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RE: [walklist] Keep up the responses RE: mall walking

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  • Ruth Sponsler
    Didn t mean to touch a nerve with my post. I m a newbie. I ve only been walking AVA events less than half a year. It s for enjoyment, not for any sort of
    Message 1 of 19 , May 1, 2003
      Didn't mean to "touch a nerve" with my post. I'm a
      newbie. I've only been walking AVA events less than
      half a year. It's for enjoyment, not for any sort of

      A lot of the trails are really wonderful for
      introducing the traveler to the significant historical
      spots in an area, and for helping folks find out about
      the interesting places to visit. I've learned a lot
      of history with the walks.

      I've also learned which towns have been foresightful
      in designing parklands and recreational areas, and
      which towns have planned their development to
      encourage people to get outside and exercise.
      Unfortunately, the South tends to lag in this area, as
      there are too many subdivisions with no sidewalks,
      etc. (Parts of California tend to be this way, too).
      Peachtree City GA is one very nice exception - there
      are extensive trails.

      I've found the nature trails to be good, too. While
      on a walk out of my area, I spotted a primitive plant
      (horsetail, or _Equisetum_, which I believe was around
      when the dinosaurs were around) for my first time,
      along with very nice giant trillium.

      I would like to encourage the list members to be more
      positive. If folks want to discuss something
      controversial or political, I think it would be better
      to talk about how we could induce city planners to
      include more trees, park space, bike paths etc. than
      to have squabbles with each other. I've noticed towns
      in the Northwest and ~parts~ of the Midwest to be
      really good in the parkland planning, but other places
      often lag. Unfortunately, there are often more
      sidewalks in areas built in the 1920s and 1930s or
      earlier than in subdivisions built a few years ago.
      Yet, 'us moderns' always love to criticize those who
      went before us for being so 'backward.'

      And, I'm not really against mall walking. I want to
      see choice in what's available. Personally, I would
      like to see more 10-15 km stretches of hiking trail as
      YRE's. Have done two, and both were supurb.

      Off my soapbox...

      --- Randy & Becky Adams <3dognight@...>
      > >There's no way to verify the distance except by a
      > human observer<
      > How do we verify the distance of any volkssport
      > event? Just because a trail
      > is 10 km. in length does not mean people walk it
      > all. I have actually seen
      > people turn around at a checkpoint and cut off part
      > of the distance (no
      > wonder they have completed their 30,000 km. book
      > (not legally, that's how).
      > I also know people who go to a YRE, stamp their
      > book, walk around the block
      > once and leave. Me, I prefer to do it legally. Just
      > a conscience thing, I
      > guess. The only person I would be cheating was
      > myself.
      > There is no way to verify the distance at ANY event,
      > mall walk or otherwise!
      > To those who do not want to do a mall walk, no one
      > will force you to do one.
      > After all, we do not live in Saddam's former
      > dictatorship, do we??? Those of
      > us who might want to do a mall walk, for whatever
      > reason, should be allowed
      > to walk in peace. And I am one of the "younger"
      > walkers referred to here
      > recently. Just because I will walk inside (not my
      > favorite type of walk,
      > however) does not qualify me as a "senior citizen".
      > Like age matters anyhow.
      > I have been passed on the trail by people almost
      > twice my age!!
      > Becky
      > Trail Trolls
      > Ohio

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    • Michael Roeger
      Like Ruth, I ve learned a lot about the places I ve walked over the years. And I did my first volksmarch in 1977. I ve given the mall/not-mall walk some
      Message 2 of 19 , May 1, 2003
        Like Ruth, I've learned a lot about the places I've walked over the years. And I did my first volksmarch in 1977.
        I've given the mall/not-mall walk some thought. The Indy G Walkers out of Indianapolis
        have included the Circle Centre Mall in their annual Christmas walk every December.
        The walk often includes the IUPUI campus, the statehouse, Soldiers and Sailors Monument and other Indianapolis
        landmarks. I didn't mind including a stretch of the mall within the walk, though those pesky shoppers get in the way.

        As for an entire volksmarch within a mall, I'm still skeptical, but if clubs want to host them, more power to the club.
        As someone said, we all have the freedom to pick and choose the walks we want to do.

        Mike R.
        Fort Wayne, IN
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