastbound. After going through an underpass, cross Walnut St.,
      Prospect St. and Jonathan St. "LOOK SHARP", 1/2 block past Jonathan
      St. is a ONE WAY alley to the left. Turn left 1/2 block to the rear
      entrance of the parking deck. If you miss the alley go to Locust St.,
      turn left to Franklin St. and turn left to Potomac St., turn left and
      enter the parking deck front entrance. On street parking is free on
      Saturdays and other parking lots are nearby.

      ROA - US FreedomWalk Festival
      Washington DC, September 28-29, 2002
      First annual event - IVV Sanctioned
      Reserve Officers Association, Minuteman Memorial Building, 1
      Constitution Avenue, NE
      Washington, D.C. 20002 USA (Directly behind the US Capitol)
      TIMES: Individuals can start between 9:00 a.m. and noon each day.
      Groups and individuals should try to see the opening ceremonies on
      Saturday at 9:00. Everyone should finish by 5 p.m. on both days.
      DISTANCES/TRAILS: Each day features a different walk available only on
      that day. Checkpoints along the way provide a place to relax and
      provide free refreshments.
      Saturday: Participants can select between a 6 or 12 or 20 kilometer
      (3, 7, or 12 miles) walk which could take them to the National Law
      Enforcement Memorial, the Navy Memorial, the Mall, the Tidal Basin
      with its monuments, all three branches of our government, and
      Arlington National Cemetery with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and
      the Women in the Military Memorial (for the longest distance).
      Other highlights of the trails include the Japanese Cherry Blossom
      trees and the German Peace Garden. These trails are rated 1 which
      means this is an "easy" walk.
      Sunday: Walks of the same distances branch out to the Mall and all
      three branches of federal government, the Marine Corps Memorial,
      Freedom Park (with pieces of the Berlin Wall and other significant
      symbols of the struggle for freedom), Francis Scott Key Memorial, C&O
      Canal, Rock Creek Park, and Embassy Row. These trails are rated 1+
      because of hills.
      Both trails are primarily on sidewalks with occasional natural
      surfaces and may be difficult for strollers and wheelchairs due to
      local differences in accessibility. Alternate routes are available.
      Fees: Includes Award and IVV Credit, lunch on 1 day and festival
      access. Until Sept. 1: $14 for one day or $18 for 2 days. After
      Sept. 1 $18 for one day or $22 for 2 days. Youth under 12 $2 until
      Sept. 1, then $3 - certificate and festival access only, medal
      optional $8.
      More details on the web site:
      Tim and Celia Miner
      800-809-9448 (ask for extension 755)
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