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News from Wales and the World! November 25th - 2008!

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    Editors notes: This week We have stories from Ukraine, Australia and Middle Earth!!!! Do you want your website to be visited by supporters of Wales from
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      Editors notes: This week We have stories from Ukraine, Australia and Middle Earth!!!!

      Do you want your website to be visited by supporters of Wales from Denbigh to Durban then highlight your website with "News from Wales and the World"
      For more information on how to appear on the front end of our newsletter and have a link on our hugely popular news web page please contact us: E-mail: carwynedwards993@... or cymru20012000@...
      Take advantage of our promotional rates and at the same time help the Welsh League of Arizona share Welsh information all over the world!!!!

      Check out these Welsh related websites. We appreciate their support towards our efforts!!!!
      "Support the Left Coast Eisteddfod! -  Win a Unique David Western Lovespoon at Americymru

      Rainbow Images
      NEW AND IMPROVED WEBSITE  for those special Welsh gifts:
      Stunning landscapes of Wales: mountains, valleys and coastline, inspiring photography by Simon Kitchin 
      Seeking suggestions for places to see on your visit to Wales?
      “The LAND OF YOUR FATHERS” is DVD of a journey around Wales filmed on a High Definition camera by a Welshman who knows.
      Show the grandchildren the Land of Their Fathers!
      "Inspirational! The production is inspirational!" - Gareth Jenkins, former Head Coach of the Welsh Rugby Team.
      "You have captured the beauty of the wildness of Wales .….
      I hope my grandsons, when they see it, will understand my love for my homeland…."
      "I can recommend it to all who love Wales and to those who want to know more about her."  Veronica Ellis,  New South Wales
      The DVD is available in both PAL and NTSC formats.
      Please click on the link below:
      Please let us know if you have any Announcements/Up coming events/Press releases/Questions or Comments. It's always great to hear from our readers!!! E-mail: carwynedwards993@... or cymru20012000@...

      Latest Welsh News - Newyddion Diweddaraf !
      Full story - click here - http://www.welshleagueofarizona.org/news.html

      -   Ukraine honour for Welsh reporter    - A Welsh journalist who exposed Stalin's starvation of millions of Ukrainians in the 1930s has been posthumously honoured by the Ukraine government.

      -  Tolkien inspired by Welsh language   -   Dimitra Fimi of Cardiff University has studied how author JRR Tolkien drew on Welsh as he crafted the language of elves. His lifelong interest in Welsh began in childhood when he saw Welsh words on coal trucks arriving from Wales.

      -  A very English view of Wales painted by a Scots artist   -   IT captured a quintessentially English view of 19th-century Welshness and would influence countless picture-postcard images of Wales.
      -   Mining in the Dylife area     - Mining at Dylife can be traced back as far as Roman times. A detailed history can be traced back as far as the 1600s.

      -  Welsh country hotel is ‘best in UK and Ireland’   - The von Essen property, which was once owned by Queen Victoria, is “an exceptional country house hotel with striking interiors and a unique enveloping atmosphere”, according to Condé Nast Johansens.
      -  BBC Sport looks at the history between Wales and Australia    -  If the Wallabies were again strong favourites, this time there seemed at least a glimmer of hope for Wales.

      - Lladdfa Taliesin     -  Llyfr yn tynnu sylw at lofruddiaeth erchyll cariad y pensaer Frank Lloyd Wright.  
      Readers Comments - Geiriau gan yr darllenwyr!

      Interview with Arizona based Welsh musican John Good

      Interview with Radio DJ Chris Needs
      Americymru member, musician, broadcaster and author Chris Needs is a well-known face and voice of Wales. In broadcast radio for decades, today Chris Needs delivers "The Friendly Garden," late nights on Radio Wales, to audiences all over the world.

      The St. David's Society of Pittsburgh
      Dydd da, Cymry, (Good day, fellow Welsh),
       The Celebrate the Seasons Parade is on Saturday November 29, 2008.
      Members are to meet at the Mellon Arena at 7:30 AM. A Welsh contingent is being organized to participate.  Please contact Rob Willis at 412-621-5276 if you would like to be a part of this event!
      Dave Williams

      The official guardian of the built heritage of Wales.
      For more info on special events back in Wales check out their website.
      Castell Coch, Tongwynlais, Cardiff 6/7 December
      Plas Mawr, Conwy      13/14 December
      Medieval Christmas Fayre - Caerphilly 13/14 December

      Cymrodorion Boston Welsh
      Check out
       for the (slowly but surely) growing website of Boston Cymrodorion:
      - additions to history page
      - Welsh-American news
      - upcoming Welsh-interest events in the Boston area (learn Welsh; lectures; music; film; etc.)
      - where to watch the rugby (check out the "Seiat / Forum" page for places to go this coming Saturday: England-New Zealand, Wales-Australia)
      Help develop the site: contribute content!
      Diolchgarwch Dedwydd! Happy Thanksgiving

      Encyclopaedia of wales
      Thousands of Welsh descendants living in America will celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday November 27. Wales and the USA have long been connected by history with North America being the far most popular overseas destination of Welsh migrants. However, did you know one of the most powerful and enduring legends in the history of the Welsh is the belief America was discovered by Prince Madog ab Owain Gwynedd c.1170, some three centuries before Christopher Columbus? Did you know the Welsh began emigrating to North America in the early 17th century, and possibly much earlier? Did you know poet Dylan Thomas, who made a big splash reading in the pubs and bars of the States, died in New York on 4 November 1954? All these facts and figures and much more feature in Welsh Academy Encyclopaedia of Wales, which is available to purchase through Chicago University Press in the United States
      Available in both English and Welsh, this definitive work of reference is now on sale now for only $99! So why not work off that turkey dinner this Thanksgiving (27 November 2008) and impress family and friends with a thousand more fascinating Welsh facts this holiday season?

      Ten Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci at The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth
      To celebrate the sixtieth birthday of HRH The Prince of Wales, ten of the Royal Collection’s finest drawings by the Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) will be shown in The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth for the first time. The Royal Collection contains the world’s most important group of the artist’s drawings. These delicate works are preserved in the Royal Library at Windsor Castle and are among the greatest treasures of the Collection.
      The exhibition will be on show at The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth from 8 November 2008 – 7 February 2009.  Admission is free.  For further information concerning the Library opening hours visit our website

      Sat. Dec. 6th Noon to 2:00 at the Irish Cultural Center
      This year we have met many new people at our events in the East Valley as well as at the Celtic festivals around the state. We hope to see you and our old members and friends at a festive Christmas party featuring live music, Welsh Christmas Carols and the sharing of our favorite Welsh treats. Welsh League has had a great year, and next year will mark our 10th anniversary - so let's celebrate together.
      Dylan Thomas Society of Australia?
      The most recent meeting of DTSA members was on the exact 55th anniversary of Dylan's death.  A lunch was held at the Mosman Club to celebrate Dylan's life, and we were addressed by Welsh-born Neville Thomas, vice-president of the flourishing Dylan Thomas Circle of Vancouver.  That association was formed in response to the birth of our society in Sydney in 1995, so it was good to get members of both groups together. 
      Our lunch venue enjoyed views over Sydney Harbour and the ocean, and we wondered what Dylan would have made of it had he travelled to Sydney.  In April 1950 Dylan wrote:
      “The wonderful sunlight there, the hills, the great bridges, the Pacific at your shoes.  Beautiful Chinatown.  Every race in the world.  The lobsters, clams & crabs.  Oh Cat, what food for you.  Every kind of seafood there is.  The city is built on hills; it dances in the sun for nine months of the year; & the Pacific Ocean never runs dry.  And all the people are open and friendly.”
      He was writing about his favourite city, San Francisco, not Sydney, but he certainly would have enjoyed Sydney as it is today.  Back in 1950, however, with the repressive licensing laws and strict standards of morality, Sydney may have been no more to his liking than was Vancouver, which he described as "a quite handsome hellhole...more British than Cheltenham".
      Kind regards,
      Clive Woosnam

      La ASOCIACIÓN SAN DAVID de TRELEW se complace en invitarlo al concierto que el día jueves 27 de Noviembre a las 20hs. se llevará a cabo en nuestras instalaciones de San Martín y Belgrano de Trelew (primer piso).
      Los reconocidos profesores: ALICIA FERRARI, NELLY CALLE y RICARDO POLACCO interpretaran obras del compositor y músico argentino CARLOS VICENTE GUASTAVINO
      CARLOS V. GUASTAVINO, quién nació en Santa Fe en el año 1912, y falleció en la misma provincia en el año 2000 es un caracterizado exponente musical de la Argentina. Sus obras son ampliamente conocidas tanto en nuestro país como en el exterior.
      Habrá un curso de capacitación en enseñanza del idioma galés a cargo de Clare Whithouse el día lunes 8 de diciembre ( feriado nacional) en instalaciones del Colegio Camwy.
      El taller lo dictará Clare Whitehouse tomando varias temáticas. También habrá una breve charla sobre "educación bilingüe"  a cargo de la Dra. Nadine Laporte ( en castellano ). Nivia Owen demostrará juegos didácticos que ella usa en clases con los niños. La actividad comienza ( con una taza de café, mate, etc ) a las 8.30 y continúa hasta las 13.30.
      Por favor confirmar su inscripción enviando mail a:
      Luned González
      YN GYWIR,
      Celebrate Saint David's Day - Dathlwch Dydd Gwyl Dewi
      Fishguard Arts Society supports the making of the Pembrokeshire Banner for the
      National St David's Day Parade in Cardiff
      Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was the NSDDP organised overnight. If you are in a band or dance group that wants to take part in the Parade, please put the information up on the official Facebook NSDDP Group.
      If you have any incredible ideas like Pastor Phil (Praying waist deep in the freezing waters of Boston) then let us know about it. Let's make Saint David's Day a really special celebration 'ble bynnag yn y byd' (wherever in the world)
      Go to: http://stdavidsday.blogspot.com
      to hear more about Pastor Phil's 'Dip for Dewi'
      Ni adeiladwyd Rhufain mewn un diwrnod a ni drefnwyd Gorymdaith Genedlaethol Gwyl Dewi dros nos. Os ydych mewn grwp cerddorol neu grwp o ddawnswyr sydd eisiau cymeryd rhan yn y’r Orymdaith, a wnewch chi roi y wybodaeth i fynu ar Grwp Gweplyfr GGGD.
      Os oes gennych unrhyw syniadau gwallgof fel Pastor Phil (Fydd yn gweddio mewn dwr rhewllyd i fynu at ei wasg yn afon Boston) a wnewch chi adael i ni wbod amdano. Gadwech i ni wneud Dydd Gwyl Dewi yn ddathliad arbennig ‘ble bynnag yn y byd’
      Cofion gore
      Reforming the Welsh Society of Sydney?
      Sydney Welsh
      Annwyl Cymro/Cymraes
      There is a new banner article on the front page of our website: http://www.bethnesaf.org
      We need to discuss Reforming the Welsh Society of Sydney urgently since this is THE major item to be discussed at the coming Annual General Meeting.
      What do you want from your Welsh Society ? The Society should offer to the local Welsh community something that the community wants.
      How can we make the Society relevant to Sydney’s Welsh community of today ?
      What improvements need to be made by the Society and how ? We know we have many shortcomings, so this is your chance to let us know what they are and suggest a way we can improve our service to Sydney's Welsh community.
      Looking forward to your contribution.
      Bob Jones (Beth Nesaf)

      Welsh Folk Dancing - Melbourne, Australia
      Ceffyl Gwyn Welsh Dancers meet every third Sunday of the month at St Thomas's Church Hall, Corner of Broughton Road and Beech Street, Surrey Hills (Melway 60K2), between 2pm and 4.30pm.  Our end of year social will be held on Sunday 30th November.  Entry fee $3.00 (members), $5.00 (non-members).  Welsh Folk Dancing is great fun.  It is very similar to English and Scottish Country Dancing, and to American Contra Dancing and the music is of a quality that always receives favourable comment.  There are also Welsh Folk Dance Groups in Canberra and in Newcastle, NSW.  Enquiries to Ian Kendall, Melbourne 9878 2414.
      Ian Kendall
      Melbourne, Australia
      Coast2Coast-USA Cycle Challeneg / Noahs Ark Appeal - Childrens Hospital for Wales.
      Since the last newsletter, we've made contact with people in Taos, New Mexico; Austin, Texas and Orlando, Florida. We are currently adjusting our route slightly to bypass these towns, and catch up with our new found mates who are willing to help us promote the charity and challenge / organise a few fundraisers / host us for a night.
      We are looking to make new links along the route, so if there are any more of you out there who are willing to assist us with this challenge, please get in touch. We are leaving Los Angeles (Santa Monica) on Friday 20th March, and arriving at St. Augustine on Saturday 4th April. We are looking for help around Las Vegas, the 'Mesa Verde' region, Lubbock, Texas; and anywhere along the Gulf Coast between Galveston, Texas and the Florida coastline.
      Any support would be mostly appreciated. Diolch o galon i chi sydd wedi cefnogi ni'n barod. Many thanks to those of you who have already supported us.
      Am fwy o wybodaeth amdano'r her ar elusen, ewch i www.coast2coast-usa.org.
      For more information on the challeneg and the charity, please visit www.coast2coast-usa.org
      Edrychwn ymlaen at sefydlu rhagor o gysylltiadau yn yr UDA - We look forward to making more links in the US.
      Diolch, Thanks,
      Gareth Evans
      Toronto Welsh
      "A Child's Christmas in Wales" Concert featuring the Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir, Christopher Thomas, from CBC, as narrator, Metropolitan Silver Band, Betty Allison, soloist, and Clement Carelse, organ. Two performances only;Saturday, November 29, 2008 @ 7:30 pmKingsview United Church505 Adelaide Street East, OshawaTickets: $20 and Wednesday, December 3, 2008 @ 7:30 pmMetropolitan United Church56 Queen Street East, TorontoTickets: $25.00Contact: 416-410-22541-877-410-2254 (Area codes 905 & 705)www.Ticketbreak.com or www.twmvc.com Best regards,Bonnie BoothPublicity ManagerTWMVC

      ALLEN RAINE SHORT STORY COMPETITION has been launched, details and rules of entry on www.allenraine.com . You may write in Welsh and / or English ( two separate prizes), in any genre on any subject - as long as your story is at least 1000 words and not more than 7,000 words in length and is situated in or around the Newcastle Emlyn area.  Romance, horror, sci-fi, detective -  use your imagination and help us launch what we hope will be an annual event. Come on, you know you can do it - give it a go!
       Defnyddiwch eich dychymyg a darganfyddwch eich dawn dweud stori!
      Rheolau a manylion cystadlu ar y wefan
      Carol Byrne Jones
      (Ysgrifenydd CDARCS)

      Chicago Welsh latest
      Welsh Calendar of Events - Winter 2008/2009
      As always there is a great line up of Welsh events to get you outside and keep you moving over the cold winter months. 
      Aside from the Autumn rugby internationals, there are screenings of the new 2008 animated version of the Dylan Thomas classic 'A Child's Christmas in Wales' at local area libraries, a off kilter Holiday Sing-A-Long with Welsh expat entertainer Judith Owen and an art exhibit by the notorious Welsh musician Jon Langford and much more are among the lineup of quality events.
      For more information on these and other events please email us at : WelshChicago@... 
      The Chicago Tafia Welsh Society

      Sydney Welsh Choir
      December 2008
      Saturday 13 December at 6.00pm for 7.00pm: Choir Christmas Dinner at Carnarvon Golf Club, Lidcombe.
      January 2009
      Monday 26 January at 11.00am & 1.00pm: Sing at Australia Day Celtic Festival at Bradfield Park.

      Wales International Business Wales, part of the Welsh Assembly Government, specializes in supporting companies
      with their European expansion plans. Our aim…...to convince you that Wales is worthy of your
      consideration as a place to locate, relocate or expand your business. For further information
      please visit….. www.ibwales.com. If you would like a copy of our monthly newsletter ‘Resource: Wales’
      please contact Mel Hiscox at the Wales International Center in New York on

      Cymry Llundain / London Welsh
      Event Guide
      For further info
      please contact:
      Theo Brueton
      If you have any interesting websites associated with Wales/North America and the rest of the world let us know we will give it a link on our next Newsletter!!!!
      dotCYM Cyf. is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee which will be applying for and then managing an internet top-level domain for the Welsh linguistic and cultural community.
      Cymdeithas Madog
      Cwrs Cymraeg 2009: Cymdeithas Madog will be headed to Alberta in 2009 for the 33rd annual Cwrs Cymraeg. Cwrs Cymraeg 2009 will be held on the Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta in Camrose, Alberta, July 19-26, 2009. For more details on how you could learn Welsh, visit our Cwrs Cymraeg 2009 page

      NINNAU means "us" or "we also" and is pronounced "nin-eye." Answering the need for a stronger link between the many Welsh communities of North America. http://www.ninnau.com
      Welsh recipe of the week! Any recipes your proud of please let us know and we will share it with the Welsh World!!!!
      Big Thanks to Owen Jones from Barry, Vale of Glamorgan for the below recipe!
      Pwdin y Gororau (Welsh Border Pudding).
      If the apples are very sour, you may add a little sugar to them.
      8 oz. flour    Pinch salt
      4 oz. shredded suet      Water or cider to mix
      2 oz butter 4 oz. soft brown sugar
      2 lemons 2lb. apples, slices
      2 tblspns cider A little milk
      Sieve the flour and salt into a bowl. Add the suet and bind together with a little cider or water to form a dough. Cream the butter, sugar and juice from both lemons. Place mixture in the bottom of a greased 2 pint ovenware dish. Roll out the suet pastry. Line the dish with some of the pastry, covering the butter mixture. Trim the pastry. Fill with sliced apples, sprinkle on 1 teaspoon of lemon rind and add the cider. Cover with the rest of the pastry; damp the edges and crimp well together. Brush with milk, slash and cook. Set oven to 400°F or Mark 6 for 20 minutes. Reduce the oven temperature to 310°F or Mark 2 for a further 1½ hours. Run a sharp knife around the edge and turn out onto a hot dish. The buttery sauce will run down the pudding. Serve with clotted cream.
      Serves 4-6.
      If you wish to discuss or debate everything about Wales and Welshness please join our Yahoo group. You don't have to be from Arizona or even Welsh to join. Just a healthy interest in the Welsh Current Affairs/Language and Culture -

      Gwersi Cymraeg all over the world!!!!!!!!!!
      St. David's Society of Pittsburgh
      Welsh language class sponsored by the St. David's Society of Pittsburgh will begin our sessions on
      Wednesday Sept. 17th and run for 12 weeks on Wednesdays.
      The class will again be held in Room 1228 at the Cathedral of Learning on the University of Pittsburgh's
      main campus. Classes will run from 6:30 p.m until 8:30 p.m. The first hour will be for members and
      new members to review. The second hour will be for returning members. There is a $10 dollar fee for
      end of the year activities and gift for the instructor. Come and help keep the language alive.
      You can contact me at Reddragondale@... or
      412-795-4950 for further information.
      Diolch yn fawr,
      Dale Richards

      Sut mae'r hwyl? We are just about to re-start our Welsh classes for 2008/9. The beginners' class starts Monday, 15th September, the advanced class begins on Tuesday, 16th September DYDD OWAIN GLYND^WR! These are both evening classes 7.00 - 9.00 in Keighley. There is also a fortnightly class on a Thursday afternoon, in the homes of the learners in rotation. This is in the North/West Bradford area. Lessons are from 2.00 - 4.00 followed by tea and buns! A monthly Welsh conversation group: Bradford Welsh Clwb Clebran, meets on the second Wednesday of every month from 7.00 onwards at a bar in central Bradford. Contact Eileen Walker
       for further information: 01535 665829/07931 466810
      Jim Walker

      Colorado Welsh Society
      Event date:  Sept. 30, 2008
      Welsh Language Classes Start Sept. 30
      The Colorado Welsh Society will offer another year of Welsh language classes, starting Sept. 30 and running through May.  Beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels will be taught.
      Classes meet on the campus of the Archdiocese of Denver, at 1300 S. Steele St., conveniently located on Louisiana St. between University Blvd. and Colorado Blvd., a few blocks north of I-25.
      Classes are free to members of CWS, and the Society is open to people from all backgrounds.
      For more information on Welsh language classes,  contact Elis Owens 303-427-7188, elism@....

      Dewi Sant Welsh United Church in Toronto,
       This will be the 15th year for the classes.  For more information, students can go to the Dewi Sant Welsh United Church website
      John Otley,
      Tiwtor Cymraeg / Welsh Tutor

      Boston Welsh Lessons - Dysgwch Gymraeg yn Boston
      Are you around the Boston area and would like to learn Welsh? Aled Llion Jones, currently teaching Welsh at Harvard University, plans to offer free evening classes in Cambridge. Classes will start for absolute beginners as soon as enough names come in and a suitable time is arranged.
      Contact ajones@...
      Welsh language lessons in the Minneapolis For Welsh language lessons in the Minneapolis areacontact Laurel Bradshaw at llawryf@... . I havestudents at a variety of levels, so feel free to jumpin any time! Time and place is arranged among the students.Laurel Bradshaw llawryf@...

      Come and join the Welsh Classes run by Tafod y Cymry. They are held in the city centre at 7.00pm on a Tuesday night at the Celtic Club, 316-320 Queen St (Cnr Queen and La Trobe Sts). The Tara Bar for the Welsh Night and a pint at around 8.45pm wada@... to check term dates
      Sydney, Welsh Classes Learn Cymraeg (Welsh) at West Ryde on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm (best to arrive at 6:30 pm to socialise with fellow class members beforehand). Easy walk from West Ryde railway station.
      All levels catered for: beginners to advanced.
      For information on language classes please contact Gary O'Shea: 
      Tel 02 9807 5265

      Welsh League of Arizona hosts Welsh Classes all year round. For further information please contact them directly - tel: 623 939 0209 or e-mail: AZWELSH@.... For further information about our activities please check out their website: www.welshleagueofarizona.org Want to learn the basics of Welsh check this section: http://www.welshleagueofarizona.org/cymraeg.html
      Welsh Lessons in Chicago  Contact Winston Evans at winstone@... for further details of times and locations of Welsh Lessons in the Chicago area.

      Please forward this newsletter to whoever you think might be interested or pass on their e-mail address to us. If you receive duplications please let us know!! We do apologies we have over 19,000 e-mail addresses on the mailing list and growing quickly!!!
      Please sign our guestbook it's great hearing from you - http://www.efreeguestbooks.com/mg/guest.pl?61331:9:0

      Dwedodd Dewi Sant/Saint David said"Gwnewch y pethau bychain"
      "Do the little things"
      Carwyn Lloyd Edwards
      1109 E Del Rio Street
      Tel: 480 560 1577 neu 480 963 1673 fax: 480 963 1673


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