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Walklist: Galveston Tx. Walk

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  • ChalesC@aol.com
    Well I made it to the Galveston walk and it was a great walk. Those that missed it missed a good one. It started a the Strand Brewery which is one of these
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 1998
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      Well I made it to the Galveston walk and it was a great walk. Those that
      missed it missed a good one.

      It started a the Strand Brewery which is one of these mini breweries that brew
      to sell on site. There were a lot of people there when I arrived. The walk
      started at 10:00. I heard there were people there at 8:00. The first person I
      met had come down from Georgetown for the walk. The next one was concerned
      about the weather. The report was for 90% chance of storms. I had seen the
      weather Channel just before leaving home and there was a heavy line of storms
      from Corpus through San Antonio that was moving along that line to the
      northeast. So there was some concern that it might move on down and include
      us. We were lucky though it was a beautiful day with not a drop of rain.

      The walk started out with a brief walk along the water then in land. It passed
      the Texas Seaport Museum, The Great Storm Museum, and The Ocean Star Drilling
      Platform Museum. I hadn't realized that there was a drilling platform museum
      there but there is and it looks impressive. I'm going back to see that

      We walked by a lot of shops that were just opening. I stopped at one to buy a
      few post cards. We then passed the Railroad Museum and the main Post Office
      (an old impressive structure).

      We crossed Broadway and went into a residental area that contained many
      historical homes. There were a lot of historical markers describing the homes
      and the history. I tried to read them all but I'm sure I missed some of them.
      It was interesting how some of the markers referenced some of the same people
      in other markers.

      I walked with a lady from Oregon for a short time. She and a friend are
      traveling and doing walks as they go. Her friend she said was a marathoner so
      she only saw her at the start and when they met up at the finish. She has
      only been walking 10 years and has plans to go to Australia to walk later this
      year. I very interesting person.

      On the way back I almost caused a problem when I saw a statue of a shell I
      want to look at. I looked back and two ladies were following me. I pointed
      to the way we were suppose to go and they got back on track. I caught them
      later and they were in Galveston for a reunion with some of their school
      chums. One of them hadn't walked before and her friend said it had been
      several years since she had walked. Both said they enjoyed it so much they
      intended to do a lot more of the walks. I told them about our Houston
      Downtown Discovery Walk on Feb. 28th and they said they would try to come (I
      think it will be a good walk).

      It was a great walk. At the finish I saw people from San Antonio, Austin, and
      Kerrville. That was based on the Club emblems I saw. Many of them hung
      around to eat and visit and it was a good social occasion.

      There was a great turn out. I heard there were almost 170 walkers. I think
      that was great with the threating weather. Those that didn't come because of
      the weather missed a great walk with a lot more to see than I mentioned.

      I want to thank Allen for setting up a great walk.

      I intend to go back and do the YREs. There are 3 of them. I've done one but
      want to do the other two. They cover different parts of the Island and there
      is very little overlap on the walks.

      Charles Christal
      Houston Happy Hikers
      Houston TX.
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