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NAC Storyline: Black Miracles and Lies -- Rules and Fiction

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  • The Lasombra
    NAC Storyline: Black Miracles and Lies -- Rules and Fiction Here is the prologue fiction and rules for the V:tes Storyline Event that will be be taking place
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      NAC Storyline: Black Miracles and Lies -- Rules and Fiction

      Here is the prologue fiction and rules for the V:tes Storyline Event
      that will be be taking place on Oct. 23, starting at 2pm at the NAC in

      This event will be a constructed event with no special deck or crypt
      restrictions. There are number of custom cards and special rules for
      this event. Event participants that are familiar with these rules and
      build decks according will have a significant advantage over those who
      do not.

      This content, with the custom card images, will be reprinted shortly
      on both the NAC and Storyline Web sites.

      If you have any questions about this event please let me know.

      -Ben Swainbank
      V:tes Storyline Coordinator


      Black Miracles and Lies


      The last time I saw such prophecies, Constantinople burned, but its
      ashes gave us the Sabbat. As then, many will burn, their reddish
      embers filling the Final Nights like dead stars. Is this our end? No,
      but it is a transformation. My sire once spoke of his sire and said
      "change breeds itself and at one point, the head must bite the tail to
      start the cycle once more."

      -Sascha Vycos, Angel of Caine on the prophecies of the Kaymakli


      The sound of her boots on the hard stone floor echoed around the
      confined space as Mercy, Knight Inquisitor stepped into the small
      chapel in the Temple of Eternal Whispers. She stood for a moment
      before the statue of Caine, father to all her kind, before drawing her
      sword from beneath her long black coat, setting it on the ground
      before the altar, and kneeling in prayer. Mercy prayed for guidance,
      and she prayed for strength.

      For years, Mercy had been chief Inquisitor of Montreal, leading the
      Kindred of the city in their efforts to expunge the too-frequent
      infernal threats to the city. In that time, she had never dealt with a
      threat on par with the one she was currently confronted with. Helena,
      a Toreador elder, who wore the infernal taint like an intoxicating
      perfume, had appeared among the Kindred of Montreal and turned the
      city on its head.

      Everyone who had encountered her had fallen under Helena's spell. The
      Librarians were tripping over themselves to hand over their secrets.
      The Widows sheltered her, worshiped her. Even Archbishop Benezri, once
      strong and vigilant, had grown sullen and silent, implicated by his
      feeble inaction.

      Mercy had reported the situation to her master in the Inquisition.
      She had demanded soldiers, action, and blood. They had responded with
      questions, lines of inquiry, and promises.

      Among the pack leaders of Montreal, only Ezekiel had been quick to
      pledge his support to her. He had insisted that the Black Hand was
      prepared to serve the Inquisition. Ezekiel was naked in his
      opportunism, more interested in deposing Benezri than confronting the
      true threat. He could be used, but not trusted.

      Mercy was prepared to do what was needed, alone if need be. Support
      would come once the stakes had been made clear. She would isolate
      those who opposed her, starting with the weakest among them, and tear
      their minds and bodies apart. Mercy would provide a graphic
      demonstration of real power, of the price of opposing the Inquisition,
      of the costs of supporting the infernalist. She would learn of
      Helena's purpose in Montreal, and then she would set her trap.

      Mercy prayed for success. She prayed for a miracle.


      Jan Pierterzoon sat comfortably in a sumptuous boudoir on the ninth
      floor of the Chateau Frontenac, the main landmark of Quebec City. Deep
      in thought, he waited patiently to be introduced to Prince Annabelle,
      Tremere Lord and Regent of the Quebec Chantry. The city was completely
      under Tremere influence, a powerful stronghold.

      "Monsieur Pierterzoon?" said a ghoul at the door. Jan snapped out of
      his reverie. That was the same ghoul that had picked him up at the
      airport. Arsene de Blainville was his name. More than 250 years under
      the same Tremere domitor, if he remembered their little talk
      correctly. That's some kind of patience.


      "May I present to you Prince Annabelle. Madame," said the ghoul while
      moving out of the way.

      Prince Annabelle entered the room. Brunette, with long hair, wearing
      fashionable glasses and a perfectly fit suit, she seemed more like a
      scholar than a sorceress.

      "It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Pierterzoon."

      "Je suis enchant," he replied with a strong Germanic accent.

      "Yes. Your file mentioned the fact that you speak fluent French, if I
      remember correctly," she retorted with a smile.

      "My file?"

      "You must be kidding me," she replied. "You must know that we
      maintain files on-well-everything!" She chuckled. "Let's forget about
      Tremere procedures for a while and tell me about the reason you are
      here. Please, tell me. What is the disaster that brings you here?"
      Could she already know? He thought. Had she just read his mind?

      "The Camarilla requires your help in a most important matter. We have
      a problem in Montreal."

      Again, she laughed. "We always have a problem in Montreal. We all do
      here. But to what are you referring?"

      "A powerful Kindred is hiding in Montreal, with a piece of metal
      that's causing us a lot of trouble. That vampire must be destroyed, as
      well as the object." After a pause, he continued. "It's a female
      Toreador. She is on our new top ten. Helena is her name."

      Prince Annabelle was now dead serious. "And the object is?"

      "A piece of scrap."

      "You came all the way here in Quebec City to ask for my help, but you
      figured that you could hide sensitive information from me. I'm
      disappointed. What is the object?"

      "If the rumor is true," Jan began, "it's an engraved disk with
      ancient writing about the end of the world."


      "Yes. If the rumor is true."

      She waited for him to continue.

      "That disk might be related to the incidents of this summer. It's
      been used as a recruiting tool for our enemies. That's why it must be
      destroyed," he said, with great emphasis on the last four words.

      So, the disk is more important than the Toreador, she thought.

      He continued, "Soon, many of our agents will go to Montreal to
      destroy both vampire and disk. You are expected to participate."

      "3But we will. We are, after all, the Camarilla's humble servants.
      After Clan Ventrue, of course," she answered back with a grin.

      After a moment, she asked, "Do you require any sustenance? It's
      pretty easy to hunt all around the castle, this time of the year. Or
      perhaps you have more specific needs. If so, Monsieur De Blainville
      will help you. Ask him for anything, your heart's desire."

      "Perhaps." With a bow Jan took his leave.

      Minutes later, in his chamber, Jan Pierterzoon was satisfied. He saw
      it in her eyes. She was intrigued. She would participate. Sunrise was
      near. He put himself to bed. Tomorrow, he would be in Boston. His
      first task would be to find someone in charge. His second task would
      be to persuade them to help, at a reasonable price.


      Helena entered the abandoned old tenement building impatiently. She
      followed the stench she had been tracking for several city blocks as
      it trailed down a rotting, crumbing staircase. She did not hesitate as
      she crossed the threshold, though she knew what was waiting for her below.

      Scattered candles illuminated the large, barren basement. The cellar
      floor had been torn away, the foundation ripped up in rough circle to
      reveal the dirt beneath. The ground was stained, soaked in blood,
      excrement and bile. For most of her very long span, Helena, queen of
      queens, would have been repulsed by such a foul location. Of late, her
      unlife had traveled down much less savory paths. She showed no
      reaction as she stepped into the circle, her red leather boots sinking
      into the muck with a soft sucking noise.

      He moved from the shadows at the edge of the circle and Helena looked
      him over as he approached. The fine suit, swept-back silver hair, and
      regal face, lined with age, must have once belonged to someone who
      considered himself important, respected, secure. This poise was belied
      by the alien yellow eyes betraying the presence of the demon
      inhabiting the decaying mortal husk.

      "Helena. My humble home has never been graced by someone so
      magnificent, nor one so welcome. Even the legends of your beauty do
      not do justice to the reality of it. This is truly an honor." His
      voice was somehow both hoarse and unctuous.


      The demon raised a clawed nail to her lips, one eye closing in a
      lazy, grotesque wink. "Shhhh. Whenever that name is uttered, there's a
      little Inquisitor who pricks up her ears."

      As his finger withdrew, Helena was rocked by a vision. She saw a pile
      of writhing bodies, animal and human, Kindred and kine. Atop the mound
      stood the Decani demon, working through the pile of flesh with a
      multitude of insect arms, its face inhuman and monstrous. The screams
      lingered in Helena's ears even after the vision faded. She was shocked
      to her core by the brief glimpse of what lay behind the thing's
      genteel facade, and paused for a moment to regain her composure.

      "The Fragment. I want it. You are going to bring it to me." Helena
      fixed the full weight of her gaze upon the demon, a gaze that had bent
      and broken Kindred and kine alike for the last several millennia.
      Metathiax's reaction was to blink once and run his tongue across his
      lips contemplatively.

      The demon circled her slowly, whispering into her right ear, then her
      left. "Ah, yes. The Kaymakli Fragment. They know you're here and now
      they know what you want. They've hidden it, haven't they? Hidden it
      from you. But not from me. Nothing in this city is hidden from me. Of
      course, I will get it for you... for a price..."

      "A price? Haven't I already paid my price?"

      The demon smiled. "You have paid a price. You have offered a prize, a
      most wondrous prize. But not to me. What have you given me? Nothing.
      Yet. But fortune has smiled upon us both. After I perform this service
      for you, there is something you can do for me. There is a trifle for
      which you are uniquely qualified, a task that will have
      inconsequential cost to you, but will be of immense value to me. There
      is a curse, a spell, ancient bonds that trap me, hold me to this spot.
      You can break them."

      "I will get you the Fragment. You will see it with your eyes, hold it
      in your hands. From it, you will learn the truth, the truth about the
      father of your kind, and the Dark Mother as well. With it, you will
      teach this truth to others and draw them to your cause. And then,
      Helena, you will set me free."



      Black Miracles and Lies is a constructed Storyline Tournament.

      Except as noted in these instructions, the tournament will follow the
      Standard Constructed Tournament format and current V:EKN rules.

      There are no special deck or crypt restrictions for this event other
      than the normal Standard Constructed Tournament rules.

      Each player will receive one Kaymakli Fragment promo-only card. This
      card is legal for this storyline event and players may include it in
      their decks.

      Kaymakli Fragment
      Unique equipment.
      This Sabbat vampire may allow you to draw 5 cards from your library as
      an action (discard afterward). This infernal minion may move 3 blood
      from the bank to a vampire in your uncontrolled region as a +1 stealth
      action. Any minion may steal this equipment as a strike.

      Each game will begin with a copy of Kaymakli Fragment, uncontrolled,
      in the middle of the table. While it is uncontrolled, any minion may
      equip this card as an undirected action. If the center copy of
      Kaymakli Fragment is burned, remove it from the game.

      A Camarilla vampire with the Kaymakli Fragment may burn it to gain 3
      pool as an action.

      Each game begins with central, shared crypt of 6 vampires. These
      vampires are custom-designed for this event, not legal for play
      outside this event, and may be controlled by any Methuselah. These
      vampires do not have group numbers and can be played with vampires
      from any groups. While they are uncontrolled, any Methuselah may look
      at these vampires at any time.

      There are a number of vampires that are easily swayed to take part
      in the events of "Black Miracles and Lies". At the end of your
      influence phase, any of these vampires may be moved from your
      uncontrolled region to your ready region if they have blood counters
      equal to at least half their capacity (rounded up).

      These vampires are:
      Any infernal vampire
      Any of the vampires from the Shared Crypt
      Any of the vampires from the special Invitation List (a list of
      specific vampires that reside in Montreal or are likely to be involved
      in these events)

      As a master phase action, any Methuselah may do one of the

      Go through the Shared Crypt to find a vampire. Show it to all players
      and place it in your uncontrolled region.

      Go through your crypt to find a vampire from the Invitation List. Show
      it to all players and place it in your uncontrolled region.

      Take a Shared Crypt vampire from another Methuselah's uncontrolled
      region and move to your own uncontrolled region, including any cards
      and counters on the vampire.

      Shared Crypt Vampires

      The Rose
      Capacity 6
      aus dom PRE VIC
      Sabbat. Bishop. If your prey controls a Sabbat vampire, The Rose gets
      +1 bleed.
      [MERGE] If you control Helena and both she and the Rose are ready, the
      Rose gains 2 votes and Helena has +1 bleed.

      Mercy, Knight Inquisitor (Advanced)
      Capacity 6
      dom pre AUS CEL
      Sabbat. Inquisitor. If your prey controls an infernal minion, Mercy
      gets +2 bleed.
      [MERGE] During your Master Phase, you may search your library for
      Auto-da-fe and move it to your hand (discard afterward). Mercy gains 3
      votes in an Auto-da-fe referendum.

      Pierre Bellemare, Pawn of Metathiax
      Capacity 6
      cel pre DAI POT
      Independant. Infernal. Pierre Bellemare can search your library for
      Vampiric Disease and move it to your hand as a +2 stealth action
      (discard afterward). During your untap phase, if Pierre has a disease
      counter, he gains 1 blood. You and he may play cards that require a
      Baali as if Peirre was a Baali.

      Ezekiel, Lord of Montreal (Advanced)
      Capacity 7
      cel for PRE SER POT
      Sabbat. Black Hand. Bishop.
      [MERGE] Ezekiel gains 1 vote for each ready Black Hand vampire. If
      Alfred Benezri leaves the ready region while Ezekiel is acting or
      blocking, Ezekiel becomes Archbishop of Montreal.

      Annabelle, Passionne d'histoire
      Capacity 8
      dom for AUS TEM THA
      Camarilla. Prince de la ville de Quebec. Temporis cards cost Annabelle
      1 less blood to play. During your untap phase, if Annabelle is ready
      and has the Kaymakli Fragment, you gain 1 pool.

      Capacity: 2
      for obf DEM POT THN
      Sabbat. Malkavian Antitribu Slave. Toy cannot block or act. Toy is
      immune to the effects of Toy Chest Test.

      Invitation List

      Any of the following vampires may be moved from your uncontrolled
      region to your ready region if they have blood counters equal to at
      least half their capacity.

      Alfred Benezri
      Alfred Benezri (Advanced)
      Beatrice l'Angou
      Black Lotus
      Caroline Bishop
      Celeste Lamontagne
      Christianus Lionel
      Creamy Jade
      Ezekiel, Lord of Montreal
      Frere Marc
      Gharston Roland
      Helena (Advanced)
      Jacob the Glitch
      Jan Pieterzoon
      Jan Pieterzoon (Advanced)
      Kevros, the Lieutenant
      Kyle Strathcona, Cardinal of Canada
      Mercy, Knight Inquisitor
      Miguel Santo Domingo
      Monique Kim
      Raphel Catarari
      Reza Fatir
      The Rose
      Sebastien Goulet
      Sebastien Goulet (Advanced)
      Sister Evelyn
      Tobias Smith
      Valois Sang
      Yasmin the Black

      Reporting and Rewards

      The fate of the Kaymakli Fragment and vampires of Montreal will be
      determined based on the events of the final round, as well as the
      minions and tactics employed by the event winner.
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