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Re: [VTES] Unlimited Ammo Deck

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  • Fabio Sooner
    Hi, Let s see if I can help. ... I guess you d have to include a little bit more of Taste of Vitae to make it worth it. Otherwise, it s just better to include
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2005

      Let's see if I can help.

      >Just wonder if i could get a little feed back on this deck.
      >Basically a gun/celerity deck with a "Magazine" twist. I quickly made
      >this deck so it's kinda rough. At first glance, I think i need to
      >add a little bloating to it. Maybe 2 or 3 Tribute to the Master.

      I guess you'd have to include a little bit more of Taste of Vitae to make
      it worth it. Otherwise, it's just better to include more Blood Dolls or
      other tech.

      >Crypt: 12 vamps
      >3 Ellen Fence, the Tracker Gangel-anti aus,CEL,OBF,PRO; Bishop; 8cap
      >3 Darrell Boyce, Consul Gangrel-anti OBF,CEL,PRO; 6cap
      >2 Skryta Zyleta Gangrel-anti obf,pot,por,CEL 5cap
      >2 Scarlet Carson O'Toole Gangrel-anti pro,CEL 4cap
      >2 Max Lowell Gangrel-anti obf,cel

      A gun deck with the !Gangrel? Interesting.

      >Library: 90 cards
      >Masters: 14 cards
      >3 Blood Doll
      >2 Celerity
      >1 Channel 10
      >1 Slave Auction
      >1 KRCG News Radio
      >1 Campground Hunting Ground
      >1 Haven Uncovered
      >1 Vampiric Disease
      >1 The Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper
      >1 Threestar Cab Company
      >1 Dreams of the Sphinx

      I'd ditch Slave Auction and the Cab Company for at least 2x Fame. Combat
      decks need to have ousting power.

      >Actions: 8 cards
      >2 Bum's Rush
      >2 Ambush
      >2 Games of Instinct
      >2 Sacrificial Lamb

      Good, though I'm not a fan of Sacrificial Lamb myself.

      >Action Modifier: 10 cards
      >4 Spying Mission
      >3 Lost in Crowds
      >3 Forgotten Labyrinth

      Find some room for Swallowed by the Night. It's too goof for an OBF/CEL gun
      deck: stealth or maneuver.
      In decks like these, cards which provide flexibility are the best. Half of
      your crypt has OBF so it's worth it.

      >Combat: 45 cards
      >6 Blur
      >6 Psyche
      >4 Flash
      >4 Behind You
      >4 Concealed Weapon
      >4 Taste of Vitae
      >3 Dragon's Breath Rounds
      >3 Magazine
      >2 Acrobatics
      >2 Side Strike
      >2 Projectile
      >2 Caseless Rounds
      >2 Manstopper Rounds
      >1 Glaser Rounds

      I'm a little concerned about this combat package.
      First thing: 10 out of 12 vamps have some form of Obfuscate. Disguised
      Weapon is way better than Concealed, so why don't you ditch Scarlet Carson
      out for another !Gangrel with [obf] and go up to 6x Disguised Weapon?
      Second thing: ammo + small guns. This is a package for non-celerity decks;
      you will fair better using .44 Magnums and a couple of agg-dealing weapons,
      like Ivory Bow or even a Flamethrower. So you can ditch out most ammo
      cards, specially the Dragon's Breath Rounds, and include other things (see
      below). Leave just the Caseless and the Manstopper rounds to fuel the
      Magazines and that's it.
      Third thing: you're a !Gangrel. You have access to two of the best
      prevention cards out there: Flesh of Marble and Leathery Hide. Make use of
      it. Forget about dodges unless they're part of the deal - like in Side
      Strike. I'd ditch the Behind You! out to include some prevention.

      >Equip/Ammo: 7 cards
      >3 Saturday Night Special
      >2 Beretta 9mm
      >1 Desert Eagle
      >1 44. Magnum

      Beretta is a gun that I woudn't use unless in multiples. It won't provide
      you a maneuver, and you only have 8 transient maneuvers in this deck (Flash
      and Behind You), half of them only usable on the first round. Good when all
      you guns have built-in maneuvers, not good with Berettas - and the Desert
      Eagle, for that matter.
      So go for an all-out Saturday Night special package (in case you still want
      to lean heavy on the small guns + ammo angle) or go for Magnums and Ivory Bow.

      >Reaction: 6 cards
      >6 Wake w/ Evening's Freshness

      Fine, specially considering you're running three media locations for intercept.

      Playing !Gangrel with guns seems nice and the deck is halfway through, just
      don't know if you're really taking advantage of using guns with CEL.


      Fabio "Sooner" Macedo
      V:TES National Coordinator for Brazil
      Giovanni Clan Newsletter Editor
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      Cartman: "I know, I know! It's because if you take drugs,
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      and it's called COLLEGE."

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