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For those in the Wales DNA or any other DNA project

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  • Susan Rosine
    Re-posting from another email list I m on--I wrote NONE of the following:   This came to me as a reminder for those who have decided to participate in
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2010
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      Re-posting from another email list I'm on--I wrote NONE of the following:
      "This came to me as a reminder for those who have decided to participate in FTDNA's Family Finder testing at the introductory rate.


      At this point in time, FTDNA is the BEST source for explanatory information beyond that which is mentioned in this post.

      Your administrators at our Project do NOT have ANY better information!

      Date: Saturday, March 27, 2010, 9:58 AM

      BLOG: http://forums. familytreedna. com/blog. php?b=503
      Additional info:
      TO RECEIVE THE DISCOUNTED PRICE, YOUR ORDER MUST BE PLACED AND PAID FOR BY THE 28TH OF HIS MONTH (MARCH). Unpaid sale price orders will be cleared from the system. You would then need to place a new order at the standard retail price after full launch.

      If you are not one of those included in the pre-sale phase then please stand by. You should be able to begin ordering Family Finder for yourself and your relatives soon!

      Below are answers to questions that I have been asked in recent weeks.

      I do not have mtDNA matches. Is there a benefit to ordering the Family Finder test?
      Yes, because the Family Finder test includes all of your ancestral lines it has a wider scope than mtDNA and Y-DNA tests. Even if you do not have matches on the mtDNA or Y-DNA test you may still discover cousins from other lines with Family Finder.

      I would like to test some of my cousins. Will I have to order an mtDNA or Y-DNA tests for them along with Family Finder?
      No, I have been assured that once Family Finder is in full production that it will be sold as a standalone test.

      Is it normal to match both men and women?
      Yes, the Family Finder test uses your autosomal DNA. Your matches may then come from any one of your four grandparents, eight great grandparents, sixteen great-great grandparents, ect.

      Some of my matches have Ancestral Surnames listed. How do I add those?
      You may add Ancestral Surnames in your myFTDNA account. The option is in the user preferences section."
      Rebekah A. Canada
      Volunteer Administrator, Family Tree DNA
      H & HV mtDNA Hg Project
      Q Y-DNA Hg Project, I-P109 Y-DNA Hg Project, Scandinavian Y-DNA Project

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