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77Re: [walesdna] Re: Wales/Cymru DNA Project Has 100th Member!!!

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  • Susan Rosine
    Apr 2, 2007
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      A test on you will tell you your DIRECT MATERNAL DNA.  So, your mom, her mom, her grandmom, etc.
      If you want to know your mom's dad's direct male line, you need a male--either your grandfather, one of his brothers, one of your mom's brothers, or a son/grandson of one of those I listed.
      If you want to know your mom's dad's mother's, you have to get a female descendant--so one of your grandfather's sisters, or the daughters of any of those sisters.  You can do the mtDNA test on a male, but it would have to be the son of the woman you're interested in.
      Just remember, the YDNA test does DIRECT male, and mt DNA does DIRECT female.  Anytime you have male/female mix, the chain is broken, and you have to find someone else to take the test.

      Kim Litzan <kimmydee2@...> wrote:
      I think I ordered the wrong test.  Please help.  I am checking on my maternal grandfathers side.  My mothers fathers mother.  I am female.  Does the test need to be done on a male?
      Descendent of Rice/Rhys line in California

      sheba307tatouage <Sheba307tatouage@ cinci.rr. com> wrote:
      Hi Janet, I finally got my father to finish with the test and I
      mailed it out Last Tuesday, I can't wait to hear something back.

      Natalie Parker Lewis in Ohio

      --- In walesdna@yahoogroup s.com, "ljcrain" <ljcrain@... > wrote:
      > Robert There are 92 Y chromosome members. The rest are mtDNA.
      > Click on Y chart:
      > http://www.familytr eedna.com/ public/WalesDNA/
      > Scroll to bottom.
      > Actually we have 101 now. Another member joined after I sent that.
      > This is what I go by:
      > http://www.familytr eedna.com/ surname_join. asp?
      code=S31169& special=True
      > This includes new members who have ordered but not received
      results. Some groups' numbers are artificially inflated by persons
      who ordered kits and never returned them, etc. But our project has
      results for every member except one who will soon receive his/her
      > Janet

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      -Atharva Veda 19.9

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