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Fw: Saturday Nov 4...Our Annual Meeting!

... Please join us for our Annual Membership meeting. Keynote Speaker - Carmen Méndez, Deputy Mayor of Yakima"Diversifying the Message"   | ... - Wed Nov
Martha Koester
Nov 1

Warning: Wall Street Dems Are the Committee to Re-elect Trump

https://www.commondreams.org/views/2017/10/30/warning-wall-street-dems-are-committee-re-elect-trump 1. The Democrats can’t win without Wall Street money:
Martha Koester
Oct 31

Fw: Martha, this letter contains "irresponsible and dangerous" conte

... Martha -- This week, an absolutely disgusting flier was mailed to thousands of Burien residents. A group called Respect Washington, funded by a known hate
Martha Koester
Oct 27

Re: Democrats Plan to Place More Corporate Lobbyists as Superdelegat

Asa far as I am concern, Hillary, Donna Brazile, Tom Perez are all Karl Rove clones who work for the DNC. I am right there with you about supporting local
Jeff Lyles
Oct 26

Democrats Plan to Place More Corporate Lobbyists as Superdelegates

No more donations to DNC for me--local Dem groups use the money better anyway.
Martha Koester
Oct 25

Re: "Free Stuff" vs public goods

Additionally, we must emphasize that what we have now is socialism for the rich:. bailouts for billionaires, capital gains taxed at a lower rate than earned
Donald A. Smith
Oct 20

Re: "Free Stuff" vs public goods

That is a good starting point to reframe the narrative. The push to privatize everything public so the well-connected can reap the profits - v.g., the tolling
Oct 20

"Free Stuff" vs public goods

Whenever anyone like Bernie Sanders advocates things like universal health care or free public college tuition, swine like Ted Cruz go off on the standard
Martha Koester
Oct 20

Fw: Join the HCN Street Team!

Help get Murray and Cantwell on board with single payer ... Martha, You signed the online petition. Maybe you signed a couple. What now? We believe in the
Martha Koester
Oct 16

Fw: Apply for Advanced Campaign Management School

FYI ...   ... Hey friend, As you think about your organizing goals and career – what do you envision for your future? We think a lot about that question
Martha Koester
Sep 27

Educating voters about our regressive tax system

In Bellevue, where I live, and in the 45th LD, where Manka Dhingra is running to win back the state senate, Republicans' campaign literature usually says "no
Donald Smith
Aug 8

We need to talk about what we stand for.

https://www.currentaffairs.org/2017/07/the-democratic-party-just-admitted-it-doesnt-stand-for-anything The bumper stickers are the absurd logical endpoint of
Martha Koester
Jul 9

Fw: CMA Alert - Health Repeal Myths & Facts; Steve Gleason Act Updat

... Alert ... - Health Repeal Myths & Facts: The Fight Continues - An Update on the Steve Gleason Enduring Voices Act Health Repeal Myths & Facts: The Fight
Martha Koester
Jul 5

Fw: Apply to Digital Organizer School

... From: "Jane Booth-Tobin, Wellstone Action" To: Martha Koester Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2017 8:57 AM
Martha Koester
Jun 20


When Wall Street ruin pensions, IRA'S, 401K plans and stole money from them, our senators and president Obama said Oh the poor Wall Street. Let's give them an
Jeff Lyles
Jun 20
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