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Re: (LSJ) Stealing life from Ilomba

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    ... Correct. ... No. The employer burns blood instead . Carna gains nothing.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2009
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      floppyzedolfin wrote:
      > Hello,
      > In combat at long range against a minion with an Ilomba, Carna plays
      > Theft of Vitae sup', targetting Ilomba.
      > - If the vampire with Ilomba had 0 blood , I suppose Ilomba would burn
      > it immediately. Carna would gain no blood.


      > - If the minion had 1 (resp. more) blood or life, Ilomba would have
      > him or her burn 1 (resp. 2) blood / life counters. In that case, would
      > Carna gain any blood ? If so, that would be 1(resp. 2), I suppose.

      No. The employer burns blood "instead". Carna gains nothing.

      > Thanks.
      > ~~~
      > Ilomba
      > Cardtype: Retainer
      > Animal with 1 life. Requires a Laibon.
      > Put Ilomba on any minion (this is a +1 stealth (D) action if that
      > minion is controlled by another Methuselah). If Ilomba would burn a
      > life (or would otherwise be burned), this minion burns a blood or life
      > instead. If he or she cannot, he or she is burned. A minion may have
      > only one Ilomba.
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