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News from Wales and the World! Febuary 1st - 2009!

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  • carwyn edwards
    Editors notes: This week We have stories from America, Wales, America, Wales and America!!!! Do you want your website to be visited by supporters of Wales from
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2009

      Editors notes: This week We have stories from America, Wales, America, Wales and America!!!!

      Do you want your website to be visited by supporters of Wales from Laugharne  to  London  then highlight your website with "News from Wales and the World"
      For more information on how to appear on the front end of our newsletter and have a link on our hugely popular news web page please contact us: E-mail: carwynedwards993@... or cymru20012000@...
      Take advantage of our promotional rates and at the same time help the Welsh League of Arizona share Welsh information all over the world!!!!

      Check out these Welsh related websites. We appreciate their support towards our efforts!!!!
      RHYS PHILLIPS, COL, USMC (Ret.) wrote:
      "The documentary (The Land of your Fathers) is outstanding. The photography and musical background are truly inspiring!”
      “THE LAND OF YOUR FATHERS”  is DVD of a journey around Wales filmed on a High Definition camera.
      "Inspirational! The production is inspirational!" – GARETH JENKINS, WELSH RUGBY TEAM COACH (Ret.)
      "You have captured the beauty of the wildness of Wales .….
      I can recommend it to all who love Wales……"  VERONICA ELLIS,  New South Wales.
      The DVD is available in both PAL and NTSC formats.

      Please let us know if you have any Announcements/Up coming events/Press releases/Questions or Comments. It's always great to hear from our readers!!! E-mail: carwynedwards993@... or cymru20012000@...

      Latest Welsh News - Newyddion Diweddaraf !
      Full story - click here - http://www.welshleagueofarizona.org/news.html

      -   Thomas Phillips - 'liberal' slave trader     -  Many Welsh sailors and captains took part in the slave trade but here Nick Skinner writes about one in particular who has become famous because he wrote a detailed diary of the slave voyage he made in the 1690s.
      -  Barry John puts rugby memorabilia up for sale   -  


      -  Wales Millennium Centre is nation’s top landmark  -   THE Wales Millennium Centre has established itself as Wales’ number one landmark.
      The Cardiff Bay venue threw its doors open to at least 1.1 million visitors in 2008 as worldwide recognition made it the nation’s version of Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and Sydney Harbour Bridge.
      -  Wild Dream Films of Cardiff in demand in USA    - IT’S the international television equivalent of sending coal to Newcastle.
      A Welsh film company is in the process of making a feature-length documentary on the American Civil War – to air at prime-time in the US.
      Sending the American Civil War to the Americans perhaps doesn’t have the same ring to it as its Northumbrian counterpart, but that’s exactly what Wild Dream Films of Cardiff is doing.

      -  Academic’s US plan for Assembly
       - FOR decades, Washington DC (for District of Columbia) has reigned supreme as the political power base of the United States.
      With landmarks such as Capitol Hill and the Smithsonian Museum at its heart, the capital city is considered a separate entity to the nation’s 50 states.
      And now, in a bizarre copycat proposal, an academic wants to take the Welsh Assembly out of Cardiff and make it Cardiff DW.
      -   Sledge to taxi saves Elvis trip  
         -  An Elvis fan is winging his way to his hero's home in Memphis after a sledge dash to meet his snow-bound taxi.
      Panic stations were sounded when Steven Williams realised he could miss his plane because Deiniolen in Gwynedd was cut off by heavy snow

      - Cam diweddara brwydr hir     -   Cyhoeddiad cais Llywodraeth y Cynulliad am bwerau i ddeddfu yn achos yr iaith Gymraeg yw'r cam diweddara yn y frwydr hir i gael statws swyddogol i'r Gymraeg.
      Readers Comments - Geiriau gan yr darllenwyr!

      Amcan: Join us to share stories, tips, pics and videos of your favorite places in Wales.
      Become part of our informal community as we all share ideas and answer your Wales travel questions. Get the low-down on Welsh connections, societies, shops and churches in America.
      The official website for travel to Wales from America.
      carries details of a charity attempt by the four Welsh rugby Regions supporters choir to get into the UK pop Charts.
      My choir (The Ospreys) have recorded Cwm Rhondda (Bread of Heaven) which is downloadable from the site at a cost of 79 pence. All profits will go to the Wales Air Ambulance.
      The singles will be released into the Charts next Monday with the hope of getting them played all over the UK before Wales play Scotland in the first game of the Six Nations next Sunday.
      Ken Thomas
      Chairman Ospreys Choir

      John Ceiriog Hughes
      Enjoy your articles from all over,Diolch Yn Fawr.      
      I have a request (strange one) I was hoping to include a few verses in my brother,s memorium of John Ceiriog Hughes,s poem "ALUN MABON"  I have the first verse or so firmly in my memory, but the spelling of his blue eyes "Gloyw Gloew"escapes me . i  have tried the web in vain, and would appreciate any help you can give me .                
      Diolch Yn Fawr                              
      Tom Morgan (Ex. Ystalyfera 46yrs ago.)
      The Alabama Welsh Association
      is in the midst of a recruiting drive. To see if you have a Welsh surname or are related to someone who does, please vist our site at the link below. However, being a decendant of Welsh ancestors is not required for membership. I respectfully request that you please help our cause by forwarding this email to all on your address book. Thank you & Cymru am Byth ! Billy E. Price V.P.
      The Mal Pope Show
      The show featutes perfromances from folk
      legends Ralph McTell and Christie Moore.
      There is an interview with Suzanne Vega and music from
      Waterfront's Chris Duffy and saxophonist Osian Roberts.

      An American Welsh blog!
      An Interview With Rhys Hughes - Part 1?
      This is part 1 of an in depth interview with Rhys Hughes, the Welsh
      Wizard of the Absurd. Rhys was born in Porthcawl, South Wales in 1966
      and plans to write exactly 1000 stories in his lifetime.

      Por Jorge E. VIVES
      La historia de la Colonia Galesa del Chubut es un entramado formado por
      la vida y obra de sus pobladores que, como los hilos multicolores de un tapiz, al entrelazarse crean las figuras que representan el pasado.
      bwcibo cyf. is at present producing ‘La Casa di Dio,’ the story of a little Catholic church in Wales, built in a plasterboard prefab, by Italian POW’s during World War II. The POW camp site was in serious neglect by 1960, when it was bought by Bob Thomson, a Scotsman who settled in the area after the war. For 47 years, Bob cared for the church, showing it to thousands of visitors from around the world.

      An annual prize is to be offered for the first time next month to celebrate the life of a medieval prince of Wales.
      The Eisteddfod y Dysgwyr Gogledd Dwyrain Cymru (North-East Wales Learners' Eisteddfod), jointly organised by three mentrau iaith in North-East Wales and to be held at Theatr John Ambrose in Rhuthun next month, will feature a competition in honour of Dafydd ap Llywelyn.
      Dafydd (also known as Dafydd II) was the son of Llywelyn the Great and his princess Siwan (Joan), and ruled as prince from 1240 to 1246. He is known to have established diplomatic links with the king of France, secured recognition of Wales' independence from the Pope, and also revised native Welsh law. On his death, the poet Dafydd Benfras praised him as 'tarian Cymru', the shield of Wales.
      The prize has been established by the Dafydd ap Llywelyn Committee, a voluntary, non-profit-making organisation with the aim of erecting a monument to Dafydd near his birthplace of Castell Hen Bl as, Bagillt, in Flintshire.
      The Medal Dafydd ap Llywelyn will be offered for the best history essay written by a Welsh learner. The winner will also receive a glass jug engraved with Dafydd's coats of arms by local engraver Elfyn Pierce-Jones.
      Chairman of the Dafydd ap Llywelyn Committee Dr Craig Owen Jones said: 'As Dafydd is the only prince of Wales to have been born in Flintshire, the committee felt that establishing this prize in north-east Wales in his honour would be a fitting tribute.'
      Ellie Pritchard, Welsh Learners' Support Officer for Menter Iaith Sir Y Fflint, said: 'We are expecting to see as many people compete this year as in previous years, and are very pleased to be offered this new competition and prize, which we look forward to staging in years to come.'
      About the committee
      The Pwyllgor Dafydd ap Llywelyn Committee was formed after a public meeting at the Flintshire Eisteddfod Genedlaethol in 2007, and is a voluntary, non-profit-making organisation with the aim of erecting a monument to Dafydd ap Llywelyn (also known as Dafydd II) in Flintshire.
      Cysylltwch/Contact: dafyddapllywelyn@...
      Welcome to Cardiff City Bluebird's USA
      This site is for Cardiff City fans who live in America

      Tom Jones Live
      Venue: House of Blues, 15 Lansdowne St, Boston
      Dates: March 1, 2009
      Time: doors open at 7.00pm, show starts at 8.00pm
      Who should attend: Open to the public
      Reservations: Various online booking services
      Admission: US $55.00 - US $65.00
      Description: Welsh music icon Sir Tom Jones performs live. The Grammy winner‘s signature voice and world famous hits such as "It's Not Unusual" and "Delilah" make his live shows an amazing not to be missed experience.
      Welsh Joke of the week!
      Vivian Parry Williams, Blaenau Ffestiniog
      American decided to write a book about famous
      churches around the world.
      So he bought a
      plane ticket and took a trip to Orlando
      , thinking that he would start by working his
      way across the USA
      from South to North.
      On his first day he was
      inside a church taking photographs when he
      noticed a golden telephone mounted on the wall
      with a sign that read '$10,000 per call'.
      The American, being intrigued, asked a priest who
      was strolling by what the telephone was used
      for. The priest replied that it was a direct
      line to heaven and that for $10,000 you could
      talk to God.
      The American thanked the priest
      and went along his way.
      Next stop was in
      Atlanta. There, at a very large cathedral,
      he saw the same looking golden telephone with
      the same sign under it. He
      wondered if this was the same kind of telephone
      he saw in
      and he asked a nearby nun what its purpose was.
      She told him that it was a direct line to
      heaven and that for $10,000 he could talk to
      'O.K., thank you,' said the American
      then travelled all across America, Europe,
      England, Japan, New Zealand.
      In every church
      he saw the same looking golden telephone with
      the same '$US10,000 per call' sign under it.
      The American decided
      to travel to Wales to see if the Welsh had the
      same phone.
      He arrived at
      y Coed
      Conwy, Wales and
      again, in the first church he entered, there was
      the same looking golden telephone, but this time
      the sign under it read '40p per call.'
      American was surprised so he asked the priest
      about the sign.  'Father, I've travelled
      all over
      the world and I've seen this same golden
      telephone in many churches. I'm told that it is
      a direct line to Heaven, but in all of them
      was $10,000 per call.
      Why is it so cheap
      priest smiled and answered, 'You're
      Wales now, son - it's
      a local call'.

      Ft. Wayne, IN
      The 11th Annual Saint David's Day Observance will be held at Forest Park United Methodist Church, 2100 Kentucky Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana.  3:00 to 4:30 PM on March 1, 2009.  Bring your WNGGA Hymnals and something for the Te Bach.  For more information
      Welsh owned children holiday camp!
       own a Summer Day Camp For Children in The United States for the past 20 years. Fort Lauderdale and North Miami Beach Fl we have many families join us from Europe during the summer. They stay at the beach at Hotels or in Time Shares and their children attend our program.  Our Web-site is
      could you post it. Thank You,
      Ken Evans 

      Welsh Love Spoons
      Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and time is running out to make a real romantic statement this year.  David Western has a limited number of lovespoons available for immediate purchase by those who've 'left it too long'.  Please visit my website at
      to see what is available.  Every year I get calls the day before Valentine's when it
      is too late to help...don't say I didn't warn you this year!!Also, please visit my
      blog at www.davidwestern.blogspot.com to follow the creation of the Left Coast
      Eisteddfod's special lovespoon.  This spoon will be given to a lucky draw winner
      at the Eisteddfod to be held in Portland OR this August.  I hope you will visit the
      blog or www.americymru.com  to find out how you can help support the creation of an
      Eisteddfod in North America and put yourself in the running to win
      the spoon!!
      Online Course at Cardiff University studying the history of the Welsh in America
       Cardiff University's Centre for Lifelong Learning are running an online course on 'The Welsh in America, 1680 - 1914', to start on 18th February 2009. The course explores the international dimension to Welsh history by considering the experiences of Welsh emigrants overseas, and how these experiences were reported & influenced the Welsh back home.
      The series of online lectures will cover three centuries, from the first Welsh emigrants to the New World in the early 1600s through to the mass emigration of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.
      For more details visit the website -
      St David's Day
      Join us this year to celebrate St.David's Day across the online world.
      Os y chi'n caru Cymru, dylech chi fod yna!" | "If you love Wales, you should be there!"
      The St.David's Day preparations in Cardiff are getting underway and this year we have new sponsors and patrons including the world famous tenor Bryn Terfel.
      We are also stepping up our online activities with a new social networking site at  http://www.cymrubook.com and a revamped website at http://www.stdavidsday.org and sponsors logowall at http://www.logo-wall.co.uk/stdavidsday07.html
      We also have 2 groups on Facebook.
      So no excuses! Join us this year to celebrate St.David's Day across the online world
      Chris Jones

      Rydym yn chwilio am Gymry cymraeg sydd yn byw tramor I gystadlu mewn cyfres arall o ‘O Ond 1’.
      Darlledwyd y cwis Mis Medi y llynedd ar S4C – roedd hi’n boblogaidd iawn ac felly mae na gyfres arall yn cael eu recordio ym Mis Mai eleni.
      Yn fras – mae 12 cystadleuydd yn y stiwdio yng Nghaerdydd (RYDYM YN CHWILIO AM GYSTADLEUWYR YNG NGHYMRU HEFYD!) a 1 Ex pat yn cystadlu o’I cartre trwy linc lloeren (satellite).
      Y bwriad I’r cystadleuwyr yn y stiwdio brwydro am 1 lle i gystadlu yn y rownd ola yn erbyn yr Ex Pat. Y wobr I’r ennillydd - yr Ex pat yn ennill taith Nol adre’ a cystadleuydd y stiwdio yn ennill gwyliau tramor.
      Mae’n rhaglen gyffroes iawn ac yn lot fawr o hwyl. Y cyflwynwyr yw Morgan Jones(Sgorio) a Nia Parry.
      Mae ychydig mwy o fanylion ar y wefan  http://www.s4c.co.uk/adloniant/c_dimondun.shtml.
      Cysylltwch a ni os oes diddordeb gennych – cofiwch basio’r wybodaeth ymlaen at unrhyw deulu a ffrindiau sy yng Nghymru a tramor!!!
      Edrych ‘mlaen I glywed wrthych.
      Alison John
      Cynhyrchydd / Producer  

      An Invitation to Welsh Societies in North America to participate in:
      Wales Smithsonian Cymru 2009
      24 – 28 June and 1 – 5 July
      As a member of a society which keeps alive Welsh heritage in the United States, I am sure you will be delighted to hear that Wales will be the guest nation at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in 2009.  As many of you will know, this annual, cultural festival takes place outdoors on the National Mall in Washington, DC over the 4 July holiday.  The Festival attracts over a million visitors annually and will provide a platform to raise the profile and awareness of Wales in Washington, DC and the wider United States
      Wales’ presence at the Festival presents a unique opportunity for your society to become involved through fundraising.  The Welsh Assembly Government and the Smithsonian have provided core funding for the event which will enable a substantial representation for Wales.   But in order to maximise this unique opportunity, a fundraising campaign is underway with the aim of extending the number and range of associated activities and to enable a greater number of participants from Wales to attend the Festival.   Would your Society be willing to play a part by raising further funds for the Festival?
      We are hoping that Welsh Societies all over North America will help us raise an extra total of $50,000 by April 30th of this year and there are several ways in which the Welsh Assembly Government and the Smithsonian can help your Society be part of this historic Welsh-American fundraiser
      Provide door prizes for raffles held at your St David’s Day banquet – or at any other fundraising event.
      Provide copies of Welsh-interest DVDs for holding screenings at which you may charge entry. Details of screenings held during Wales Week (Feb 27 – March 6) would also be featured on our Wales Week USA website.
      Provide information and images for use in your newsletters, local press or on your website to help publicise your fundraising endeavours
      Inclusion of stories on any successful fundraising drives in a special section on US-based Welsh Societies on the Wales.com Smithsonian web-pages.
      The Welsh Society which raises the largest amount of funds will be prominently featured on the website in the months leading up to the Festival and will receive a number of benefits, including a number invitations to special events at the Festival .   
      If you would like to be a partner in this appeal, please now contact:
      Kevin Blackerby for door prizes and other ideas for fundraising events and to register your event
      Email:  BlackerbyK@... Tel:   001 202 633 6436
      Samantha Pashley for DVDs
      Email samantha.pashley@...   Tel: 646 792 8931 or
      Liz  Emrys for any other information.
      Email:  liz.emrys@...  Tel:  +44 (0) 2920825466
      To keep up to date with the program plans, visit www.wales.com/Smithsonian
      We look forward to our future collaboration,
      Ifona Deeley
      Head of International Relations
      Kansai St David's Society, Japan
      Hello, here's Chikako at the Kansai St David's Society, Japan.
      We are holding a Welsh Cultural Festival this year again, and I wonder if you can put our annoncement in your news' readers' comments section.
      Unfortunately, due to the world recession and the dramatically changed exchange rate, we no longer expect any financial support from Welsh authorities and this festival will be the last. But it shall be the grand final as the harpist is well known and we hope to attract lots of people. anyway, here is the info.
      Welsh Cultural Festival in Osaka, Japan!
      “Scratch a Welsh man and he will sing for you”? Bryn Terfel
      Sat,28th Feb., 2009 1:00~5:30 pm (doors open 12:30)
      Performance Space, Dawn Center 1F, Temmabashi, Osaka
      3-49, 1-chome Otemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 5400008 JAPAN
      <nearest station>Temmabashi on Osaka subway or Keihan line
      As you know, Welsh people are famously proud of their musical talents. Consequently, the theme of this year’s Welsh Cultural Festival is our music!
      Particularly too good to miss is the Harp Concert.Ms. Keiko Kikuchi, the most renowned Celtic harpist in Japan, has kindly agreed to perform Welsh tunes on the lap, grand and Celtic harps.You can also enjoy a male voice choir concert.Please don’t scratch the choir! Also, view Welsh pop music videos, enjoy Welsh cakes and sample just a bit of Welsh whisky too! Please join us, and be Welsh for a day!!
      Click below to download the flyer of the Festival
       Click below to download the flyer of the harp concert
      12 – 2 P.M.
      Phrase of the Month
      Hen Gerrig (Old Stones)
      Mysterious Monuments – Stones From Ancient Civilizations
      Pat Anderson shares with many of us a fascination with Neolithic Monuments found all over Europe and especially in Britain.  However, she has delved into the subject more deeply than most people and found a unique way of documenting the works of these very early settlers by creating an embroidered map of Europe - marking locations of important Neolithic sites.  She is going to share her findings with us at our February meeting.
      Welsh American Society of Northern California
      Annual St. David's Day Gymanfa GanuSUNDAY MARCH 1, 2009
      2:00 p.m. followed by a Te Bach
      Lafayette United Methodist Church
      955 Moraga Road,Lafayette, California
      www.thelumc.org or call 925-283-0912, Idris Evans
      All are welcome. Diolch yn fawr
      Ann Williams
      Pethau Cymreig
      WASNC Newsletter

      Seattle Welsh
      The Seattle Welsh Women's Club and Puget Sound Welsh Association areholding their St.David's Day Celebration on March 1st at 2.30 pmSt.Andrew's Church, 111 NE 80th St., Seattle, Washington State.Welsh born soprano, Nerys Jones, now living in Seattle, will be the guestsoloist. Cor Cymraeg (Seattle's own choir) under the direction of TomGething will also lead the voices of the congregation with familiar Welshsongs. With trio Dinas a Frain playing Welsh folk music, please join usto a program full of Welsh music and history. An invitation to te bachfollows, and sales of Welsh crafts available.Everyone is welcome, the program is free, but donations greatly
      appreciated. Reach us at
      Eileen Wyke

      Celebrate St. David’s Day Weekend ~ Toronto
      The Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir enhances the St. David’s Day Celebrations with a live performance on Classical 96.3 FM including livestream on www.classical963fm.com on Wednesday, February 25th 5:20 to 5:40 pm.
      The St. David’s Society invites you to the annual Banquet on Friday, February 27th with Cocktails 6:30 pm and Dinner 7:30 pm at the Badminton and Racquet Club of Toronto, 25 St Clair Avenue West. The evening’s entertainment will include the Guest Speaker, Jack Evans, from Wales, a mini Gymanfa Ganu and dancing to conclude the evening’s festivities. Tickets: $75.00, Visa accepted. info@... or www.ticketweb.ca or 416-410-2254
      St. David’s Day Concert ~ Cyngerdd Dydd Gwyl Dewi. The Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir celebrates the rich culture and heritage of Wales, the "Land of Song", with a bounty of music. Their Guests are Christopher Thomas, M.C., Gwyndaf Jones, Welsh tenor, Merched Dewi, Clement Carelse, on Canada's largest organ and Gerald Martindale, carillon at the Metropolitan United Church, 56 Queen Street East,Toronto M5C 2Z3 on Saturday, February 28th, 2009, 7:30 pm. Tickets: $25.00 Contact: 416-410-2254 or www.ticketweb.ca
      The festivities continue on March 1st, St. David’s Day, with the raising of the “Red Dragon” at Toronto City Hall, Nathan Phillips Square at 1:30 p.m. The oldest National flag still in use will fly proudly as children dressed in their Welsh costumes, celebrate the Patron Saint of Wales. Being a land rich in tradition, music will ring out as the community joins to sing “Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau”. 
      Saint David's Day
      This blog is here to promote Wales, the Welsh language, and Saint David's Day. In honor of the ancient Celtic Saint, my friends and I will wade waist deep into the frigid waters of New England on Sunday, March 1st 2009. We are looking for as many people as possible to join us. We think that we can put Saint David's Day on the map.
      Boston British Consulate Looking for Welsh Ex-patriots, Welsh Americans, and People with a Love for Wales
      The Welsh National Assembly and the British Consulate of Boston are looking to connect with the Welsh presence in New England.  March 1st, 2009 is Saint David's Day.  Saint David is the patron saint of Wales, and on the days surrounding March 1st the Boston British Consulate and the Boston Cymrodorion Society will be organizing and sponsoring a number of Saint David's Day events.  A classic Welsh hymn sing called a Gymanfa Ganu will be held in Salem, MA.  Lectures on Welsh history, a Saint David's Day polar bear plunge, and a Saint David's Day feast will be celebrated.  To cap off the events Rhodri Morgan, the First Minister of Wales will be joining us at the British Consulate at 1 Memorial Drive in Cambridge, MA for a celebration on Monday, March 2nd.
      If you are from Wales, of Welsh ancestry, or simply have a love for all things Celtic contact Phil Wyman the Boston Saint David's Day representative for the British Consulate and the Welsh National Assembly at 978-578-1785, on the internet at
      or by e-mail at
      St David's Society of Hong Kong Annual Ball - 28 February 2009
      Annual Ball
      Gwledd Flynyddol
      Saturday 28 February 2009
      7 pm till 2 am
      Hong Kong Football Club
      HK$990 each
      (including membership of the Society for 2009-2010)
      Clive "Top Cat" Rowlands
      Legendary Welsh player, Captain, Coach, Manager and WRU President, also Lions Manager
      Great Prizes to be won in the Charity Raffle
      Silent Auction
      Tickets available from Bill Morrison on 9328 7304
      Cheques made payable to
      "St. David's Society of Hong Kong"
      and sent to
      Flat 8B Fung Woo Building
      65 Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley
      The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth will again be attending this highly popular event in Olympia, London, from 27 February to 1 March.   This is a unique opportunity to discuss your Welsh genealogical research with experts from the Library.  The National Library of Wales is considered as the premier resource for all Welsh genealogical research and this is an opportunity not to be missed!!  We will be there on St David's Day, and we very much look forward to welcoming you to our stand during this three-day event.  For further information about the show visit www.whodoyouthinkyouarelive.co.uk or the library's website www.llgc.org.uk
      Free guided tours of the Library are conducted every Monday at 11.00am.  A great opportunity to see the building and some of our nation's most notable treasures.  To book a ticket contact the Library Shop (01970) 632548 or book a place on-line www.llgc.org.uk/drwm

      From David Parry Chicago!!
      The nationally syndicated NPR radio show the 'The Thistle & Shamrock' is featuring a St. David's Day special called 'Welsh Momentum'.
      Broadcast dates vary depending on where you're listening, so just check the broadcast schedule and list of streaming stations for dates, times and frequencies. The show will be on between February 27th to March 5th, 2009.
      Welsh Momentum
      The Thistle & Shamrock
      Emerging Welsh roots recordings vary from traditional harp music to genre-bending blends of Latin, funk, and Afrobeat.  Hear established and emerging artists including Drymbago, Mim Twm Llai, Gwenan Gibbard, and Crasdant.
       The following stations will also be featuring Welsh programming and St. David's day specials at the end of February/beginning of March.
      Music of the Isles
      WMNF 88.5FM in Tampa, Florida
      Thursday February 26th 7-9 pm

      A Celtic Sojourn
      WGBH 89.7 in Boston, Massachusetts
      Saturday February 28th 12pm–3pm
      The Celtic Show
      WRFG 89.3FM in Atlanta, Georgia
      Sunday March 1st 5pm-7pm
      BDU Gathering in Sydney
      Sydney Gathering
      When: 7-00 pm Friday 6th February 2009
      Where: Kauri Hotel
      Come and meet all your fellow BDU Members and have a say on how you would like us to do things for you or just turn up to have a sherbet or two. You will be surprised who you will bump into. Remember this club is for you and it only works when you are there.
      US tour dates for the Cardiff band Los Campesinos!
      CELTFEST '09
      Gwahoddiad i Barti Enfawr!
      Invitation to a Huge Party!
      Tá cuireadh agat do chóisir mhór!
      FRIENDS from Ireland & Wales, you are invited to participate in the biggest rugby party in Facebook history! Using the Snow Ball Effect theory, we want to see if it is possible to contact every Welsh and Irish Rugby supporter and welcome them to a very special all day party! The date- March 21st 2009 - the Saturday that Wales play Ireland in the last game of this years RBS Six Nations.
      CeltFest 2009 is THE event for the Rugby fanatic and for fans of the very best Welsh and Irish entertainment.
      Enjoy the atmosphere, mingle with the supporters, sing, dance - and most of all celebrate the cultures of Wales and Ireland in one massive Celtic party!
      One ticket allows admission to the venue for the full duration of the event. The price -£25 or €25 which is very cheap for twelve hours music. What are you waiting for? Just book now....
      Remember Cardiff will be have over a 100 000 rugby supports in town that day - we can only cater for 4000! 96% will have to stay outside. So get your tickets Friday 9th of January 2009 @ 9 am online.
      Visit http://www.celtfest.com for details (Site launches on Jan 7th, with tickets on sale Jan 9th @ 9am!)

      Vernon Welsh Society, British Columbia, Canada.
      Hi All, Greeting and A Healthy & Happy New Year in 2009 from the Vernon Welsh Society in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada.
      Would like to let you know that here in Vernon we will be celebrating St David's Day on Saturday February 28 at the Schubert Centre in downtown Vernon. We will have the usual Welsh fare including singing by a local group called The Marksmen also a local harpist to play some good old Welsh music. As usual we will end the evening with everyone singing their favourite Welsh songs lead by the local Vernon Men's Welsh Choir.
      The society is looking to host a good Welsh choir from Wales during the Olympics to held in Vancouver in February of 2010. So if there is anyone out there that can put us in contact with a choir please contact lesparsons@...    
      Happy St David's Day to all and Diolch yn Fawr. Thank you very much.
      Les Parsons

      St. David's Day, 1st March 2009, Trinity Methodist Church, Trinity Road, West Park Stray, Harrogate, North Yorkshire will hold a Cymanfa Ganu (Welsh Hymn-singing Festival). This begins at 6.30 p.m. The leader is the Revd. Philip Barnett, a Welsh-speaking Minister now living in Deganwy. One hymn will be sung in Welsh, the rest in English, but all to Welsh hymn-tunes, and a local Male Voice Choir will sing several Welsh songs. The Revd. Philip Barnett will also be leading the St. David's Day morning service in the church. For further information, please ring 01423 879594. This message was sent to you by Eileen Walker, 01535 665829, in Bradford, on behalf of Trinity Church.
      Jim Walker
      Sunshine Coast Australia
      We are having an informal get together at the Yandina Ginger Factory Pioneer Road Yandina Sunshine Coast on Sunday February 08 2009 congregating by 11.00am at the front entrance. We have invited ALL our CELTIC COUSINS to join us, anyone reading this are very welcome to come along and join in a Celtic Friendship day.
      Saint David's Day Sunday 1st March 09 we will celebrate at Clio's Wedding and Reception Centre 285 Woombye-Palmwoods Road Palmwoods Qld 4555 all are welcome to join us again contact Grace Roberts on the above number.
      I bawb a'r draws y byd Pob Bendith arnoch am y flwyddyn newydd a pob llwyddiant I'ch Cymdeithasau Cymreig.
      Bod I'r Hen Iaith Barhau
      President/Secretary Grace E Roberts
      Mailing Address
      TY NI
      21/9 Harpulia Court
      Morayfield Qld 4506
      Ph 07 5433 1817 e-mail cymru18@...
      Sefydliad Cenedlaethol Cymru America – National Welsh American Foundation: 2009 ‘Presidents Day Lecture’: Saturday 21 February 2009 at 3PM (2:30PM refreshments) - ‘Barack Obama and the American Presidency: Perspectives and Prospects’ given by Prof Jon Roper (American Studies Dept, Swansea University). Wallace Lecture Theatre, Swansea University campus.
      More info:
      Cymdeithas Madog: Winter Updates
      Cwrs Goleuni'r Gogledd - The Northern Lights Course
      July 19 - 26, 2009
      Enlighten yourself by learning Welsh under the Northern Lights! Plans are shaping up for the 33rd annual Cwrs Cymraeg Welsh language week, to be held at the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus, in Camrose, Alberta.  The lead tutor will be longtime Cwrs teacher Hefina Phillips, a native Welsh speaker who now resides in Ontario, Canada.
      Stay tuned for more updates by visiting the Cwrs 2009 page at:
      If you would like to hold a place on Cwrs Cymraeg 2009, please mail a check or money order for $100, in US funds, to our course Registrar:
      Shirley McKee
      Registrar, Cwrs Cymraeg 2009
      3033 Willowbrook Way
      Beavercreek  OH  45431-7702

      Chicago Welsh latest
      Welsh Calendar of Events - Winter 2009
      As always there is a great line up of Welsh events to get you outside and keep you moving over the cold winter months. 
      Aside from the Autumn rugby internationals, there are screenings of the new 2008 animated version of the Dylan Thomas classic 'A Child's Christmas in Wales' at local area libraries, a off kilter Holiday Sing-A-Long with Welsh expat entertainer Judith Owen and an art exhibit by the notorious Welsh musician Jon Langford and much more are among the lineup of quality events.
      For more information on these and other events please email us at : WelshChicago@... 
      The Chicago Tafia Welsh Society

      Wales International Business Wales, part of the Welsh Assembly Government, specializes in supporting companies
      with their European expansion plans. Our aim…...to convince you that Wales is worthy of your
      consideration as a place to locate, relocate or expand your business. For further information
      please visit….. www.ibwales.com. If you would like a copy of our monthly newsletter ‘Resource: Wales’
      please contact Mel Hiscox at the Wales International Center in New York on
      Cymry Llundain / London Welsh
      Event Guide
      For further info
      please contact:
      Theo Brueton

      Wales in London
      Cymru yn Llundain

      If you have any interesting websites associated with Wales/North America and the rest of the world let us know we will give it a link on our next Newsletter!!!!

      http://www.itvlocal.com/cymru/ Helo, ma gyda ni nifer o raglenni newydd i chi'r wythnos hon. Hefyd lluniau o'r eira sydd newydd ein taro, a'r eira mawr wnaeth daro yr union adeg 31 o flynyddoedd yn ôl.
      Ty Chwith:
      Troi a Throi:
      Pobol y Chyff:
      Torri Gwynt:
      NINNAU means "us" or "we also" and is pronounced "nin-eye." Answering the need for a stronger link between the many Welsh communities of North America. http://www.ninnau.com
      Welsh recipe of the week! Any recipes your proud of please let us know and we will share it with the Welsh World!!!!
      Aberayron Broth - Cawl Aberaeron
      1 1/2 lb bacon 1/2 lb parsnips
      1 lb bee 1 lb potatoes
      1 x white cabbage 2 small leeks
      1/2 lb carrots oatmeal
      1/2 lb swede salt and pepper
      Method :
      Wash and shred the cabbage. Peel and cut up all the other vegetables. Dice the bacon and beef.
      Place the meat and all the vegetables except the leeks in a large saucepan. Cover with water. Add salt and Repper to taste. Simmer for 2 to 2 1/2 hours.
      Add the leeks and continue heating for a further 10 minutes. Serve hot.
      If you wish to discuss or debate everything about Wales and Welshness please join our Yahoo group. You don't have to be from Arizona or even Welsh to join. Just a healthy interest in the Welsh Current Affairs/Language and Culture -

      Gwersi Cymraeg all over the world!!!!!!!!!!

      Boston Welsh Lessons - Dysgwch Gymraeg yn Boston
      Aled Llion Jones, currently teaching Welsh at Harvard University, is offering free evening classes in Cambridge. Classes for beginners meet on Wednesday evenings.
      Further details:
      Contact ajones@...
      Diolch yn fawr!

      Derby Welsh Learners Circle website and the blog Cymry'r Canolbarth in your next World Wide Welsh News bulletin. The Urls are
      Ontario Canada
      Dewch ac ymunwch gyda ni i sgwrsio yn Gymraeg. ‘Rydym yn dechrau grwp newydd sydd am gwrdd bob mis i ymarfer yr iaith wrth drafod bob math o bynciau.
      LLE?   Tafarn Y Clock Tower, 575 Stryd Bank
      PA AMSER?  7-9 p.m.
      PA DDIWRNOD?  nos Lun olaf pob mis
      Bydd croeso cynnes i bawb sydd yn siarad Cymraeg neu yn ei dysgu.
      Mae’r cyfarfod cyntaf am saith o’r gloch, Nos Lun, Ionawr 26.
      Ffoniwch Alison Lawson 613-725-2704 neu Glenson Jones 613-592-8957 am fwy o wybodaeth.
      Come and join a new group which is being set up to give everyone the opportunity to speak Welsh on a regular basis. We will meet once a month, on the last Monday of each month from 7-9 p.m. at the Clock Tower Pub, 575 Bank Street. This pub is easily accessible from the Queensway in both directions. Everyone is welcome-please come and support us.
      Our first meeting will be on Monday, January 26th.
      Please phone Alison Lawson 725-2704 or Glenson Jones 592-8957 for more information.
      Paul W. Birt, PhD
      Chaire d'Études celtiques,
      Université d'Ottawa,
      70, rue Laurier,(131)
      K1N 6N5
      Tél. (613)562-5800(3767)
      Téléc/Fax (613)562-5138.

      St. David's Society of Pittsburgh
      Welsh language class sponsored by the St. David's Society of Pittsburgh will begin our sessions on
      Wednesday Sept. 17th and run for 12 weeks on Wednesdays.
      The class will again be held in Room 1228 at the Cathedral of Learning on the University of Pittsburgh's
      main campus. Classes will run from 6:30 p.m until 8:30 p.m. The first hour will be for members and
      new members to review. The second hour will be for returning members. There is a $10 dollar fee for
      end of the year activities and gift for the instructor. Come and help keep the language alive.
      You can contact me at Reddragondale@... or
      412-795-4950 for further information.
      Diolch yn fawr,
      Dale Richards

      Sut mae'r hwyl? We are just about to re-start our Welsh classes for 2008/9. The beginners' class starts Monday, 15th September, the advanced class begins on Tuesday, 16th September DYDD OWAIN GLYND^WR! These are both evening classes 7.00 - 9.00 in Keighley. There is also a fortnightly class on a Thursday afternoon, in the homes of the learners in rotation. This is in the North/West Bradford area. Lessons are from 2.00 - 4.00 followed by tea and buns! A monthly Welsh conversation group: Bradford Welsh Clwb Clebran, meets on the second Wednesday of every month from 7.00 onwards at a bar in central Bradford. Contact Eileen Walker
       for further information: 01535 665829/07931 466810
      Jim Walker

      Colorado Welsh Society
      Event date:  Sept. 30, 2008
      Welsh Language Classes Start Sept. 30
      The Colorado Welsh Society will offer another year of Welsh language classes, starting Sept. 30 and running through May.  Beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels will be taught.
      Classes meet on the campus of the Archdiocese of Denver, at 1300 S. Steele St., conveniently located on Louisiana St. between University Blvd. and Colorado Blvd., a few blocks north of I-25.
      Classes are free to members of CWS, and the Society is open to people from all backgrounds.
      For more information on Welsh language classes,  contact Elis Owens 303-427-7188, elism@....

      Dewi Sant Welsh United Church in Toronto,
       This will be the 15th year for the classes.  For more information, students can go to the Dewi Sant Welsh United Church website
      John Otley,
      Tiwtor Cymraeg / Welsh Tutor

      Welsh language lessons in the Minneapolis For Welsh language lessons in the Minneapolis areacontact Laurel Bradshaw at llawryf@... . I havestudents at a variety of levels, so feel free to jumpin any time! Time and place is arranged among the students.Laurel Bradshaw llawryf@...

      Come and join the Welsh Classes run by Tafod y Cymry. They are held in the city centre at 7.00pm on a Tuesday night at the Celtic Club, 316-320 Queen St (Cnr Queen and La Trobe Sts). The Tara Bar for the Welsh Night and a pint at around 8.45pm wada@... to check term dates
      Sydney, Welsh Classes Learn Cymraeg (Welsh) at West Ryde on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm (best to arrive at 6:30 pm to socialise with fellow class members beforehand). Easy walk from West Ryde railway station.
      All levels catered for: beginners to advanced.
      For information on language classes please contact Gary O'Shea: 
      Tel 02 9807 5265

      Welsh League of Arizona hosts Welsh Classes all year round. For further information please contact them directly - tel: 623 939 0209 or e-mail: AZWELSH@.... For further information about our activities please check out their website: www.welshleagueofarizona.org Want to learn the basics of Welsh check this section: http://www.welshleagueofarizona.org/cymraeg.html
      Welsh Lessons in Chicago  Contact Winston Evans at winstone@... for further details of times and locations of Welsh Lessons in the Chicago area.

      Please forward this newsletter to whoever you think might be interested or pass on their e-mail address to us. If you receive duplications please let us know!! We do apologies we have over 19,000 e-mail addresses on the mailing list and growing quickly!!!
      Please sign our guestbook it's great hearing from you - http://www.efreeguestbooks.com/mg/guest.pl?61331:9:0

      Dwedodd Dewi Sant/Saint David said"Gwnewch y pethau bychain"
      "Do the little things"
      Carwyn Lloyd Edwards
      1109 E Del Rio Street
      Tel: 480 560 1577 neu 480 963 1673 fax: 480 963 1673

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