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National End the Income Tax Day -- 100 years is enough!

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    Good morning Fair Tax friends! _http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview/2013/03/one-hundred-years- if-the-income-tax-is-enough.html#more_
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2013

      Good morning Fair Tax friends!




      We thank everyone for their interest and hope they will register their events no
      matter the date or number of people attending. We have bumper stickers and
      plenty of flyers, posters and signs. If there is just one or two people with
      signs at the right location it sends out a message, especially if it is being
      done all over the country. Using the website to register your individual event
      should bring more people out to attend and speak up. http://nationalendtheincometaxday.com/

      Next week we have
      scheduled several conference calls that are shown on the website. More
      conference calls will be scheduled if they are felt to be necessary. We
      encourage people to call in with their questions and share their experiences.
      Next week I will be sending out some press releases to key contacts. We do have
      a need for volunteers to make telephone calls and send emails...this truly is a
      grassroots effort. Marilyn, Nancy, Bill, and Rob know how much just a few highly
      motivated people can accomplish. Last June we reached out to over 50,000 people
      at at single event with only a handful of people working. National End The
      Income Tax Day will be much larger, because people are getting it and really
      want to make a difference. http://nationalendtheincometaxday.com/

      Tomorrow at another rally we will be handing
      out flyers for the April 13, 2013 Rally we are hosting in Apple Valley,
      California. We are using rallies and meetings to promote April 13 events. We may
      also be present on April 15th at our main post office. The thing that is most
      important is that we are getting up, dressing up, showing up, and speaking up!
      Something as important as Ending The Income Tax in our country certainly is
      worth a few hour of our time. Most Americans are not slackers. This is not the
      time to commiserate, it is the time to participate.

      The success of this
      effort will depend on many patriots doing just a little to show the country and
      our congress that we want the Income Tax to End and now! If you want more of the
      same, just stay home and do nothing and you are almost guaranteed to get the
      same result...nothing! We hope you think saving this country is important enough
      to spend a few hours of your time for. Only a few American Patriots won the
      Revolutionary War. Now is the time for a few good people to come to the aid of
      their country. Time is of the essence. http://nationalendtheincometaxday.com/

      God bless you, and thank you,

      John Wesley Nobles
      John Wesley
      Nobles on face book

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