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Re: [LSJ] Ritual of the Bitter Rose

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    Jyhad_addict wrote in message news:c6a50f81.0411020456.735c2f5c@posting.google.com... ... Yes. -- LSJ (vtesrep@white-wolf.com) V:TES
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2004
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      "Jyhad_addict" <georget@...> wrote in message
      >Ritual of the bitter Rose:
      >This card can be played as an action modifier card or a combat card.
      >Each ready vampire you control gains an amount of blood from the blood
      >bank equal to the amount of blood on a vampire being burned either by
      >diablerie or while in combat with this vampire.
      > So, i guess that if it is played in the combat version (e.g.
      >disarm, decapitate, ritual) and the "victim" had 2 blood i can play 3
      >rituals to gain 6 blood. right ?
      > I can't seem to find some ruling to say otherwise.


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