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The Anarchs Pre-Release: Claws of the Dead [May 17, 2003]

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  • dan in baltimore
    The Anarchs card set for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is being released to stores on May 19th, but you can get in on the revolution two whole days early. You
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2003
      The Anarchs card set for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is
      being released to stores on May 19th, but you can get in on
      the revolution two whole days early. You can get a sneak
      peek at a May 17th pre-release event thanks to Games and
      Comics�and Stuff in Beautiful Downtown Glen Burnie
      (Maryland), White Wolf, and the Vampire Elder Kindred

      Make plans to attend. Each player will be allowed to
      purchase one starter deck and 4 boosters before the normal
      release date, and join other players in some fun
      pre-release games. New players and veterans alike are

      Event Name: The Anarchs Pre-release: Claws of the Dead
      Date: May 17, 2003
      Type of Event: Constructed Deck Tournament
      City: Beautiful Downtown Glen Burnie
      Start Time: 11:30 AM
      Number of rounds: 2+F (parallel Rants during F are planned)

      Time limit per round: 2hr
      Address of Event: Games and Comics...and Stuff
      7452 Baltimore and Annapolis Blvd
      Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061
      410) 863-7418
      Use multi-judge rules: Yes
      Entry fee: $20.00
      Web site: www.gamescomicsstuff.com
      Organizer Name: Dan Coleman, V:EKN Prince of Baltimore
      Organizer Email: do30red@...

      Starter decks will be allocated, to the extent possible,
      according to the wishes of each participant. The choices
      are Barons, Gangsters, or Gangrel. Everyone will run off
      into a corner (or at least a quiet spot) and build their
      deck based upon the starter and the boosters. This will
      give you an opportunity to see the construct of your
      starter and to tweak accordingly. Minimum 12 vampires and
      maxium 90 card library. With full knowledge of the
      consequences of contesting vampires and/or titles, build
      one deck for the entire event. No switch'n.

      If you contest...it's your own fault, (live with it) and
      remember that a good game of VTES involves a lot of
      interaction among participants seated at the same table. Do
      yourself a favor and get involved in your table talk, but
      remember the rules of the game and never prematurely show
      any cards that are in your hand or in your crypt to anyone
      at your table. You can talk a big game, but �chest your

      Once everyone has registered and we have a head-count, we
      will allocate the decks accordingly. [Make up your mind on
      the starter deck before you arrive and be prepared to have
      a second choice. We want to have an equal distribution of
      starter decks. Make your first choice known at the time you
      register. If that works out...fine. If not we will ask for
      volunteers for second choices. If all else fails we will
      randomize everything and pull the decks out of an old,
      brown, paper bag.

      We will try our very, utmost, best to ensure that no more
      than two of any starter deck will be present at the same

      The event will be two rounds with a final; however, we
      anticipate some folks to stick around and play pick-up
      games during the final. If enough folks remain to
      constitute a table of four or five, that would be great�and
      they would be rewarded. The final will consist of the top
      (after two rounds) player representing each starter deck
      and the top two runner-ups representing two different
      starter decks, i.e., there will NOT be three of the "same
      deck" in the final.

      There will be prizes for all participants.

      What is the Anarchs expansion set? It's a brand-new set of
      starters and boosters that opens up a whole new sect of
      bold and rebellious Kindred. It returns the outsider
      Gangrel clan to V:TES. It expands the V:TES roster of new
      and recognizable vampires. It adds strategy to Crypt
      construction and play with elegantly simple new rules.

      For more information about this event, contact Dan Coleman,
      V:EKN Prince of Baltimore do30red@... or Games and
      Comics�and Stuff gamescomicsstuff@.... Rules
      and Cards for The Anarchs expansion may be viewed at

      Check out the V:TES-Baltimore News Group

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