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WA - 2001 Convention

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  • C.A. Dines
    Saturday about 20 people walked the Worker s Walk for the State Capitol Walk in Olympia, WA for the 2001 Convention. We had a beautiful day for the walk -
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2000
      Saturday about 20 people walked the Worker's Walk for the State Capitol Walk
      in Olympia, WA for the 2001 Convention. We had a beautiful day for the walk
      - hopefully, it will be the same next year! Sue and Tom Powell laid the
      walk route, and they did a super job showing off our Capitol City.
      We started out at the Capitol Building. There are many cherry blossoms and
      other assorted flowers on the grounds, and everything was in full bloom - I
      hope my pictures turn out! (We will be doing a TAW article sometime soon.)
      We walked through the campus and then down to Capitol Lake via our fairly
      new downhill trail (that I have forgotten the name of...). It is through
      the trees and bark covered - reminescent of switchbacks, but not hard to go
      down. We had views of the Bay and the Lake on the way downhill - great
      photo opportunities! We then went through downtown Olympia and saw a few of
      the cute little boutiquey shops there and headed towards the Bay and the
      Farmer's Market area. The walk goes to the Market and it will be open on
      the day of the walk, but we don't go through the market. Our club has a
      bench that we dedicated in the garden, if someone should choose to detour a
      bit from the walk route, grab a latte at the market and enjoy the views for
      awhile! The walk then goes along the boardwalk on the waterfront, passing
      some nice view restaurants, the marina, and some small shops heading back
      toward the Capitol and the Lake with great views again. Stew took a detour
      through the "squirting" fountain on his way to the path in the lakefront
      park. We have many interesting statues in town, and "the Kiss" is one that
      we passed by on this walk - very popular for picture taking around
      Valentine's Day. We walked part way around the Lake on the new bark and
      gravel path and through Marathon Park (Lots of restroom opportunities on
      this walk!). We then walked along the lake heading up the hill to the
      Interpretive Center (which also has great views of the Capitol area). This
      part of the walk is on sidewalks, but is peaceful as it is walking along the
      lake to the Deschutes River. We headed to Tumwater Heritage Park from the
      Interpretive Center. This park is along the River and heads towards
      Tumwater Falls Park. I've forgotten what this area was originally called -
      New Market, I think, but it was the first settled area around this part of
      the state. The walk goes up and has views of the Falls Park - one of our
      present YRE's goes into the Falls Park, which is a beautiful walk. We then
      walked past the old Olympia Brewery - now under new management and we could
      really smell the brew! We walked both under and over the freeway on this
      walk, and the next section was over the freeway and into the historical
      homes section of Olympia. The yards and houses were beautiful, as always.
      We walked by the Historical Museum (literally on the grounds)and then back
      through the Capitol neighborhoods to the Capitol grounds. It is a lovely
      walk - so if you haven't got the capitol of Washington yet, come and join us
      for convention and walk Olympia on June 30, 2001! We're looking forward to
      seeing everyone then - if not before! Happy Trails! Cheryl Dines
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