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Fw: The Wales and Anglo-Saxon Surnames group (17-14-10 subclade)

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  • Guy Sloop
    I got this e-mail from Robert Hughes today on our 17-14-10 cluster group. Guy ... From: Robert Hughes Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 10:42 AM To: robert PYP6F
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2009
      I got this e-mail from Robert Hughes today on our 17-14-10 cluster group.


      From: Robert Hughes
      Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 10:42 AM
      To: robert PYP6F teamwales.robert
      Cc: Alton PYP6F Jenkins, Angie and Jerry Gibson PYP6F Nichols/Daniel, Bill Wyman PYP6F, Bob Ashby PYP6F, Cedric PYP6F Reese, charles W. PYP6F Russell, Watford Hayden family, Christo Heymans PYP6F, Daniela Moneta PYP6F, Dave PYP6F Williams, David PYP6F Gough David Welsh list, Dean PYP6F Ab-Hugh, Dean, Donna Dudley PYP6F, Edgar Hayden PYP6F, Francene PYP6F West group, G. Pettit PYP6F, George Hughes PYP6F, Guy Sloop PYP6F, Harold Dicks PYP6F, Hennie G. Heymans PYP6F, Isabel Carter PYP6F, Jane Gilbert PYP6F, Jeff PYP6F Pugh, Jeff, Laura PYP6F Hayden, laura, Lloyd Ellis PYP6F, Oliver PYP6F Oakley Welsh, Paul Catton PYP6F, Pittman PYP6F Pittman proj. contact, Robert Charles Haney, RC PYP6F, Sandra PYP6F Haney Sandra, Spicer PYP6F Spicer, Stephen Emelyn-Jones PYP6F, Welsh list, Steve Hayden PYP6F, Steve PYP6F Hayden Hayden proj in FTDNA, Sue Ashby PYP6F, Tom PYP6F Hayden , FTDNA Hayden proj., Virginia PYP6F Phillips-Smith, Virginia PYP6F Phillips-Smith, Watson PYP6F Pugh
      Subject: The Wales and Anglo-Saxon Surnames group (17-14-10 subclade)


      The Wales and Anglo-Saxon Surnames group (17-14-10 subclade)


      Hello List,

         With April on the wane, not a lot to add since last time. Our newest member is surnamed Thomas but as a predicted member until more alleles are added.

         An interesting observation.

         So far, with one exception, no two surnames are known to be related to each other. And this is interesting, no new surname duplicates another.

         Looking for a home.

         Not everyone has the software to view my cluster spreadsheet and enough people have asked for a look, so I am seeking a way for you to view it on the web. I have contacted FamilyTreeDNA to see if they will let me have a spot on their semiprivate R-Y Chromosome projects page.

         Typically, FTDNA imposes lots of restrictions and hurdles so the results may not be acceptable to me. If FTDNA fails us, I will look into creating a Google spreadsheet you can view on the web.

         I was looking at the mitochondrial mitotypes (mtDNA) for our group and thought you might be interested in the spread.

         Mitotype H.    Several members are mtDNA H which is the most prevalent in England.


         Mitotype T1.   One member is mtDNA group T1. This group is sometimes called the �Royal� group because several English Kings, Queens and royals were T1 as well as royalty in Sweden and Norway Even Tsar Nicholas was mtDNA T1.  


         Mitotype U5a  Finally, one member is mtDNA U5a. What�s interesting is that the 9,000 year old Cheddar Man is also U5a. Cheddar Man was discovered in Richard Cox Gough�s cave in Somerset, England. We have another member whose ancestor is from the Somerset area. That�s called interesting genetic convergence.


         Good news, bad news, good news.

         The good news. Mike Weale, a geneticist at Kings College London, has looked at our Google ancestral locations map at  http://tinyurl.com/c5ekha and feels there may be a sliver of relative information there.

         The bad news is that Mike is no longer doing Y chromosome migration studies.

         The good news is that Mike has agreed to forward my notes to any colleagues that might be interested. The real good news is that my map view counter has recorded over 100 hits since I sent Mike that link so, hopefully, someone in academia is looking at it.

      Regards, Robert


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