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[walklist] Re: Lew Stone

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  • DOUGE255@aol.com
    In a message dated 03/28/2000 8:01:07 PM Central Standard Time, brownr@dms.state.fl.us writes:
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      In a message dated 03/28/2000 8:01:07 PM Central Standard Time,
      brownr@... writes:

      << We have been informed that Lew Stone passed away Thursday March 23. Lew
      had been in an automobile accident and was in the hospital recovering
      when he had a fatal heart attack.
      My wife and I first met Lew at the AVA convention in Austin,TX in 1993. It
      was on the walk in Mexico. This long and lanky "gringo" with the big walking
      stick got plenty of curious stares. We really enjoyed his stories of
      overcoming the obstacles of getting to Texas from Alabama and the humorous
      stories of his experiences while here in Texas. Whenever we reminisce about
      that convention, he is always on the list of good memories. We only saw him
      briefly at the Portland convention, recognized him the instant we saw him.
      The kind words about Lew on the walklist, shows he was a respected member
      of the volksmarching community.

      Doug and Sandra Evett

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