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Re: [VTES] Re: !Gangrel-diablerie

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  • Gabriel Peoples
    It really isn t a combat deck if you look closely. I put this together so I could do 2 things: bleed and diablerize. I bleed continously and diablerize the
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 31, 2005
      It really isn't a combat deck if you look closely. I put this together so I could do 2 things: bleed and diablerize. I bleed continously and diablerize the minion of my pred or prey that is giving me the biggest problem. I think i forgot to add Tasha Morgan, J.S. Simmons, and a laptop computer for perma-bleed. The diablerie is a way to really mess up your prey's game. If you notice with all the stealth; I will be able to get through most decks. Yes I can see changes i need to make, but I think it can run. Drop: Twisted Forest,Haven Uncovered,the 2 Follow the Alpha, and the 2 form of mist.... and add 2 bone spur, 2 spying mission,and 2 flesh of marble. Flesh of Marble is a way better card than Leathery Hide. in my opinion.

      J <grail_pbem@...> wrote:> Masters: 20
      > 5 Gangrel Conspiracy
      > Celerity
      > Protean
      > Obfuscate
      > 3 Blood Doll
      > KRCG News Radio
      > The Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper
      > Tension in the Ranks
      > 2 Fame
      > Leadership Vacuum
      > Haven Uncovered
      > Twisted Forest
      > Campground Hunting Ground

      Def too many, for combat, you don't want to have more than 1 master
      in your hand. And as you're playing with Dragonbound, you'll find
      hand jam very common. Do you need the skill cards? Do you need 5x
      Gangrel Conspiracy? Maybe ditch 1 of the intercept locales. I'd
      suggest no more than 14 masters for a combat deck.

      > Actions: 3
      > Aranthebes, The Immortal
      > 2 Games of Instinct

      Arson? More rush? Maybe 1 or 2 Shadow of the Beast?

      > Action Modifiers: 16
      > 2 Follow the Alpha
      > 3 Swallowed by the Night
      > 5 Spying Mission
      > 3 Lost in Crowds
      > 3 Faceless Night

      That's a lot of stealth. I'd suggest dropping the Lost and Facless,
      adding 3 more Swallowed and 1 more Spying Mission. Then using the
      other 2 cards for some leathery hides.

      > Combat: 35
      > 2 Pursuit
      > 2 Side Strike
      > 7 Psyche!
      > 4 Form of the Ghost
      > 2 Form of Mist
      > 5 Flesh of Marble
      > 3 Flash
      > 8 Bone Spur
      > 2 Acrobatics

      No leathery hides? For !Gangrel, it is a combat card you really
      can't leave home without. 8 agg cards isn't many in a 90 card deck
      if you're hoping to send people to torpor.

      > Reactions: 12
      > 4 Wake w/ Evening's Freshness
      > 5 Sonar
      > 3 Forced Awakening

      It looks like you're trying to toolbox a bit with this deck. Maybe
      you should focus a bit more?

      I'd suggest at the least trying to get an agg weapon, such as Ivory
      Bow, Sengir Dagger, Black Gloves etc to help you out. It means that
      the small number of agg cards you play won't hamper you too much, and
      allows for you to be pretty deadly in combat for 0 cards.

      --> J

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