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Rules Team Rulings 01-MAY-2004

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  • LSJ
    I forgot to CC this list on the latest RT rulings post. Apologies for the delay. Q: Can I burn the edge to gain a vote before terms are set (which is important
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2004
      I forgot to CC this list on the latest RT rulings post.
      Apologies for the delay.

      Q: Can I burn the edge to gain a vote before terms are set (which is
      important for Code of Milan Suspended, for example), or can I use Business
      Pressure before terms are set on Parity Shift to lower my pool for a Parity
      Shift referendum?
      A: No. The first thing that happens during a referendum is the setting of
      terms. All the other effects are played during the Polling step. This
      includes cards that are used "before votes are cast". (This is errata to
      [], making the setting of terms the only thing done in that step.
      Polling now contains the "before votes are cast" step followed by the
      general free-for-all voting step.)

      Q: If I change my Thrown Sewer Lid (or Wind Dance, etc.) strike with Primal
      Instincts, do I still get the optional press (or additional strike, etc.)
      from the canceled strike?
      A: No. Canceling a strike made with a strike card cancels the whole effect
      of the card (although it cannot rewind time and cancel any maneuver already
      used from that strike card - but note that in the case of canceling a
      strike card that had been used to maneuver, the minion cannot choose
      another strike, since the maneuver restricts him to using only that strike).

      Q: When I play Blood Brother Ambush, Conscripted Statue, Malleable Visage,
      etc. to cancel one combat and start a different one, does that new combat
      start immediately, or can other effects still be played before that combat
      begins? Does this also apply to the slave rule (when blocked, have a slave
      enter combat instead)?
      A: Combat starts immediately. This applies to invoking the slave rule as
      well, yes.

      Q: Can card-cycling effects (Barrens, Fragment, etc.) be used during the
      "as played" window (so as to allow a player to draw into a Sudden or a
      Direct Intervention to cancel the "as played" card)?
      A: No. The "as played" window is only as the card is being played. It is
      before that card is replaced, even. The only cards that can be played "as"
      another one is played are the ones the players have in their hands at the
      time. (Not to be confused with the "as the action is announced" step, which
      comes after the action card is played.) This is a reversal of previous rulings.

      Q: What effect does Gambit Accepted have if the controller withdraws?
      A: The predator gets a victory point. (Errata to the card.)

      Q: What does Seeds of Corruption restrict?
      A: When Seeds is on a vampire, everyone is restricted from using that
      vampire's special ability and/or bonuses. Things that are only possible
      because of card text are not possible. Things that card text makes
      impossible are still impossible. (Errata to card text.) Note that this
      errata matches the state of affairs before the February clarification (and
      overturns that clarification). Note also that sect, title, and attribute
      texts (Gargoyles' Slave status, Blood Brothers' Circles, etc.) are still
      not affected by Seeds of Corruption.

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