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  • From yet another Stan... Me thinks too.... Missy is active... *smile* Stan... Missy wrote: > Well, in all honesty Stan, I realy don't think I've been > inactive :) > > -miss > > --- StanJ@^$1 wrote: > > This e-mail group has been inactive, but if you receive > > this message, > > you're still subscribed to the list. > > > > Please contact me, StanJ@^$2, if you want to get > > off...
    The Tiskas' Jul 1, 2001
  • Being that I am new at this "Pacing/crewing thing" I have a question... If I keep a light film of massage oil (coconut scented) on my runner it will also act as the lightest possible way to shed rain... while offering an aroma type therapy... is this advisable I am trying to help anyway that I can... Stan reno_debra@^$1 wrote: > Looks mighty good for running, folks.. a far cry from...
    The Tiskas' Jul 13, 2000
  • I am looking for directions to Smoke rise farm... Also... what time is the meal on Friday night??? Stan
    The Tiskas' Jul 11, 2000
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  • Where do pacers stay??? When my intention was to run Steve Pero told me I could camp with or near his group... Do I just crash with the lot or is there a special corral to keep pacers in...? Perhaps I just crash in my van like always... Stan....
    The Tiskas' Jul 4, 2000
  • What if I am the pacer from hell??? What if I make statements or did things like... 1) "Are you developing a limp?" 2) "I have 5 bucks that says you go down before mile mark 87" 3) I run closely behind you and keep kicking your trailing foot just enough to trip you... 4) I eat your food.... 5) I put icy/hot and alcohol on your blistered feet by mistake.... 6) You finding little...
    The Tiskas' Jul 4, 2000
  • ...granted before he meets his untimely death???? S.... RUTHKES@^$1 wrote: > In a message dated 7/4/00 9:06:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time, tiska@^$2 > writes: > > > I was told that they round up the pacers at the finish of the VT 100 and > > slay them so they can never tell...
    The Tiskas' Jul 4, 2000
  • ???

    I was told that they round up the pacers at the finish of the VT 100 and slay them so they can never tell the real story... is that so??? S.
    The Tiskas' Jul 4, 2000
  • ...read your name... Thanks for the number, I will give it a try tomorrow... a bit late tonight... Stan. Stan Jensen wrote: > Stan Tiska wrote: > > > I e-mailed the VT. 100 people over a month and a half ago canceling my > > place in the vermont 100... expecting a...
    The Tiskas' Jun 29, 2000
  • Thanks Sue... I just mailed her.... I hate to give trouble(more work) to a race director that is so busy... But the empty slot should be filled... and a 100.00 bucks is still a bunch of money to me... I asked if perhaps I can be just added to the list of people to run next years race... if it makes it easier... I am definitely going up this year.. but for aid entertainment and...
    The Tiskas' Jun 29, 2000
  • ...room... Does anyone know who I should get in touch with? Even if I am denied my refund, I bet someone would want my spot.... Stan Tiska
    The Tiskas' Jun 29, 2000