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Tom Hayden on useless progressives, Ron Paul, and the Seattle protests

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  • Donald A. Smith
    From Tom Hayden s Peace Exchange Bulletin: 95% of lefties do zero but burn up the internet with pointless discussions.”  from Slow Burn on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2011
      From Tom Hayden's Peace Exchange Bulletin:

      "95% of lefties do zero but burn up the internet with pointless discussions.”  from Slow Burn on the Wisconsin Front.

      Ron Paul
      A Force For Peace

      Iowa polling for now shows Rep. Ron Paul leading the Republican pack. Peace and justice advocates should re-examine the profound establishment demonizing of Paul's "isolationism" and realize that the Congressman represents a genuine strain of opposition to empire - in the long tradition of populism and progressivism, Robert LaFoillette and Mark Twain.


      Yes, Paul's classic libertarianism leads him to seriously retro positions, like the right of private lunch-counter owners in the Sixties to deny service to anyone. For that reason alone, I would vote for Barack Obama over Paul in a general election.


      But we are talking about Iowa here, about keeping Paul's voice alive through the Republican primaries. Progressives and Democrats should want Barack Obama to feel compelled to pursue Ron Paul voters and organizers in the general campaign ahead. That is why many young people, independents and peace Democrats - even Occupy supporters - are considering voting in the Iowa primary for Paul.  


      Paul opposes the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. He opposes the empire of military bases. He opposes Wall Street thievery, tax subsidies for oil companies, the suppression of WikiLeaks, the drug war and the criminalization of marijuana. Those positions might just save America.

      A Decade After Seattle
      Stopping the One Percent 


      As this brilliant analysis by Deborah James makes clear, the decade of popular efforts since Seattle have failed to radically reform much less stop the lethal energy of the World Trade Organization from grinding on.


      Back in the day, the demand on the streets was "shut it down" and, for a significant time, the so-called anti-globalization movement succeeded in stopping the momentum of this profoundly undemocratic organization which continues trying to impose its neo-liberal agenda of rolling back anything resembling a New Deal for the global economy. In the course of struggle, certain of neo-liberalism's projects have fallen by the wayside, for example, the Free Trade Area of the Americas which was to be headquartered in Miami. But while the forms change, neo-liberalism does not die and cannot be reformed, not so far.

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