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Tournament Reminder: DC Qualifier and Draft

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  • Duffin, Joshua - BLS
    Coming up this weekend! Not to be forgotten! As usual, if you finish in the top 25% of not-previously-qualified participants, you ll be able to compete in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2005
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      Coming up this weekend! Not to be forgotten!

      As usual, if you finish in the top 25% of not-previously-qualified
      participants, you'll be able to compete in the Continental
      Championships of North America (at GenCon in Indianapolis, IN on August
      19th and 20th), Europe (Budapest, Hungary, November 6th), Australia
      (Canberra, October 2nd)... or all three, for the especially ambitious.

      If you're coming from out of town and would like to find crash space
      with local players, let me know, and we may be able to hook you up.
      There are also plenty of hotels around the area, if you prefer the
      luxury of your own bed - there is a Ramada, for example, a mile or two
      up Rockville Pike:


      Or try travel.yahoo.com in Rockville MD (or use your own methods) if
      you'd like to investigate other options.

      There will also be a draft tournament (details below) on Sunday June
      12th, and probably casual gaming on Friday evening (June 10th), for
      all those for whom a mere qualifier tournament does not suffice.

      The event details:

      Big Game: Washington DC

      TIME: Saturday, June 11th, 2005, 12 noon to 9 pm. Prelim rounds
      should be done by about 7 pm. I'll be there at 11 am to
      start registering people; play will begin as close as
      possible to 12 noon.
      PLACE: Dream Wizards:
      11772 Parklawn Drive
      Rockville, MD 20852
      DIRECTIONS: http://www.dreamwizards.com (http://www.mapquest.com
      probably has better directions from out of state)
      FORMAT: VEKN sanctioned constructed Championship Qualifier
      tourney, 3 rounds + final.
      The multi-judge system will not be used; Joshua Duffin
      will be head judge and organizer.
      Current V:EKN tournament rules can be found at
      ENTRY FEE: $5.00 (will go towards prizes)
      PRIZES: Eternal fame, the undying admiration of the V:TES world,
      invitations to the 2005 North American and other
      Continental Championships... and, of course, booster
      packs. Many booster packs. And special Qualifier
      T-shirts, lots of promo cards, and maybe something else
      QUESTIONS: Joshua Duffin, jtduffin@....

      Following this year's Qualifier, stick around for one of our ever-
      popular booster drafts!

      This event will use 3 Sabbat War, 3 Camarilla Edition, and 3 Kindred
      Most Wanted booster packs per player. It will be the standard "booster
      draft" format - open a pack, pick one card, pass the rest of the pack,
      pick again, et cetera. Fun!

      Priority Shift: Washington DC

      WHEN: Sunday, June 12th, 12 noon until 8 pm
      WHERE: Dream Wizards:
      11772 Parklawn Drive
      Rockville MD 20852
      DIRECTIONS: http://www.dreamwizards.com/map.html, or
      http://www.mapquest.com from farther away
      FORMAT: Sanctioned limited tournament, booster draft, 2 rounds
      + final, 2 hours per round. Multi-judge system will be
      used. See tournament rules at
      ENTRY FEE: $20.00
      PRIZES: Booster packs, some promo cards, and those shiny new pool
      CONTACT: Joshua Duffin, jtduffin@...

      sincerely yours,

      Joshua Duffin
      V:EKN Prince of Washington DC
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