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Here is the best lecture about 9/11 yet

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  • Dick McManus
    Here is the best lecture about why we need a new investigation of the events connected to the  mass murder on 9/11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uaqosUa7tA
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2013

      Here is the best lecture about why we need a new investigation of the events connected to the  mass murder on 9/11.
      and see part seven of Dr. Jones’ lecture on this subject of nano-thermate
      911 Dr Steven E. Jones - Science and Society - part  2 of 8  as of  Apr 22, 2011
      How did the surface temperatures of the World Trade Center wreckage get up to 1,200 degrees F. noted 21 days after the collapse?   Answer:   Something even hotter was radiating this heat to the surface of the wreckage.   And we know from eyewitness accounts that molten steel was seen inside the pile of 9/11 wreckage.   And fire fighters reported that their boots were melting.   So the steel was not red not on which they were walking, but it was damn hot, like walking on a hot wood stove.   You know the old stoves you may have seen into which you have to put wood to cook you food.   And of course these iron stoves did not get red hot or melt - did they?
      When NIST did a computer simulation of the collapse of World Trade Center seven, NIST used thermo conductivity of zero.   Therefore, their modeling of the collapse violated that laws of physics.   What is thermo conductivity? 
      Well, if you put a steel pot on a red hot stove burner, the steel gets hot as the heat moves thru the whole steel pot.   So why in the hell would NIST’s structural engineer’s use such false and crazy model and leave out thermo conductivity in making their computer model to help them analyze what caused the collapse?
      Heat moves thru metals and is released into the air as it cools.   For example, a woman was seen waving in the impact area of the south Tower before it fell down.   That is the steel she was standing on had cooled after the explosion of the jet fuel and office fire.   
       “Thermo conductivity is what your steel pan on a stove, cools off after you remove it from the red hot burner.  And the same thing happens when the fire in a building moves in search of more stuff to burn, those steel beams left behind cool off.   Correct? 
       Damn right.  
      Dick Cheney put a lot of pressure on BYU to force them to shut up Dr. Steven Jones and he was put on administrative leave for publishing his research about nano-thermate from the WTC dust.   In April of 2009, he and his colleagues publish a research paper in the Open Chemical Physics Journal of their experiments.   BYU promoted Dr. Jones to Emeritus Professor, yet as he was forced into early retirement in January 2007.  This action hurt him and his family financially.

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