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News from Wales and the World! August 4th - 2008!

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  • carwyn edwards
    Editors notes: We had some technical problems last couple of weeks, apologise about our absence!!!In this weeks edition we have stories from Vietnam, New York
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2008
      Editors notes:

      We had some technical problems last couple of weeks, apologise about our absence!!!
      In this weeks edition we have stories from Vietnam, New York and the Olympics!!!
      Also don't forget the National Eisteddfod back home:
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      Check out these Welsh related websites. We appreciate their support towards our efforts!!!!
      Due to demand 'The Land of Your Fathers' was temporarily out of stock.
      "The Land of Your Fathers " is a brand new film of a journey around Wales accompanied by the haunting music of Ryland Teifi.
      "Inspirational! The production is inspirational!" - Gareth Jenkins, former Head Coach of the Welsh Rugby Team.
      "You have captured the beauty of the wildness of Wales .….
      I hope my grandsons, when they see it, will understand my love for my homeland…."
      "I can recommend it to all who love Wales and to those who want to know more about her."  Veronica Ellis,  New South Wales
      The DVD is available in both PAL and NTSC formats.
      Please click on the link below:

      Please let us know if you have any Announcements/Up coming events/Press releases/Questions or Comments. It's always great to hear from our readers!!! E-mail: carwynedwards993@... or cymru20012000@...

      Latest Welsh News - Newyddion Diweddaraf !
      Full story - click here - http://www.welshleagueofarizona.org/news.html
      -  Forgotten Olympic hero is celebrated at last    - THIS is the Welsh Olympic hero that history has forgotten.

      - Welsh church in London is closed     - The Welsh-speaking congregation of a landmark London church designed by Sir Christopher Wren has been forced to worship elsewhere.
      - University's medieval rebel name  - The leader of a Welsh rebellion in the 15th Century had links to the area.
      With 8,000 students, Glyndwr University will become the 10th university in Wales.
      -   Offa’s Dyke shows Vietnamese how a symbol of conflict can become a source of prosperity   -  VIETNAMESE officials fighting to save an historic wall will visit Offa’s Dyke

      -  Taking a bite of Dylan's Big Apple    -   Devotees of Dylan Thomas are joined by the poet's daughter Aeronwy for the inaugural walking tour of his New York haunts.  

      - Riders trace journey to Bosworth -   Seven horse riders in period costume are aiming to retrace the route taken by Henry Tudor more than 500 years ago from Pembrokeshire to Leicestershire.

      - Church in the sea goes electric  – The 'church in the sea' is perched on top of an island, shored up with stone walls, off the coast of Aberffraw on the west coast of Anglesey.
      It was originally built on a peninsula, but the sea has nibbled away at the surrounding land over the centuries.
      - 'Gwyl goll' wedi ei darganfod      -  Roedd yr wyl yn llwyddiant ysgubol gyda dros chwarter miliwn o ymwelwyr yn ymweld â Chymru yn ystod 1958, record newydd i'r wlad.     
      Readers Comments - Geiriau gan yr darllenwyr!

      Just wanted  to say thanks for all of your efforts. I look forward to the weekly news. I live in Cancun, Mexico and I believe I am the only Welshman living here. So if anyone is planning a trip to the area, please contact me.
      Les Webb
      Sydney Australia
      I am currently working on my family tree and I was wondering if you may be able to provide me with any information regarding my great> grandmother, Helena May Lea (nee Evans) born Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire 1st May 1890, died Sydney 17 Jan 1975. I believe she was very much involved in the Welsh community in Sydney> and spoke Welsh fluently. Would your archives hold any information? Regards
      Megan Lea
      New Zealand Welsh?
      Sut Mae! anyone on yurr living in New Zealand? Dwi'n dod o Mari ac Penarth ac Caerdydd, ond
      dwi'n bwy yn Sealand Newydd ers 12 mlynedd nawr. Love it here but majorly homesick at
      times and still trying to learn my own language. Would love to meet serious Welsh learners in
      the Dunedin/Otago area but any contacts from yr anwyl hen wlad would be awesome too.
      Elen Moore (University of Bristol) wrote
      hia - i'm a journalist working for itv wales and am looking to find some welsh speaking young people living in america.
      we're making a current affairs program called 'hacio' about the american elections and would love to talk to anyone who might be able to help.
      if someone knows of anyone please get in touch with me on facebook or e-mail me on elen.moore@....
      diolch yn fawr iawn x
      Pictures of Welsh Attire?
      Does anyone have any pictures of garb they have put together that they consider to be Welsh attire that they are willing to share? I am looking at the 1050 – 1150  time range. I can do so much more with a picture versus a written description.
      Arthen ap Rhun

      I'm writing on behalf of CYMDEITHAS DATHLU ALLEN RAINE CELEBRATION SOCIETY. I can hear you asking now, who was Allen Raine?
      Answer - Go to our still developing website,
      This newly formed society is celebrating the 100th anniversary of her death by organising a series of events in Newcastle Emlyn, in co-operation with other societies such as Hanes Emlyn. We'll be putting on talks, exhibitions, A Grand Concert and enjoying rehearsed readings of her books which sold over 2 million world wide - again see below.
      Since many of her books were sold in the USA and Canada, perhaps some of your contacts may remember grandparents reading them, or seeing the films ( silent.) The films appear to be "lost" so I'd be grateful for any scrap of information or memory regarding them, or the books, that anyone can send to me.
      Find out what the programme is and, if you're in this magical, mystical part of Wales this summer / autumn - come and visit !
      Gan obeithio fe fydd ymateb oddiwrth rhywun mas na......
      Hwyl am y tro,
      Carol Byrne Jones,
      Cymdeithas Dathlu Allen Raine Celebration Society, Castell Newydd Emlyn.
      Chris Needs MBE?
      I just wanted to thank my fellow Welsh folk for supporting my 40 years celebration concert at St David's Hall in Cardiff for an incredible night......a night I'll never forget  ....and becoming Ambassador Wales for Diabetes UK Cymru
      thank you all,

      Belmont, California
      Thank you for the recipe for Stwns (or Stwnsh as we might spell it!) in the online newsletter.  My mother used to love stwnsh rwdan (made with turnip) and she liked to eat it with bacon.  No-one else in the family would touch turnips and I still hate it to this day, but it was a favorite with Mam.  She was from Caergybi (Holyhead) and she also made "Pwdin Cadach" - a pudding made with blackberries and apples and steamed in a cloth - and "Slapan" which was like a large welsh cake or pancake made with sultanas (Golden raisins) in it.  The batter was poured into a large frying pan and when, one side was brown, it was turned over to brown the other side.  Once it was cooked, it was tipped out of the pan while still hot, sliced horizontally then into wedges, and then had fresh butter spread on it.  It was soooo good!
      Happy memories - diolch o galon!
      Eryl Aynsley
      Belmont, California (born and raised in Denbigh, North Wales)
      Carlisle, Pennsylvania
      A larger Welsh presence is needed at the annual McLain Celtic Festival at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, Aug. 30.  At last year's festival, a handful of us represented the Welsh although some 2,200 people -- mainly Scots and Irish -- attended the day-long event at historic Two Mile House.  There will be  entertainment, vendors selling everything including food, Irish dancers, Scottish athletes -- a good time for all.  For information email 2milehouse@....   The website is www.historicalsociety.com.  From Harrisburg, the state capital, take Interstate 81 south to Exit 45.  Turn left onto Walnut Bottom Road and continue 7/10 of a mile to Two Mile House on the right.  Parking is available across the road.  Thanks from
      William Williams at

      Welsh Surnames in Dixie
      Pick up a telephone directory in any small town in Dixie and you will find as many Welsh surnames such as Adams, Jones, Jenkins, Williams or Price as you will find of the Irish, Scots or English.   What you wont find is a definitive explaination or written history of when they migrated into the Southern states of America. It does seem however, that they came into such places as Jamestown Virginia, Wilmington North Carolina, Charleston South Carolina and later settlements came from Delaware & Pennsylvania to settle along the Pee Dee River of South Carolina. All while America was nothing more than British colonies.   There are even accounts that some of the enlisted men of the 8th Alabama Infantry " Irish " Regiment of Mobile Alabama dockworkers also included afew Welshmen in 1861. However, most of the Welsh who had came into the American South had long before assimilated into the general society unlike their northern counterparts. For the most part the
      stories of they Welsh in the South are lost to us today. Their Grandfathers & fathers had probably fought for American Independence during the Revolutionary War & during the War of 1812.   We do know that some Welsh had been in the South for a long time as some had aquired enough wealth to own slaves. As most Americans know African slaves almost always took the family names of their old masters. There is no doublt this is why so many Welsh surnames are found among black communities today. Most freed blacks were uneducated fieldworkers & knew nothing about Wales or Welshmen so it is very, very doubltful that they assumed Welsh surnames because they had heard the Welsh were people who did not believe in the American institution of slavery. Some Welsh in the South had indeed practiced slavery as evidenced by so many blacks with Welsh surnames.   Perhaps someday new evidence will reveal more information about the early migration of the Welsh into the
      American South. What we do know is that they have been here in substantial numbers since before the begaining of America.   I suppose they came to America for the same reasons as everyone else. I just wish they had not done such a good job of assimulating & hiding their past among the English, Scots & Irish & we would know much more about them today.
      Billy E. Price
      Cor Meibion Clerwyr Maesteg Gleemen Male Voice Choir will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year with a concert tour in Canada and the United States.  As part of the tour, the choir will give a concert  in Ottawa on Thursday, September 4, 2008, at Bromley Road Baptist Church. For details about this concert, please see the separate form accompanying this Bwletin.
      The choir has already produced two CD recordings: Teimlo’r Ysbryd (Feel the Spirit) and Unwaith Eto (Once Again);  and has completed international tours to the United States, Germany, Spain, and Ireland. 
      The “Gleemen” plan to start this tour in Burlington, Ontario, on August 31, with a joint concert with the Burlington Welsh Male Chorus. This will be followed by their concert in Ottawa, and then they are on to Montreal for a concert with the Montreal Welsh Male Choir.
      The high point of the Gleemen’s tour will be their appearance in Carnegie Hall,  New York, on September 16, 2008, when they will join nine other choirs in a massed male choral performance, along with soloist Bryn Terfel.
      Robert Price
      Greenwich Village
      Keeping Up with the Joneses in Greenwich Village
      New York, NY- Just announced! A self-guided walking tour of Greenwich Village, New York, visiting ten places associated with Dylan Thomas has newly been published by the Welsh Assembly Government's New York office. The tour has been written by Aeronwy Thomas, daughter of Dylan, and Swansea poet Peter Thabit Jones. It can simply be printed off any one of a number of websites and taken without a guide. The tour takes around 2 hours, visits some of the most interesting and historic parts of the Village, gives an in-depth portrait of Dylan in New York and also an insight into bohemian Greenwich Village of the 1950s.
      The tour is printable from the following websites:
      Dylan Thomas Center : www.dylanthomas.com 
      Dylan Thomas Prize: http://www.thedylanthomasprize.com/downloads.htm 
      Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation: www.gvshp.org
      VisitWales : http://www.travelwales.org/dylan
      Welsh Assembly Government : http://www.walesworldnation.com/server.php?show=ConWebDoc.10193
      The online magazine that celebrates all things Welsh!
      Welsh Society of Georgia
      Wonderful news! Yn Y Gegin (In the Kitchen) is once again available for purchase. The updated edition of the Welsh Society of Georgia’s cookery book is better than before, and better yet, now you can buy Yn Y Gegin on-line. All the recipes in it are tried and tested.
      You have two options - order a hard copy, spiral bound edition of Yn Y Gegin to add to your cookery library or order it as an e-book, which you download as a complete PDF file right to your own computer.
      The price is still right. As a hard copy book, delivered through the mail, it costs $15.00 plus postage. As an e-book download it is only $9.00. The choice is yours.  Buy one for yourself and delight your family and friends as well, with orders delivered direct to them. You’ll support Welsh culture and heritage at the same time!
      Order Yn Y Gegin today at:
      Los Angeles Welsh
      Sunday, November 9th, 2008 at 1:30 PM - Gymanfa Ganu - Welsh Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles, 12th and Valencia.  Rhiannon Evans Acree will be conducting.  There will be special music.  For more details, contact Annie Lloyd at cardi2@....  More information to follow as soon as I get it.  
      Thanks, Annie

      In response to numerous requests, the St. David's Society will attempt to coordinate information regarding transportation to the Festival of Wales in Chicago.
      If you are interested in carpooling to Chicago, would you please respond to this email with the following information:
      Are you driving or seeking a ride?
      What day do you want to go to Chicago?
      Which day to do want to return?
      If driving, how many extra passengers can you take?
      If seeking a ride, how many people are in your party?
      It is assumed that the departing city will be Pittsburgh.  If there appears to be a match in the responses, I will forward the info to the appropriate parties along with contact information.  Let me know if you have any questions.

      Pittsburgh will be hosting the North American Festival of Wales in  2009!!  It will be held as usual on Labor Day weekend.
      As such, we are going to have a "NAFOW 2009" table at the 2008 Festival in Chicago later this year.  Its purpose will be to generate publicity for the 2009 event.  Among other things, we will be passing out promotional material for Pittsburgh - we intend to get some "really good stuff" to make the booth shine. 
      We do need volunteers to help man the table.  Would you please let me know by return email if:
      You plan to attend the Chicago Festival this year?
      You would volunteer to spend some time at our table?
      Please reply by return email.  Thanks!

      Bryn Terfel and 400 Voices at Carnegie Hall September 16th 2008?
      Choirs taking part:
      Maesteg Gleemen [Wales]
      Comrades Male Choir [Wales]
      Toronto Welsh Choir [Canada]
      Montreal Male Choir [Canada]
      Burlington Welsh Male Choir [Canada]
      Donaghadee Male Choir [Ireland]
      Sangerfest Male Choir [USA]
      Plus members of the Canberra and Adelaide Male Choir [Australia].
      Concert is being conducted by Haydn James
      The tickets will be on sale from Carnegie Hall from July 16th and I was wondering if you could get the information out to the Arizona Newsgroup.
      It should be a fantastic event and starts at 7.30. The music will be varied and will have something for everyone.
      Regular updates will appear on the melody music site - www.melodymusic-company.com
      Many thanks
      Best wishes,
      Mark Stuart Burrows
      Welsh Weekend of Song Set for Minnesota
      The Minnesota Gymanfa Ganu Association is pleased to announce it plans 
      for the 2008 Welsh Weekend of Song.  The two-day event will be held on 
      Saturday, September 27, in St. Peter and Sunday, September 28 in 
      Mankato, Minnesota.
      Copies of the information brochure can be secured by contacting 
      President Green or Publicist
      Ellis J. Jones, Publicity Chair
      Minnesota Gymanfa Ganu Association

      Undeb Cymru a'r Byd/Wales International
      National Eisteddfod of Wales - Cardiff and District August 2-9, 2008. As you are by now aware the Welcome Ceremony of Wales International is now held prior to the Gorsedd Ceremony of the Prose Medal on Wednesday afternoon. The International Reception is held prior to the Ceremony. This year the event takes place on Wednesday 6th August. The Reception at 3pm  and the Ceremony at 4.30pm  If any of you Welsh people or those of you of Welsh descent are coming to this year's Eisteddfod and wish to attend the Reception and Ceremony please contact me on 44-1492-515558 or e-mail bryan.jones8@... as soon as is possible. Arrangementsd are also being made through the auspices of the President of the National Museum of Wales to attend the operning of an Art Exhibition at the National Museum of Wales at 6.30pm on Thursday evening 7th August. I have also been informed that if I can guarentee a minimum of 20 persons a trip can be arranged on Tuesday evening
      5th August to St Fagans Welsh Folk Museum. A bus will be available to take persons from the Eisteddfod field to St. Fagans and return to the Eisteddfod field. Here again I would be grateful for the names of persons interested in both the evening events.
      Diolch yn fawr.
      J. Bryan Jones - Ysgrifennydd/Secretary Undeb Cymru a'r Byd/Wales International.

      Traditional Welsh Costume Exhibition
      The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth will be holding its main summer exhibition Traditional Welsh Costume (21 June - 4 October 2008).
      This exciting and comprehensive exhibition features this iconic Welsh image through costumes, textiles, portraits, pictures and photographs, and will appeal to everyone who is interested in Welsh history and culture.   The exhibits have been sourced from various public and private collections, many of which will be on display for the first time.
      Entry to the exhibition and Library is free.  For further details please visit our website www.llgc.org.uk
      We also offer conducted tours of the Library every Monday at 11.00am, which gives you an opportunity to have a behind the scenes tour of the Library as well as seeing some of our national treasures.  The tours are free of charge, but pre-booking is essential due to the high demand for tickets.  To secure your booking online contact www.llgc.org.uk/drwm or telephone (01970) 632548.
      Cyril Evans
      Swyddog Hyrwyddo
      Communications Officer
      Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru
      The National Library of Wales
      Ceredigion SY23 3BU
      (01970) 632565
      Enjoy "An Evening of Song" Concert ~ "Noson O Gân" featuring the Llanelli Male Choir visiting from Wales and the Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir just returning from their performance at Carnegie Hall on Saturday, September 20, 2008, 7:30pm.at Metropolitan United Church, 56 Queen Street East, Toronto, M5C 2Z3. Hear the music as two world-renown Welsh Male Choirs sing separately and jointly all in celebration of the "Land of Song". Tickets: $25.00 www.ticketbreak.com or 416-410-2254. www.twmvc.com  Thank you for your kind assistance. Regrads,Bonnie BoothPublicity ManagerTWMVC
      Welsh Bands in North America!!

      Bullet For My Valentine
      The Bridgend rock band "Bullet For My Valentine" continues to make a splash on this side of the Atlantic. For further information please visit:
      5 - Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD
      6 - House of Blues, Atlantic City, NJ
      8 - Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY
      9 - Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach, NH
      11 - Metropolis, Montreal, QC, Canada
      12 - Kool Haus, Toronto, ONT Canada
      14 - House of Blues, Cleveland, OH
      15 - Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, MI
      16 - The Fillmore at State Theatre, Detroit, MI

      Jodee James - America's Welsh nightingale
      August 23    Jodee James; Trouz Bras; Ed Miller; Danny O'Flaherty; Celtic Melody(Celts and Currachs Festival),Waterfront Park, New London, CT 10 AM-7 PM

      The North American Festival of Wales
      Sign up today for the North American Festival of Wales!
      28 August - 31 August, 2008
      The Doubletree Hotel Chicago
      Oak Brook, Illinois
      The North American Festival of Wales is blowing into the Windy City in 2008! This celebration of Welsh and Welsh American culture will feature the very best in Welsh entertainment and arts.
      There is a top notch program of entertainment this year, featuring the fine up and coming singer from Carmarthen Fflur Dafydd, the award-winning tenor Aled Wyn Davies and the outstanding CF1 Choir from Cardiff.
      The daytime programming will feature a full schedule of interesting and informative seminars, Welsh lessons and special guest speakers including Dr. Anthony Jones of the Art Institute of Chicago, artist Fred Jones from Western Illinois University, Dr. Gareth Williams from Glamorgan University and Jan Kieckhefer from the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust.
      For registration packets and further information about the festival please contact:
      WNGGA International Headquarters
      PO Box 215, Hartland MI 48353 USA
      Email: wngga@...
      Website: www. wngga. org
      Phone: (810) 632-7850
      Fax: (810) 632-7805
      Or download the program/registration form at: www. wngga. org/NAFOW/OnlineRegistrationbook22008. pdf
      The Dylan Thomas Society of Australia
      EVENTS 2008
      The main events will be:
      Fri 15 August        A showing of The Doctor and the Devils, scripted by Dylan Thomas, starring Timothy Dalton, at the Mechanics School of Arts, Pitt St Sydney
      Sun 9 November   A Dylan Thomas Wake (probably a lunch at the Oaks Hotel Neutral Bay)  

      Sydney Welsh Choir
      The Sydney Welsh Choir was the only choir presented with an award by the NSW State Government at the recent award ceremony held to launch Seniors Week.  The award, presented in the Angel Place Recital Hall, was given in recognition of the vast number of concerts staged by the choir over decades to raise money for charities and to provide entertainment for the general public and especially for senior citizens. Every year, the choir helps to raise funds for such charities as Legacy, the Cancer Council and the Red Cross, and service groups such as Rotary.  Many of its concerts are held in retirement villages and in churches where the audiences tend to be drawn from their elderly congregations.  Even on its overseas tours, the choir has continued to provide help where it is needed.  Eighteen months ago, on the last full day of its European tour, the choir performed in Lancing College Chapel to raise $23,000 for a local hospice. Details of the choir’s
      history and activities can be found on www.swc.org.au – take a look!
      2008 Schedule!
      10 August 2008    Concert at Gosford Uniting Church at 2.00 pm.
      6 September 2008    Concert at Forestville Uniting Church at 7.30 pm
      13 September 2008    Concert at Brentwood Village for Kincumber Anglican Church at 2.00 pm
      21 September 2008    Concert at Grange Retirement Village, Waitara, at 2.00 pm.
      19 October 2008    Concert at Wesley Heights Village, Manly, at 2.00 pm.
      25 October 2008    Sing with Aled Jones at Evan Theatre, Panthers Club, Penrith at 8.00 pm.
      26 October 2008    Sing with Aled Jones at State Theatre, City at 8.00 pm.

      Wales International Business Wales, part of the Welsh Assembly Government, specializes in supporting companies
      with their European expansion plans. Our aim…...to convince you that Wales is worthy of your
      consideration as a place to locate, relocate or expand your business. For further information
      please visit….. www.ibwales.com. If you would like a copy of our monthly newsletter ‘Resource: Wales’
      please contact Mel Hiscox at the Wales International Center in New York on
      Cymry Llundain / London Welsh
      Event Guide
      For further info
      please contact:
      Theo Brueton
      If you have any interesting websites associated with Wales/North America and the rest of the world let us know we will give it a link on our next Newsletter!!!!

      No Borders South Wales
      Organising against migration controls and for freedom of movement for all!

      new tonyrefail shoptonyrefail.org would like to announce that we now have an online shop to help raise much needed funds to carry on the work of the website. the shop sells various tonyrefail related items including photo dvds, a large range of high quality 10x8 photographs, reproduction copies of the 1899 book hanes tonyreefail, a new book produced by tonyrefail.org called the listed buildings of tonyrefail, tonyrefail postcards and more...  visit the shop here: www.tonyrefail.org/shop  
      Tonyrefail history & folklore society eventsthe tonyrefail history and folklore society would like to announce we have two confirmed guest speakers for upcoming events. in september we have local author and historian walter jones giving a talk on the villages history, and in november we havedylan jones, collections manager for the fishing and hunting collections at st fagans giving us a talk on traditional fishing methods in wales.  check the societys website for more information:
      Tonyrefail forums
      anyone from the tonyrefail area, or with any interest in the tonyrefail area may be interested to learn we have a discussion forum for the village.. loads of local information, news and fuin chat.. visit the forum at: www.tonyrefail.org/forum

      NINNAU means "us" or "we also" and is pronounced "nin-eye." Answering the need for a stronger link between the many Welsh communities of North America. http://www.ninnau.com
      Welsh recipe of the week! Any recipes your proud of please let us know and we will share it with the Welsh World!!!!
      Big Thanks to Owen Jones from Barry, Vale of Glamorgan for the below recipe!
      Black Mountain Chocolate Loaf.
      A more modern recipe by the Williams family of Llandeilo. Kindly sent in by Sandie Reed, who lives in the Scottish Borders but has relatives in Carmarthenshire.
      3 oz organic cocoa powder
      10fl oz boiling water
      4oz softened butter
      10 oz caster sugar
      3 eggs lightly beaten
      7oz plain flour
      Half a tsp bicarb
      Half a tsp baking powder
      1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
      Topping ((optional)): 1 tsp each cocoa and icing sugar
      2lb loaf tin greased and lined.
      Preheat oven to 180 degrees/gas 4
      Mix the cocoa powder well with the boiling water and set aside to cool. Cream together butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add egg a little at a time, beating well, Add the essence if used. Sift together the dry flour, bicarb and baking powder and partly stir into the wet mixture before adding the cocoa mixture and stir thoroughly until mixed. Pour into prepared tin and bake 40 mins. Cover top loosely with foil and bake a further 20-25 min, checking with a skewer. Cool in tin 10 mins before turning out and cooling on rack. When cool dust top with the cocoa/icing sugar mix  if desired. Serve sliced thinly.

      Welsh events for the future!!!

      North American Welsh Choir in Welsh Patagonia, October 2008
      Please join me and the North American Welsh Choir on tour in Welsh Patagonia and Buenos Aires in October 2008. 
      Singers and non-singers are welcome! 
      For more information check out this link:
      Or contact us at
      Come help us celebrate our 10th anniversary.  We’ll even be competing in the Welsh Patagonia Eisteddfod.
      Cofion gorau,
      Mari Morgan
      Montreal Canada
      CôR Meibion Cymraeg Montréal Welsh Male Choir
      The World renowned Montreal Welsh Male Choir
      have, after two successful past concerts at the
      Royal Albert Hall, been asked  to jointly sing
      with other Welsh choirs from around  the world
      this September 16th at Carnegie Hall New York
      For more information follow this link
      Sidney John Watkins

      Llandybie Male Voice Choir
      We will be visiting Niagara Falls and Philadelphia during September and October of this year - arriving in Philadelphia on Friday 26 September and leaving Friday 3 October 2008.  We have a concert arranged at the Quaker Meeting House, Arch Street, Philadelphia on Saturday 27 September and would like another venue on Sunday or Monday if at all possible. This would allow us a few days for sightseeing.  We are also trying to obtain two harps for each of our venues (as well as the usual requirement for Piano accompaniment) as we have two harpists of International reknown travelling with us.  We would be most grateful for any help we may receive from anyone who can provide us with our requests.  We already have concerts in Niagara Falls and in Niagara on the Lake during our tour.
      Would anyone who can help with the harps please contact Jennifer Jones-Doolan on JJHarp32@... or contact me on dbjones53@...
      Our choir is one of the oldest in the land and is celebrating its Centenary Year this year - Côr Meibion Llandybie (Llandybie Male Voice Choir)
      I look forward to hearing from anyone who is in a position to be of assistance to us.
      Diolch am unrhyw weithrediad i'n cynorthwyo
      David B Jones
      Cyfarwyddwr Cerdd
      Director of Music
      Côr Meibion Llandybie
      If you wish to discuss or debate everything about Wales and Welshness please join our Yahoo group. You don't have to be from Arizona or even Welsh to join. Just a healthy interest in the Welsh Current Affairs/Language and Culture -

      Gwersi Cymraeg all over the world!!!!!!!!!!

      Boston Welsh Lessons - Dysgwch Gymraeg yn Boston
      Are you around the Boston area and would like to learn Welsh? Aled Llion Jones, currently teaching Welsh at Harvard University, plans to offer free evening classes in Cambridge. Classes will start for absolute beginners as soon as enough names come in and a suitable time is arranged.
      Contact ajones@...
      Welsh language lessons in the Minneapolis For Welsh language lessons in the Minneapolis areacontact Laurel Bradshaw at llawryf@... . I havestudents at a variety of levels, so feel free to jumpin any time! Time and place is arranged among the students.Laurel Bradshaw llawryf@...

      Come and join the Welsh Classes run by Tafod y Cymry. They are held in the city centre at 7.00pm on a Tuesday night at the Celtic Club, 316-320 Queen St (Cnr Queen and La Trobe Sts). The Tara Bar for the Welsh Night and a pint at around 8.45pm wada@... to check term dates
      Sydney, Welsh Classes Learn Cymraeg (Welsh) at West Ryde on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm (best to arrive at 6:30 pm to socialise with fellow class members beforehand). Easy walk from West Ryde railway station.
      All levels catered for: beginners to advanced.
      For information on language classes please contact Gary O'Shea: 
      Tel 02 9807 5265

      Welsh League of Arizona hosts Welsh Classes all year round. For further information please contact them directly - tel: 623 939 0209 or e-mail: AZWELSH@.... For further information about our activities please check out their website: www.welshleagueofarizona.org Want to learn the basics of Welsh check this section: http://www.welshleagueofarizona.org/cymraeg.html
      Welsh Lessons in Chicago  Contact Winston Evans at winstone@... for further details of times and locations of Welsh Lessons in the Chicago area.

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