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  • petekaraiskos
    Well, I have to say, The school Jenn describes DOES have one thing going for it - and that s VERY small class sizes. This means three positive things: 1)
    Message 1 of 4 , May 20, 2011
      Well, I have to say, The school Jenn describes DOES have one thing going for it - and that's VERY small class sizes. This means three positive things:

      1) There's more need to keep parents happy. They need the tuition and it isn't as if they have a huge waiting list. That's a good reason to overlook the quirky parent who lets her kid read Harry Potter and takes them to science camp. As long as Jenn doesn't ask too many questions (or is satisfied with their answers) they will keep her. She may indeed be very happy with the education her children receive there.

      2) The school probably isn't big enough to attract too many "seasoned" Waldorf teachers. It's getting fresh trainees probably... better than the alternative, perhaps. Hopefully, the "seasoned" Jewish teacher Jenn described has been at the same school for the whole 16 years and is one of the rare Waldorf teachers who is doing something right.

      3) The "founder" who Jenn speaks so highly of may indeed be a progressive administrator and may be able to fly under AWSNA's radar. Obviously, you could do a lot worse (see my blog about the current and past administrators at Highland Hall for proof of this) than to bring some new ideas into Waldorf. AWSNA probably doesn't care to bother interfering with a school that small (as long as they have Eurythmy classes).

      Jenn's school may, indeed, be progressive. I still have deep concerns about the inherent philosophy and problematic curriculum that is in every Waldorf school. I don't believe Jenn knows enough about what is being taught directly to the children to address this with us, unfortunately.

      I'd love for Jenn's to be a real school. The thought of a progressive Waldorf school is titillating. It's what I imagined for the one I started.

      Enough Already!!!

      --- In waldorf-critics@yahoogroups.com, "alicia h." <zzzooey@...> wrote:
      > I didn't have time this morning, but I finally did write a reply to
      > Jenn, and I've just posted it.
      > http://wp.me/p1nCt-2qd
      > disgusting greetings,
      > -a
      > On 20 May 2011 10:10, alicia h. <zzzooey@...> wrote:
      > > Waldorf usually brings out the best in everyone! It truly is an amazing
      > > thing. I do think credit is due to the 'knowledge of man'. Well, that's what
      > > I would say if I didn't know there areĀ  anthroposophists who know how to use
      > > their brains. Sometimes it strikes me that waldorf is the worst the
      > > anthroposophical movement has brought forth. For so many reasons.
      > >
      > > On 20 May 2011 10:02, "alicia h." <zzzooey@...> wrote:
      > >> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
      > >> From: "JennSW" <jtreetop@...>
      > >> Date: 20 May 2011 08:42
      > >> Subject: Sick, sick individual
      > >> To: "alicia h." <zzzooey@...>
      > >>
      > >> Never in all my years online have I encountered such a nasty, arrogant and
      > >> thoroughly disgusting individual. I've never cursed at anyone, in all
      > >> time,
      > >> but it's taking all the willpower I have not to call you a string of
      > >> serious
      > >> profanities. I won't lower to myself to the sewers you crawl in though.
      > >>
      > >> And yes, your pompous &$%#, I did read Swedish court papers, translated
      > >> because the whole case is going to international human rights court, so
      > >> it's
      > >> public, and in English. I read it because I, unlike you, DO give a shit
      > >> about children and education, and I wanted to get petitions going and send
      > >> my letters to your government.
      > >>
      > >> It truly is clear that you are beyond screwed up in the head. You hate
      > >> music, children--(What else? Soft baby animals and flowers?) And you think
      > >> it's perfectly fine for your country to own children--to decide against
      > >> the
      > >> parents on the type of education to give their child. To storm an airplane
      > >> and kidnap him from his parents at gun point and turn him over to
      > >> strangers.
      > >> This child is suffering horrific mental problems now--post traumatic
      > >> stress
      > >> syndrome from being ripped from his happy home, parents, home schooling
      > >> environment, and you defend that? You are one sick cookie. No wonder you
      > >> didn't fit in at Waldorf. I imagine you really wouldn't fit in much of
      > >> anywhere, except in a group of miserable, angry people hiding behind the
      > >> Internet. Thank God I only had the misfortune of "meeting you" online. The
      > >> fact that a person with your values dislikes Waldorf, is a serious
      > >> endorsement of the school.
      > >>
      > >> Up your medications honey, it can only help.
      > >>
      > >>
      > >> you sound perfectly lovely.
      > >
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