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[wadokarate] Re: Chinto & understanding applications

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  • Tyrone Pardue
    Dear Jim, Jim Dart wrote... ... pointed ... at the ... (currently) ... higher ... I am not really interested in competition either. I understand what you mean
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      Dear Jim,

      Jim Dart wrote...

      > Actually I didn't say that I didn't have a good teacher, I merely
      > out that my instructor had no interest in reaching/researching wado
      at the
      > "higher level". This is because his aspirations and interest lay in
      > competition and, having been a member of the national squad and
      > squad coach to a successful association, he has attained his own
      > level".

      I am not really interested in competition either. I understand what you
      mean here.

      > With regard to your second point, I quote from an article in "Arts &
      > by Mr Suzuki :
      > "Until about 2nd Dan Black Belt it is better to concentrate on only
      > Martial Art. The purpose of training in another Martial Art should be
      > help improve karate training."
      > "I think Gracie Ju-jitsu has had a strong impact and shock on the
      > groups who just use kicks and punches because most of them like
      > kick-boxing, kung-fu, tae kwon do, etc., get beaten by Gracie ju-jitsu
      > because those Martial Arts groups are not training very well for
      > wrestling or throwing techniques. But fighting arts should have
      training in
      > both to improve by mixing their training." "In our karate world many
      > instructors should think about the future of training and investigate
      > types of technique."

      I wonder why he doesn't bother learning and teaching these other arts!
      His life is Wado, and Wado only. Sure, he is interested in different
      stuff and has probably messed around with lots of different styles (as
      I have too) but at the end of the day he is a Wado man, and professes
      nothing else.

      > Thankyou for showing your affiliation on your latest post - We
      > had quite close links with the Wado Academy and I understand better
      > position from which you are coming, having recently had an Academy
      > affiliate to my own organisation.

      Sly dig! Be careful, you never know who's reading these posts!

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