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  • mikewww7
    I want to clarify something. A large number of Leinster/Irish Sea haplotype cluster people are L159+. I just read on their (Leinster/BBC forum) that none has
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 13, 2009
      I want to clarify something.

      A large number of Leinster/Irish Sea haplotype cluster people are L159+. I just read on their (Leinster/BBC forum) that none has been tested for L226 yet, so it is possible that the L159+ people are a subset (branch of) of the L226+ people. We don't know yet, but I understand at least one L159+ person has ordered the L226 test now.

      Regards, Mike

      --- In walesdna@yahoogroups.com, "mikewww7" <mwwdna@...> wrote:
      > I'm in the same boat with you, Harold. I'm L21+ and M222- (R-L21*.)
      > I have a spreadsheet of the R-L21* haplotypes from the R-L21 Plus Project and from Ysearch.
      > So far as I know, this new SNP, L226+, has been found in only in Irish Type III types of haplotypes. You can read all about that on there their web site. This SNP looks very promising as a strong "flag" for the Irish Type III people.
      > http://www.irishtype3dna.org/
      > If this type of Irish ancestry had it's origins on the Island of Britain, which is definitely possible, this could apply to some of us.
      > There are also some other newly SNP's that are showing up in L21+ M222- folks. They are L159+, which shows up very prominently in men with a Leinster/Irish Sea type of haplotype. Only Leinster/Irish Sea people have had this so far, but there is some commonality between their general haplotype and the general haplotype for 17-14-10 Wales Modal I folks. Although, a little more remotely possible, Wales Modal II folks also have some commonality.
      > There is also a new L21+ M222- SNPc alled L193 that has shown up in people that is showing up in two 11-13 Combo people. Wales Modal III people fit into the 11-13 Combo cluster as well so that might be of interest to them.
      > There is another SNP, L69, that is found in two French L21+ M222- people.
      > I think you have to consider all of the alternatives if you are L21+ M222- or fit one of the types mentioned above.
      > I think each of the tests mentioned above costs $29 as a "singleton" order or you can buy the whole package for $119. I haven't decided for myself personally, but I am leaning towards the whole package because I'm not too close to the Irish Type III haplotype and some other people like myself are already negative for L226. I guess I'm saying I think I have a better chance shooting a shotgun rather than a 22 rifle, but the shotgun ammunition is more expensive.
      > This is a good discussion for all of us. All of those in the Wales DNA project who are R1b1b2 predicted should definitely consider the "deep clade R" package to see if you are even L21+. Odds are that you are, but you never know until you test. The exceptions, in my opinion, are:
      > 1) if you are close to the Irish Type III (then I'd get just the L226 because if you are L226+ then you are by default L21+ also)
      > 2) if you are 11-13 Combo http://www.familytreedna.com/public/R-L21-1113Combo/default.aspx? which Wales Modal III is, then I you might consider L193 or the L21* package (I lean towards the package)
      > 3) if you are 17-14-10 Wales Modal I then you might consider L159 or the whole L21* package (I lean towards the package).
      > Regards,
      > Mike
      > --- In walesdna@yahoogroups.com, haroldjdicks <haroldjdicks@> wrote:
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      > > Hi Thelma--I am one of these R L21+ and M 222- types
      > > What is the significance of these two results appearing together. Does it denote some particular group.that one should be aware of.
      > > Obviously, it means something, but what?? Harold
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      > > Thomas Krahn’s “Walk Through The Y” project has discovered a SNP found in the Irish Type III candidate. This SNP is located at ChrY:17558118, where the ancestral "C" had changed to a derived "T".
      > > Thomas has called this SNP L226. It occurs in L21 men and defines a parallel branch to M222, which defines the northwest Irish haplogroup.
      > > Over fifteen Irish Type III men have now tested positive for this SNP with no negative results.
      > > It has not been confirmed, however, that this SNP is confined to the Irish Type III haplotype, so all L21+ men who are M222- are recommended to test SNP L226 if you are interested in learning more about your deep ancestry.
      > > If you are positive for this new SNP, a project has been set up at FTDNA for you.
      > > You can order this SNP from your FTDNA Personal Page
      > > Log in to your personal page at www.familytreedna.com
      > > Select “Order Tests and Upgrades” which is under “My Account”
      > > Select “Order Advanced Tests”
      > > Click on the “SNP” box
      > > Select the R-L21 to test all SNPs below L21, or just L226 to test this one SNP.
      > > Then complete the ordering process to place your order.
      > >
      > > Bennett
      > >
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