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  • Dick McManus
    Lee,   Zonists are not the only members of the elite rulers of the US who keep getting our government into unjust wars and continue to undermine our social
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2013
      Zonists are not the only members of the elite rulers of the US who keep getting our government into unjust wars and continue to undermine our social safety net.  
      You must look at those who funding the right wing think tanks in support of Republicans and fascists "every rich man for hiim/herself"   These are the same poeple who are tell us that global climate change is nothing to worry and we will never run out of oil, while in secret they are planning to steal the oil and other resources of other nations.  
      It is these extreme capitalist who are buying our government and main stream media in order to keep the majority in the dark about how doomy and gloomy our future really is. 
      These one percent own 42% of all the wealth in America and own many factories and resources in other nations.   The next four percent of the super rich own another 30%, so the top five percent own 72% of everything.    When you drive down the highway or thru a neighborhood, 7 out of 10 are owned by the banksters - houses and cars. 
      Those of Jewish faith are good people - so are atheists, so stop and think before you sterotype them.

      From: Lee Noga <auto.nut@...>
      Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 1:42 AM
      Subject: WHO CONTROLS AMERICA????

      Lanny A. Breuer

      Attorney General in the Justice Fraud Department during the economic Wall Street meltdown. He did not prosecute NOT EVEN ONE Bank executive or Board level person in all of the criminal activties that went on. Could it have anything to do with Breuer's parents were both Jewish refugees and Breuer himself is Jewish as well as his wife. Could it have anything to do with the fact that after several high level meetings called by senators to question the Justice Dept what they are doing about the obvious fraud that went on amongst the banks, mortgage business etc which cause our economic collapse AND ALL THEY DID WAS SKIRT AROUND THE QUESTION NEVER ANSWERING?  Our whole banking system is overrun with Jews as well as the Federal Reserve System which is top heavy with a 70% ratio of Jews. There is no way that Breuer would want to prosecute any of the bank execs because most, if not all of them, are Jewish!!!!!
      In case you are unaware, Eric Holder, Lanny's buddy, is also Jewish!! And there are many more. Read the website directly below.  I feel it is a cardinal sin that not one Wall Street executive has even been indicted for fraud when a simple reporter found about 30 whistleblowers who will testify of criminal wrongdoing within their organization. If a sole reporter in his spare time could find all these whistleblowers in such a short time why couldn't the Justice Dept find any. Simple. They didn't even try. No wiretaps, no question asking, no nothing. Breuer should himself be indicted for criminality in my estimation. Are you folks aware what went on here or is still going on with civil suits, instead of criminal suits, by the Justice Dept?  A complete failure of our Justice System which in this case was headed by a JEW I reluctantly have to state. It just seems whenever there is some hanky-panky going on and our Democracy is thwarted, I always seem to find a Jew involved. When I watched Breuer on TV this evening and his wishy-washy tactics I just knew he was Jewish. So I looked him up on the Internet and sure enough he is just as I suspected. I can spot or smell them a mile off for some reason.

      My Comments Only/Lee

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