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Union news Feb 2013

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  • Dick McManus
    The chained consumer price index (CPI) is a political trick, not a technical fix. It is a hidden benefit cut that would shackle seniors with lower benefits and
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      The chained consumer price index (CPI) is a political trick, not a technical fix.
      It is a hidden benefit cut that would shackle seniors with lower benefits and thus less security over time. With seniors in the bottom 40 percent of the income scale dependent on Social Security for almost 90 percent of their income, it would dramatically raise poverty levels among the retired, the disabled and the widowed.
      A "chained CPI" differs from the standard consumer price index we're familiar with because it claims to take into account “substitutions” — the degree to which consumers will change what they buy in response to price increases.
      It would cut benefits by $135 billion over 10 years and much more in ensuing decades as its impact is compounded. It would also cut another $24 billion from veterans' and federal retirement benefits.
      The chained CPI is patently inaccurate at measuring the cost of living of the elderly and disabled. This is a political trick, not a technical fix. Since 1975, Social Security benefits are adjusted annually based on what is now called the consumer price index for urban wage earners and clerical workers (CPI-W). Ironically, its cost calculations exclude people outside the workforce, and thus most Social Security beneficiaries. Recently, the government's Bureau of Labor Statistics has developedan experimental CPI-E that more directly measures the cost of living of people age 62 and over. If the chained CPI were a technical fix, its advocates would be pushing to perfect the CPI-E and adopt it as the basis for Social Security's cost of living adjustments. But the CPI-E indicates that the cost of living of the elderly is rising faster than that of the overall population.So adopting a true measure of seniors' costs would increase benefits and cost more money. Advocates of switching to the chained CPI don't want more accuracy. They invented the chained CPI to shackle seniors with lower benefits in order to cut spending.
      A powerful bipartisan array of Washington insiders has echoed this argument, from deficit like Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, the Bipartisan Policy Center's Deficit Reduction Task Force and the Heritage Foundation to established liberal groups like the Center for American Progress and Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. Without a massive mobilization by an informed public, there is a clear and present danger that within the next few months the economic security of the elderly, disabled and surviving children will be needlessly compromised for decades to come by our country's political elites.
      Join our  facebook page     Snohomish County Labor Council
      Don't re-elect Sen. Paull Shin
      I want someone who shows up at our 21st LD monthly meetings and at our Snohomish County Democratic Party quarterly meetings (aka Central committee PCO meetings) for our State Senator. Sen. Shin has not attended any of our meetings for at least the past year.
      In addition his voting record tells me that he does not vote my values, nor those of the majority of the Democratic Party State Legislators. See the list below.
      As far as I know, Sen. Shin has not stood up and demanded the prosecution of Bush et al for war crimes. Did he stand up and speak out against the UNJUST wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and funding it for the past 10 years? You tell me.
      The reason I ran against US Rep. Rick Larsen was his voting to continue to fund these UNJUST wars and his failure to demand the prosecution of Bush et. al. Those wars increased our national debt by some $2 to $3 trillion meaning we now spend some $250 billion per year on the national debt.
      Here are Sen. Shin's votes
      HE did not support Senate Bill 6239, which concerns marriage equality.
      bill passed 28-21 margin, Washington's state Senate passed a bill that would legalize marriage between members of the same sex.Shinn voting NO
      Voted NO on medical marijuana bill
      Passed (Senate) (27-21) - April 21, 2011
      Passed (House) (54-43) - April 11, 2011
      Definition of Parenthood: Vote NO to adopt a conference report that expands the definition of parenthood to include domestic partners and persons of the same sex who have children together.
      Bill Passed (Senate) (27-21) - April 12, 2011
      Bill Passed (House) (57-41) - Feb. 28, 2011
      Vote NO to pass a bill that increases regulations on payday lending, including, but not limited to, capping the maximum amount that may be loaned, capping the number of loans that individuals may receive in one period of time, and establishing the right to an installment plan if necessary.
      Bill Passed (Senate) (40-8) - April 13, 2009
      Bill Passed (House) (84-10) - March 9, 2009
      Vote NO to pass a bill that authorizes a tax increase on tobacco products to fund basic health care services.
      Bill Passed (Senate) (28-17) - April 12, 2010
      Bill Passed (House) (54-42) - March 19, 2010
      Vote NO to pass a bill that amends health care benefits for public school employees.
      Bill Passed (Senate) (25-20) - April 11, 2012
      Bill Passed (House) (53-45) - April 11, 2012
      Vote NO Halting Mining on Maury Island
      Bill Passed (Senate) (25-23) - Feb. 18, 2008
      We are facing "scale paralysis." That is the enervating sense of individual and collective powerlessness when confronted by problems whose magnitude seems overwhelming. We need leaders who will speakup on all the issues, because we can not know who they really are unless they does so.
      Join our 9/11 Truth Seattle meetup group at
      “9/11 Truthers Demand a New Investigation” (where I post my research)
      Mission statement: This is a group that is demanding that the US government do a new investigation of the mass murder that occurred on 9/11.
      Join our facebook 9/11 Truth Community
      our mission is demanding a new Congressional investigation or a grand jury investigation into the events connected to the mass murder on 9/11 a Seattle group trying to coordinate with all 9/11 groups in the US and the world.
      The 20-member 9/11 Consensus Panel
      Sign our petition on the Petition2Congress website at
      168 letter sent so far
      Democrats for a new investigation of into the events of 9/11
      Mission statement: If you want to start a grassroots political caucus in your county, just make one of these facebook pages. I started this in my County, Snohomish County, WA, USA. By joining this group you are saying you agree. We are a caucus - a group of Democrats who want to lobby the party to take actionin my County, Snohomish County, WA, USA. By joining this group you are saying you agree. We are a caucus - a group of Democrats who want to lobby are party to take action..
      All the judges, public officials, and political Party candidates are COWARDs for not prosecuting Bush et. al. for war crimes.
      Prosecute Bush for War Crimes
      Join the National Religious Campaign Against Torture
      The New Religious Intolerance by Martha Nussbaum

      We need a plan B in case technology does not come to our rescue.
      Join our facebook page “The Long Emergency”
      Dick McManus
      Chief Warrant Officer/counterintelligence special agent, US Army, and combat paramedic, Vietnam, retired.    I am running for WA State Senate for the 21st LD and/or Congress, 2nd CD-WA in 2014
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