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  • Dave
    Ok so here are two of my decks. Now I created them after reading up on the links and research that is available out there. I created as two seperate decks so
    Message 1 of 12 , Nov 27, 2005
      Ok so here are two of my decks. Now I created them after reading up
      on the links and research that is available out there. I created as
      two seperate decks so I didnt reuse any cards from one deck to the
      other. Just as a test I guess. I know they're probably god awful
      but remember this, I first started buying cards when it was Jyhad and
      then got some of the VTES, and I havent touched the cards in years
      because I didnt know anyone that played.

      Deck 1~
      Deck Name : Madness, Mayhem, and Warhol
      Author : Dave
      Description : Toreador and Malkavian based deck. Artists are mad in
      their own way.

      Crypt [14 vampires] Capacity min: 2 max: 11 average: 7.29

      1x Klaus van der Veke 9 CEL PRE aus obf tha prince
      1x Anson 8 CEL PRE aus dom prince
      1x Dr. Jest 8 OBF aus dom for pre primogen
      1x Makarios, The Sedu 8 AUS PRE SER dom
      1x Eliott Sinclair, V 7 PRE aus cel primogen
      1x Tatiana Romanov 7 AUS cel pre prince
      1x Zebulon 5 OBF aus dom pro
      1x Aleph 4 AUS dom
      1x Zoe 3 AUS cel obf
      1x Brazil 2 aus
      1x Leandro 11 AUS OBF PRE cel dom inner circle
      1x Anneke 10 AUS CEL PRE dom justicar
      1x Francois Villon 10 AUS CEL PRE chi obf pot prince
      1x Masika 10 AUS CEL PRE primogen

      Library [90 cards]

      Action [18]
      1x Blood Bond
      4x Enchant Kindred
      1x Govern the Unaligned
      2x Legal Manipulations
      2x Mind Numb
      2x Precognizant Mobility
      2x Pulse of the Canaille
      4x Social Charm

      Action Modifier [18]
      3x Aire of Elation
      1x Alacrity
      2x Bewitching Oration
      1x Business Pressure
      1x Cloak the Gathering
      1x Command
      1x Cryptic Rider
      1x Faceless Night
      1x Hidden Lurker
      4x Lost in Crowds
      1x Scrying of Secrets
      1x Seduction

      Ally [1]
      1x Arcanum Investigator

      Combat [12]
      1x Aura Reading
      1x Fast Hands
      2x Majesty
      3x Manstopper Rounds
      1x Read Intentions
      1x Staredown
      2x Thoughts Betrayed
      1x Vanish from the Mind's Eye

      Equipment [7]
      2x Flak Jacket
      2x Laptop Computer
      3x Sawed-Off Shotgun

      Master [18]
      1x Asylum Hunting Ground
      1x Barrens, The
      4x Effective Management
      1x Haven Uncovered
      1x Inbase Discotek, Frankfurt
      1x Malkavian Seven Miseries, The
      1x Metro Underground
      1x Pere Lachaise, France
      1x Protracted Investment
      2x Secure Haven
      1x Sudden Reversal
      2x Tribute to the Master
      1x Vampiric Disease

      Political Action [1]
      1x Consanguineous Boon

      Reaction [14]
      2x Dread Gaze
      2x Fast Reaction
      1x Obedience
      2x Precognition
      1x Redirection
      1x Surprise Influence
      4x Telepathic Counter
      1x Treachery

      Retainer [1]
      1x Marijava Ghoul

      Deck 2~
      Deck Name : I Like 'em Furry
      Author : Dave
      Description :
      Going with an Animalism Discipline theme or rather animal type deck.

      Crypt [15 vampires] Capacity min: 2 max: 11 average: 5.87

      2x Lázár Dobrescu 3 for
      1x Ingrid Rossler 9 ANI FOR PRO dom prince
      1x Quinton McDonnell 8 FOR ani cel pro primogen
      1x Gunther, Beast Lor 7 ANI aus for pro
      1x Petru Sipos 7 CHI SER ani for
      1x Joaquina Amaya 6 ANI CHI FOR
      1x Vaclav Petalengro 6 ANI CHI for pot
      1x Andrei Puxon 5 ani cel chi for
      1x Laurent de Valois 4 ani dom obf
      1x Sammy 4 ani obf pot
      1x KoKo 2 pot
      1x Sasha Miklos 2 chi
      1x Harrod 11 ANI CEL OBF POT aus pre inner circle
      1x Stanislava 11 ANI CEL DOM FOR PRO inner circle

      Library [90 cards]

      Action [20]
      3x Ambush
      4x Army of Rats
      3x Computer Hacking
      2x Force of Will
      1x Mass Reality
      1x Regeneration
      1x Restoration
      2x Shepherd's Innocence
      1x Tier of Souls
      2x Trick of the Danya, The

      Action Modifier [5]
      2x Fata Morgana
      1x Freak Drive
      2x Horrific Countenance

      Combat [30]
      1x Apparition
      1x Blessing of Durga Syn
      2x Canine Horde
      1x Carrion Crows
      1x Dissolution
      1x Dodge
      1x Drawing Out the Beast
      1x Fake Out
      1x Flesh of Marble
      2x Hidden Strength
      1x Horrid Reality
      2x Indomitability
      2x Lucky Blow
      1x Quick Meld
      4x Sideslip
      3x Skin of Rock
      1x Skin of Steel
      1x Unflinching Persistence
      2x Vampiric Speed
      1x Wolf Claws

      Equipment [2]
      1x Blood Tears of Kephran
      1x Grenade

      Master [18]
      1x Arcanum Chapterhouse, Alexandria
      2x Ascendance
      2x Blood Doll
      2x Brainwash
      1x Elder Library
      1x Fortune Teller Shop
      1x Gird Minions
      2x Minion Tap
      1x Park Hunting Ground
      2x Parthenon, The
      1x Pentex Subversion
      1x Rack, The
      1x Smiling Jack, The Anarch

      Political Action [4]
      4x Autarkis Persecution

      Reaction [6]
      1x Cats' Guidance
      1x Ignis Fatuus
      2x Rat's Warning
      1x Veiled Sight
      1x Wake with Evening's Freshness

      Retainer [5]
      1x Ghoul Escort
      1x Jackal
      1x Owl Companion
      2x Wolf Companion
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