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  • ao877@freenet.carleton.ca
    From the Canadian west coast, here s the news on Ole and Helen: QUOTE 31 May 2000 2105 hrs local Ottawa time 1805 hrs local Prince Rupert time Hiking Viking
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2000
      From the Canadian west coast, here's the news on Ole and Helen:


      31 May 2000

      2105 hrs local Ottawa time

      1805 hrs local Prince Rupert time

      'Hiking Viking' Ole and 'La Fabuleuse' H�l�ne have completed another
      chapter to their odyssey by reaching Prince Rupert this afternoon. They
      celebrated the completion of the Western leg by dipping the soles of their
      walking boots in the Pacific Ocean. After touching two (Arctic and
      Pacific) of the three Oceans which span our country, only one remains to
      be dipped - the Atlantic. It`s now St. John`s, Newfoundland or bust...

      The real celebration is going to be at a local Prince Rupert restaurant
      where the walkers and Don the Wrench Bender extraordinaire will feast on
      fresh Halibut and some white wine. After 2 months of eating frozen fish
      sticks, this should be a real treat...

      As there is yet much business to accomplish, the celebration will be short
      lived as Ole has an interview with the local Prince Rupert paper at 1830
      hrs and 'lights-out' is at 2130 hrs. When you walk all day, seven days a
      week, you need your sleep...

      Tonight, they are camped about 1 km from the Pacific Ocean and tomorrow
      morning at 0700 hrs sharp, they are eastbound. 15 days away from Prince
      George (about 759 km) gives an average of 50 km per day. So far, they have
      averaged 45 km per day and have walked 2739 km. They are gaining time as
      weather, road surface and generally favorable weather conditions are
      improving as they progress. The mosquitoes are out but apparently are not
      too bad.

      Congratulations H�l�ne and Ole. Hang in there, you are well on your way...


      W.G. (Bill) Pryde (ao877@...)
      Nepean, Ontario, Canada
      Fun, Fitness and Friendship
      with Volkssport Ontario: http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/~ao877/
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